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June 20, 2018, 04:29:20 PM

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Author Topic: Pirates' Take Over; When even seclusion is not safe. [Mul, seeking Female Chara]  (Read 495 times)

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Offline DreTopic starter

Welcome welcome welcome!

I've been on E for a little while now, and have some RPs already going, but an idea came to me while I was in the stage of waking up and dreaming this morning, and I HAVE to put it out and see if anyone's Muse will perk up. So far I've been playing female characters, and I don't mind at all, but the male charas have been demanding to come out, and the only thing I can do is let them loose.

My Idea:

I'll be playing Pirate Captain Magnus 'Reaper' Hawkeye, (yeah yeah I know, a weird name, well, tell that to my muse. *jerks thumb over my shoulder at the male muse in leather and smoking a Marlboro cig.*) who, while sailing, stumbles upon a secluded island which has a small town on the North side and very vulnerable to attacks with mountains to its back. He decides that this would make the perfect hideout and refuge for him and his crew who have been getting restless from being out at sea for a lengthy voyage.

When he sends his men forth, their orders are to corral the women and children into the town square with as little physical harm as possible, no raping or burning down the houses or stealing. There is a reason for all this as well. Magnus does not wish to rebuild anything that he does not have to. However, the fate for the men of the village is a little worse. If they fight, they will die, but those that don't will be tied and gagged and dragged to the square as well and they will get their first look at the man who took their island over.

Magnus will get first pick from the gathered women, and thus, your chara comes in!

*grins* Hopefully he'll pick a female who will not bend easy to him for he is a lover of challenges and has brought with him techniques from various countries to use against her. She will not be his only pet/slave for he has an Asian female and a woman of mixed colors upon his ship with him that he has already conquered. (I will be RPing these two, I do not mind writing more then one character as you will tell in the future. hehe) He is a man after all.


(This RP will be filled with the following Kinks and the such.)

~ At least two paragraphs per response, I REALLY detest one liners. ~
~ Possibly the ability to do more then one chara? I'm not sure about this, but it wouldn't help if you didn't mind it. ~
~ Feisty, strong female character who will not break under Magnus' hand too early. ~
~ Rape ~
~ Non-Consent ~
~ Humiliation ~
~ Beating/abuse physical and mental, emotional as well. I have this scene in my head where the female character defies him over something simply yet severe and he uses her as an example, stripping her in the square and whips her. She will have some scars from that.~
~ Master and Slave ~
~ Mutilation to an extent. Meaning: Brands for the villagers and scars for the female character, but not a lot. And maybe some new piercings for her as well. Depends on Magnus' moods.
~ Dominate/Submissive ~
~ It is in historical times. Not sure exactly when pirates were out and about but *shrugs with a chuckle* I don't think we need it to be stated. ~

Hmmm I think that's it for the Requirements. I'll probably think of more as the RP progresses. So here is Magnus' introduction, and hopefully it sparks your Muse and you'll want to play with me.


Dark eyes scanned the tiny island from the captain's deck where Captain Magnus 'Reaper' Hawkeye stood with his muscled legs shoulder width, his hands clasped behind his back next to his first mate and Second-in-Charge Myric Kinson who was looking out toward the unsuspecting land. The island was still too far away to see with a naked eye, but the soft glow from dozens of lights could be seen, that was perhaps the only thing that kept his ship from running land. It was nearly impossible to see if the island had a proper docking port, but night brought them the best cover and in all fact it didn't matter, they had secured worse during much harder conditions. Lean fingers, calloused from years of rope work and ship rigging brought his last cigarette from his firm lips and flicked it over the side of the ship's railing.

"What do ye say Cap'in? We make port turnin' the small, quiet town upside down and ours?" The rough sea growl of Myric cut through the silence like one of the many sharp knives he always carried.

Replacing the arm he used to flick the cig over board behind his back he turned on his heel and looked down upon his crew of the most hardened men of the sea, all fifteen had been with him for quite some time now, years mostly, and he trusted none of them at his back save for Myric. "Ready to reap that which ye have been promised?" His dark, deep voice washed over them threateningly. A loud cry from all fifteen agreeing men burst the silence of the sea air just as he knew it would and it was quiet once again for they knew he had more to say. "Corral the women and children to the square, no killin' them. No rapin' the woman until I give you leave. Spare most of the men if ye can, tie and gag them, I won't be sleepin' bad if a few die. No burnin' the buildins, we need them intact and I for one do not intend to rebuild them. This is our private hideout lads, our refuge. The spoils we collected will now be ours as has been promised."

With a curt nod to Myric who then yelled at the men to get their asses back to work, the ship raised anchor and headed toward the island where the villagers had no idea that their lives were about to be changed forever.
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Offline FlaminGlory

I am rather interested in this. Do you have someone already to roleplay this or is it still open?

Offline MzNurse

I'm interested also.

Offline Naiayur

Looks like it could be fun. Definetly interested.

Offline DreTopic starter

Thanks everyone who read my RP thread and wanted to play!

I believe I found the right person who would fit my wants. If not I'll pick another and we'll give it a go!

Much appreciated!