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Started by Observing Trifles, June 28, 2009, 06:06:10 PM

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Observing Trifles

I'm relatively new to using forums for RPs, but here goes. :-)

Over here.

[What I RP]
M/M pairings between original characters are probably the ones I am most comfortable with RPing, but I have no problem with playing and/or including minor characters of either gender on the side. I work best with an modern-day setting, but I indulge in other genres on occasion. I often throw fantasy characters into the modern world for a little spice, and I'm open to trying out futuristic, sci-fi, and horror settings if a good plot can be established in them. Also, I don't shy away from NC-17-rated content. Bring on the smut if you so desire, or let me know if you'd prefer to keep it to a minimum. I'm easy. (No pun intended.)

[How I RP]
Long posts are my favorite to type out. I greatly appreciate long posts in return, but I understand that they're not always possible to deliver. My beginning posts can easily go anywhere from five to ten or more paragraphs, and my average posts tend to start at three paragraphs and go up, depending on how much my partner contributes. However, if you prefer slightly shorter posts, I'll do my best. I try to match what I am given.

[Who I RP]
I usually play sub/uke, whatever you want to call it, but I can also play switch and the occasional dom/seme. It really depends on how much I like the idea and the caliber of the character you're looking for. I create characters on a whim, generally tailored to my RP partner's specific preferences. Very rarely do I suggest the use of one I've already used before. The characters I think up tend to vary greatly in demeanor, starting at innocent and painfully shy (rare; generally only upon request), and going up to and beyond fiery and stubborn. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll see what I can come up with.

[When I RP]
Usually, I'm on and off all day every day from late morning on Day One to early morning on Day Two. Mind you, I live in the US on Mountain time, and I'm not too sure how that translates to people in other time zones. I have the occasional slow day, like everyone else, but during those, I make sure to at least try and make one post per RP, and I make sure to let my partner know if I'm going to be gone for an extended period of time.

I like to push the envelope with pairings. The more taboo, the more fun. :-) I especially like a possessive dom/seme, or one who is particularly fixated on/obsessed with a sub/uke he has not yet pursued.

Bold text indicates high interest, italics indicate second choices.

Master x slave
Teacher x Student
Stripper/Hooker/Addict x Drug dealer
Therapist x Sex addict
Hitman x Target
Scientist x Creation (Numerous plot ideas for this.)
Demon/Angel (I have a plot for this one that I'm dying to use. If you play it with me, I'll love you forever. See Plot #1 below.)
Vampire x Human
Vampire x Sire
Werewolf x Human (I have a plot for this, too. See Plot #2 below.)
Brother x Brother
Step-father x Step-son

Just because a pairing isn't up here doesn't mean I won't take a shot at it. Pitch me your ideas. I'll try almost anything once. :) Feel free to combine one of those pairings with another if you like. Test limits. Have at it.

Bring it on. Seriously. Bring it on. Aside from toilet play, I have yet to stumble across a kink/fetish that actually squicks me out.

Again, bold text indicates high interest, italics indicate second choices.

Slave training
Owner/pet play
(leash and collar stuff, not full head masks and tails, please)
Blood play (light, not heavy)


Under construction.

Most of my ideas are half-baked and need some refining. Feel free to ask about a plot for a specific pairing I've listed above; chances are that I have a rough idea. Or, pitch me some of your ideas. :-) Doesn't always have to be my way.

The following are at the very top of my Want To Do list. Characters marked as [xxx] are characters I'd like my partner to play.

1.) [BON] [NC] [EX]
Meet Raziel Crosse, a half-angel, half-demon hybrid; an abomination to both sides of his heritage due to his mixed blood. All around him in the human world, a war is raging between the demons and angels, threatening the existence of their both their kinds. Raziel is an opportunist with no loyalty to either side, and thus serves both parties as a highly-skilled (and highly-priced) assassin-for-hire. The money he earns does little more than sit and gather dust, however; he isn't in the business for the funds.

His latest target is [xxx], a particularly dangerous and arrogant demon whom the angels have deemed a considerable threat. After receiving one half of his payment, Raziel sets out to hunt him down, but [xxx] lives up to his reputation, overpowers Raziel, and captures him with the intent of enslaving him. A heated struggle for dominance follows, with Raziel on the losing end, and beneath the surface, genuine passion begins to grow between them.

2.) [VAN] - Possibly [BON]
During the turn of the twentieth century, [xxx], the alpha male of a wolf demon pack (species can be changed) took another male, Kaden, as his mate. They lived together quite happily for many years, until demon hunters captured a handful of their kind - Kaden included - and sentenced them all to execution by fire. [xxx] was unable to reach the human town in time to save the members of his pack, or even his mate. The sight forever burned itself into his memory, driving him to a fit of uncontrollable rage that wiped out the town's population.

Decades later, [xxx] still inhabits the same forest with his pack, though in a manner typical to his kind, has not taken a new mate, forever trapped in mourning for the one he lost. The town in which the slaughter occurred is still in existence, and in recent years, has grown enough to become a bona fide farming community, and Horse Country for those who pine for a rural lifestyle. A new family is moving in to the house on the forest's edge; a married couple with a fifteen-year-old daughter and an eighteen-year-old son. As [xxx] slinks in to get a look at the town's new inhabitants, he sees that the young male bears a striking resemblance to his long-dead mate...

Coincidence, or reincarnation?

3.) [VAN]
There lives a beautiful princess by the name of "Akia", who resides in the kingdom of Nasserab. At twenty years of age, she is of the proper age to marry. The suitors keep on rolling in - and rolling out just as quickly. They are always turned down. Particularly after rejecting one of the most sought-after princes on the continent, the kingdom is baffled, for none of them know that their princess is actually a male. Born under the rule of a tyrannical king who ordered death upon newborn boys born into the royal family to secure his throne and the throne of the son to succeed him, "Akia's" parents concocted an elaborate scheme to fool their sovereign, and raised their son as their daughter to spare his life.

Despite living in the guise of a female his entire life, the "princess' is extremely unhappy. He understands the truth behind his birth, informed of it very early on to avoid instilling any more confusion in him, but he is nonetheless upset by it. As a temporary cure to his frustration, he secretly dresses in men's clothing and sneaks out of the palace at least once a week to visit a tavern in the nearby town, where he develops a second life and finds a group of new friends who know him as Sabyr. Sabyr, unlike his "Akia" mask, is very much a male and by far nearer to his true personality; being Sabyr salvages his sanity. Little does Sabyr know of his parents' plans to cease rejecting "Akia's" suitors in order to marry "her" off to a prince from a poorer country, exchanging money for his silence on the true gender of the "princess".

Enter [xxx], Crown Prince of Luma; a suave and debonair royal. Unknown to both himself and to Sabyr, as they had both traveled in disguise, they have already met and fallen in love with one another during one of Sabyr's weekly trips to the tavern. Due to this, they are very reluctant to marry one another, as they have already sworn their hearts to whom they believe to be other people, but marriage plans are soon in the works.

Meanwhile, an adviser to the "princess" with an eye on the throne plots the downfall of the current King and Queen...

4.) [UN] - Probably [VAN] and possibly some [BON].
On a remote island in the Pacific, a small tribe of people reside in near-paradise. All year round, the close-knit community bands together to get through everyday life; food-gathering, communal meals, festivals marking special days on their calendar. But once a year, that paradise shatters, for on that remote Pacific island, there dwells a demon of unknown origin, a snake demon whom the current tribe leaders' ancestors proclaim as the island's one and only God - and the God demands sacrifice. Exactly one person, preferably a young female, must be sacrificed, and for the remainder of the year, the peace is kept between the God and the tribe.

Unfortunately, over the years, the routine of being fed and appeased and bowed down to has begun to bore the demon, and he sets out to the nearest continent for a source of entertainment. He finds a new home in Los Angeles, California, with high-ranking reptile demons of his caliber and settles into his new lifestyle right away. No more routine, no more being fed; none of that applies anymore. In walks a fast-talking, razor-tongued city boy with ripped jeans, dyed hair, and an attitude problem. The demon is instantly drawn to the youth, but due to his arrogance and elitist complex, repels the boy instantly. But the demon is not dissuaded...

5.) [UN] - A fine example of one of my many half-baked ideas. I don't have a specific plot for this just yet, but rather a backdrop and a character I'd like to use. Feel free to finish my idea.
Countless centuries ago, the Gods of Hell created seven lesser devils as Guardians of the Gates. Each was responsible for overseeing the proper punishment for one particular sin: Pride, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, and Greed. As years went by, however, the souls to whom judgment was passed grew more angry and violent, and the need for another Guardian arose. Combining seven damned souls, each condemned for one of the Seven Deadly Sins, resulted in the birth of a devastating force known only as Kaijin.

Kaijin was created to be the ultimate Guardian of the Gates, more powerful than his seven brothers and sisters combined, and he served his purpose well. However, once he realized just how powerful he was and that he was capable of so much more, he grew cold and arrogant, and increasingly more dangerous. Day by day, his sanity deteriorated, replaced with the sadistic need to kill in order to be pacified; an urge he began to take out on the demons around him. Finally deemed a threat to himself and to everyone around him, Kaijin was captured and locked away in the deepest circle of Hell. There he remained for hundreds of years, unable to die but barely alive, until salvation finally arrived in the form of a renegade demon with whom he conspired to escape to the surface world.

Fifty years has passed since Kaijin's grand escape and he now resides in the middle of an over-packed metropolis, where a sadistic personality is a perfectly normal trait, so long as you keep it under your hat...
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my, my, those eyes like fire;
i'm a winged insect, you're a funeral pyre.
come now, bite through these wires;
i'm a waking hell and the gods grow tired.


Mmmm, I like the sound of you. I can't take another game currently, but I will be back. You seem like a lot of fun!


Me too Me too! I wouldn't mind doing your #2 plot! I'll PM you! :)
I'm back!
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Observing Trifles

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my, my, those eyes like fire;
i'm a winged insect, you're a funeral pyre.
come now, bite through these wires;
i'm a waking hell and the gods grow tired.


Observing Trifles

|| the hunt ||

my, my, those eyes like fire;
i'm a winged insect, you're a funeral pyre.
come now, bite through these wires;
i'm a waking hell and the gods grow tired.


Oooh!! The one with Kaijin seems really nice!! Would something with kind of an opposite "7 Virtues dude" would interest you? Like they face each other one evil one good somethin' like this...
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Observing Trifles

|| the hunt ||

my, my, those eyes like fire;
i'm a winged insect, you're a funeral pyre.
come now, bite through these wires;
i'm a waking hell and the gods grow tired.