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Author Topic: Elf female looking for beastly male for fantasy setting [NC-E]  (Read 822 times)

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Offline VanestriaTopic starter

Hi, I had an idea for a new elf female thief newly arrived in a large city. I imagine the city to be like Lankhmar (from the Fritz and Grey mouser stories) but with some fantasy races sprinkled in.
After pulling off some highly profitable jobs she comes to the attention of the ruler of the thieves guild who will not tolerate an independent operating in his city. He decides to teach her lesson and use her for himself. Forcing her to join the guild and be his toy.
I was thinking the guildmaster was not human, but a large humanlike being such as a demon, werewolf, ogre, minotaur. Surprise me, as long as it is humanoid, big, male and strong:)

Please respond if interested:)
Character description below

Name: Amnira

Race: Grey Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 84

 Basic description.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 98 lbs.
Hair: Brilliant golden hair that falls just to the small of her back. Typically worn in a ponytail to keep it out of the way
Eyes: Purple
Measurements: Men are always interested in a woman's measurements:) I figure she would be 30A-22-30
General Appearance: Amnira is a very slender and graceful elf. Her limbs are long and slightly muscled like those of a practiced ballet dancer. She is blossoming into womanhood, to a human she would appear to be in her mid teens. Typically when out she wears dark colored footed tights and a long sleeved hooded bodysuit that hugs her body like a second skin. A pair of ankle high doeskin boots and a cloak complete her outfit. She carries a longbow, quiver, 2 enchanted longswords and a sack over to carry her gear.

Personality/Story: Amnira was born into a clan of exiled elves. The reason for their exile is long since forgotten and they have wandered countless worlds slowly dwindling in number. Life is tough for them in a hostile land of humans and other monsters so all learn the way of sword and bow and stealth. The elves Amnira was traveling with were recently and attacked and killed or enslaved. She alone escaped. Recently she has come to a large city and has supported herself by stealing from rich nobles.
Living the tough life she has makes her no stranger to death. She has killed many and has no moral problems with killing anyone that gets in her way. Amnira knows that her beauty is extraordinary among even the elven race, and she has no problem about trying to use that to her advantage. However she is untouched by man, so her actual skills of seduction are limited.

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Offline Primarch

Re: Elf female looking for beastly male for fantasy setting [NC-E]
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I sent you a pm