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Author Topic: Sabby's NEWer ideas  (Read 2372 times)

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Sabby's NEWer ideas
« on: June 26, 2009, 12:19:30 am » <----- Link to first collection.

It became too hard to trim the ever growing list to fit it in, so I decided to start up a part 2! This will grow as time goes by, but I am not always looking to start the games I enter into this thread. Its just a place for me to keep them as they drift in and out of my 'do want' radar, teehee!

Idea #1 Lost but not Alone

A slaver catches 2 exotics which he intends to sell at the next space hub. A majority of sub human races in the 'exotics' list are highly sought after as sex slaves, for their rare and beautiful nature, but whether they are snagged up as service maids or toys, they catch a great price.

The ship crashes on a seemingly undeveloped planet, covered mostly by humid jungle and scorching savanah, and inhabited by many different creatures, some simply curious yet harmless, while others would attack anything they perceive as edible.

The pilot dies, but ironically, the devices made to keep the slaves subdued saves both of their lives. These exotics are both from very different, very rare races. One is a boy, known as an Icarian, weak, kind and intelligent. He possesses an impressive set of wings, and is of royal birth, but was chased away by civil war. His wings are lightly injured and stuck in a device that keeps him flightless, and is difficult to remove.

The other is a girl, equally weak, and less ready to accept the boys help, being reclusive and not wanting to show just how frightened she is. Her race is known as Aeobias, who were mistaken for 'Mere-People' as their skin is brilliantly shiny with scales. They are a land dwelling race however, unused to light, with deep black eyes and undeveloped frills that would have been fins on their arms and legs. They are fantastic swimmers regardless.

The two must first escape the downed ship, having to work together to solve simple puzzles, like trying to pry open damaged doors. When both finally make it out, they meet up with a local Neko, and all three have to band together to solve the many challenges on their trek, while at the same time avoiding a very large predator that is constantly hunting them.

This will be for two players, control of the neko is negotiable to both or just one player, gm'ing is shared. Will focus on very simple puzzle solving and exploration, as all characters are very weak and have to work together for physically taxing puzzles. Scenarios could include removing the Icarian's wing shackle, trying to convince the Aeobias to cover her shiny scales with grime in order to hide, collecting food, and so forth.

ICO is a good inspiration for this ^^

Idea #2 Differences Aside

The war was doomed from the beginning. Not because one side was stronger then another, but because no one wished to fight. It just took them a while to realize this.

One side were the humans, highly developed in both military, and Magic, their Empire spanning across the entire left side of the continent. They considered themselves the dominant civilisation of this land mass, until they came across the Beast Races.

The name 'Beast Races' was the name given to them by the humans. Their real title, spoken in their native tongue, is Shidaani. Seen as savages by the humans, their own empire is large and developed, a force that could stand alongside the Humans great stone cities and shining armies. They resemble humans in many ways, however certain feline traits, both physical and habitual, set them apart.

Both are equal in strength, and when they first met, their dealings were peaceful and inquisitive. Govt figures on both sides, however, hijacked and destroyed these relationships, forcing a war as if out of no where. Both sides want the others land and resources, and bloodshed quickly followed.

Eventually, soldiers on both sides began to question why they were fighting, and many simply stopped, not wanting to kill for their govts greed. Propaganda and fear campaigns were forced out every where, trying to spur this dying war back into life, but all over the stricken land, towns were being erected by both species, ignoring their leaders selfish calls to arms.

The war was ending... fast.

A warrior priestess of the Shidaani, Kakalyn can fight with fists, feet, claws, any part of her body, with frightening speed and unpredictable animal ferocity. She fights only to drive those who still cling to war from her lands, but wishes to see an end to conflict.

Destian is a boy born in the early years just before the war, coming to be old enough to be considered for the military as the first conflicts broke out. He, and all other boys his age, were sheltered from the reality of the war, prejudice and hate rammed into their minds throughout their training. All are skilled swordman, and fight what they believe to be a glorious war to liberate their people from an evil race bent on their total conquest.

Destian, however, is different. He has always been resistant to this brainwashing, always asking questions in his head, never blindly accepting the soldiers conditioning. When his platoon captures Kakalyn, he begins to fall in love with her, and aides her escape.

Both come from very different walks of life, following very different military, and both find themselves inthralled by these differences.

Fading Beauty

Fairies are elusive and beautiful creatures, often thought to exist in another world entirely, crossing over to this world due to an extremely curious nature, exploring and then retreating back to their home. They were once captured as exotic pets, but they would fade away and die if kept.

A small group of these magical beings tentatively crept into a peaceful, misty forest, having used a magical crystal garden as a portal. Exploring, they are soon attacked by Nixe's, small and viscious fairies, dark and insect like. These evil tricksters dispersed their group and hunted them down. All but one made it back to the crystal, and the Nixe's smashed them all, trapping a frightened, lone fairy in this world, almost ertainly doomed to a slow weakening death.

The girl is very small, waist the size of two cupped hands, skin glowing bright and yellow. She cannot talk, and while she has small wings, she seems to fly by magic.

A young Satyr manages to chase the Nixe's away and befriends the small Fairy, and they set out to find another garden of crystal to get her home. He is young and weak by his species standards, barely considered a man, or 'buck'

His lower half is that of a goat, a set of floppy goats ears and horns protruding from his shaggy hair. He will assist her more and more as she weakens, carrying her when she needs it, keeping her warm, and soothing her when shes scared, and his youthful rush of hormones and her own curious nature will lead to some tummy strething love making.

Exorcists: Modern Templars

Above the church itself was a group known only as the Exorcists. They were chosen from birth, trained into efficient killers, and the secret abilities inside of them were coaxed out and nurtured. These select few people could sense past the vale between the Material Plane and the Spectral Plane, and there for, they could combat the many manifistations of evil entities.

In the modern era, these Exorcists still exist, though they are a shadow of their former strength. The Australian city of Sydney is only protected by five of these Exorcists, and two of them are barely 18.

One was transferred there for his incredible skills, being one of the most promising Exorcist of his age in the Country. The second is mostly unaware of the weight of her position, and has been taken in by the boy as a little sister figure. She has not yet earned her Witch Tools, but she can see past the veil without them, only glancing at shadows and sensing the prescence of the other plane.

While the three fully fledged Exorcists are out of the city, something comes up, and the girl and boy can't wait for them. The boy has to introduce her to her Witch Tools and give her a quick run through of their functions, then they must oversee a museum opening, where something bad is expected to happen.

She has no experience in the field and will be slightly overwhelmed at her new gear, relying on him more then she should, but eventually overcoming all this and rising to her mantle.

The Witch Tools are a set of gloves and boots, a collection of Energy Sensitive metals, mesh and underlaying padding that acts as conduits, taking their natural enegy flow and rocketing it through the body at inhuman levels, supercharging it and granting full sight into the spirit plane.

The contact of an Exorcist alone can disperse spirits or harm physical entities, but they also possess spellcasting, and two very effective weapons.

The first, is the Grind Rail. Along the left arm is a strip of black metal, and on the right wrist, a flint. Striking along the strip quickly brings energy to the hand, which can be tossed to harm and disperse spirits. A skilled Exorcist can strike and toss a projectile in one fluid motion.

The second weapon? Golden rule of the Exorcists. Silver. Always. Works.

I've been in a rather big brotherly mood lately ^^ so I'd like to try the boy role, and help train the girl.

The Farmers Wife

Outside a busy port town is an unnamed farm, owned by an old farmer and his beautiful Elven wife. Because of the huge amount of traffic nearby, all manner and species of young men passing through stop by to work for money, and then are gone in days. At any one time, there could be strong, able young elves, nekos, satyres, plain old humans or even more exotic ones, like Icarians and Centaurs, working there, fully expected to be on their way in a day or week.

This is perfect for the wife. After a hard days work, with her husband none the wiser and uncaring, she likes to take them all into the barn, and let them have at her, in every way at once. She knows they'll only work harder tomorrow, and that a new batch will eventually arrive for her to seduce...

Wild Flower

Tera Eastwood had not always been a good girl. In her teens, she smoked, drank, experimented with drugs of varying calibres, and spent almost every night with another man. Or woman. Sometimes, multiple partners. She was, for lack of a better term, a whore, and she was quite good at it. She loved it, feeling filthy and trashy, like every depraved night she spent was a satisfying slap to the faces of her goody parents, and every dime of their vast amounts of money spent on messing herself up was just as satisfying. She didn't even need to be paid for her services...

And then fate intervened and turned her life back onto the right path.

Robbing a store just for kicks, the clerk had an automatic pistol under the counter, and fired two bursts. One of her friends was killed instantly, and the other was wounded. Her gun hand took a bullet as well.

When the police arrived, they beat the survivor senseless. She never found out if he lived or died that night. And then, they turned their attentions on her... Three police officers and the store clerk raped her in a back room and beat her. It was the first time she had ever been scared of such a thing, and resisting only lead to a bloodied nose. She questioned her ways for the first time.

When she was taken in, one of the police officers helped her a great deal. He made sure her abusers all faced every extent of retribution the law could muster. The clerk was a mystery to her, but the officers lost their badges, and as far as she knew, wouldn't ever see work again after they got out of prison. He also made her serve her own debt to society.

This man had completely destroyed her hatred for police, of authority. He set her on the right path then and there. And then, when he broke the news that she was pregnant, she knew she had to change.

16 Years later, 'Miss Eastwood' was a completely different woman. She had gone to every family member and begged forgiveness, ashamed but sincere. She then went on to have her baby and extended her fortune towards a nice house in her parents town, not a dozen blocks away from a fine schooling district. The baby was born, and she named him Lewis, after the police officer that had saved her from her path of destruction.

He recieved the best schooling, was smothered in affection, but was never coddled. She wanted him to learn morals, responsibility, independance... she wanted a child to be proud of, someone who wouldn't make the mistakes she did. To her, he was the perfect son, her redemption given form... her Angel. She loved him, like she never knew she could love anyone, and she hid the truth of her past from him, not wanting him to know what she had used to be. A whore, a criminal, an addict... a disgrace.

She never regretted turning away, but as he grows older, she begins to miss the wilder side to her life. She becomes needy, wanting the passion she had felt at her sexual peak, and no amount of porn or vibrators can seem to sate this urge.

She begins to feel things for her son, things she knows she shouldn't, but seeing her innocent boy, so full of energy and spirit, youthful and in the height of his hormonal storm... she knows, deep down, that if she wanted, he would do it for. He had always been a fantastic, loving son, a mommas boy, an Angel in every sense, and if he knew how she felt, he would have done anything for her, if it would make her happy.

But how could she? Could she expose the slut inside of her, show him what she was capable of doing, coax the animal out of him? She can't resist for long... she'll show him the sex Goddess she is, and she knows, deep down, that he'll do anything for her... anything.

I call mommy!

Title Pending

Its not often I post to this thread without a fully fleshed out idea to enter into it, but I seriously cannot keep myself from jotting it down, even though its slowly taking form as I'm writing this.

Basically, I had an image of a skeleton, propped up against a wall, long dead. In the center of its chest is a Ruby, the size of a fist, fused with the bone, so gemstone becomes bone again further along each rib. When the person was alive, the Ruby would have shown clearly outside of the chest.

So now I'm thinking of two such people with this, perhaps one a Ruby, and the other a Sapphire, or Emerald. The stones make their bodies, quite literally, conduits for magic to flow freely into their world, through them. This both makes them amazingly potent sources of power, but their bodies suffer from the extreme amount of energy always resonating. Just having the infused gemstone is a constant pain, and while using magic is both easy and incredibly strong, its also near excruciating.

And in the worst paradox, their cancerous bodies, barely able to handle their own powers, are nigh on immortal. As long as their bones remain, they will heal. Removing an arm completely will be a permanent wound, but anything other then outright crushing or removing the bones will be regenerate, instantly.

To cope with this strange ordeal, the two find a Master who also has this Gem in his/her chest, and learn martial arts to try and overcome their prison of a body.

So, we have magical kung fu with two lovers. ^^

No doubt the idea will have matured and changed a lot by the time anyone even reads this, but what the hell *clicks Post*

Take the Heat

An old and cranky Sorceror is forced to take on an Apprentice, and is sent a young man from a less developed city. As if he weren't annoyed enough at this, when he discovers the boy has natural talent far greater then his own, he takes a huge disliking to him and makes his education as unbareable as possible, often setting him nigh on impossible tasks, which he usually manages with passable results (something which only adds to his frustrations)

The boy, desperate to best his much hated Master, sets out on something truly suicidal... binding a Demoness. For the first time in his Magical education, he fails, and the powerful entity has complete and absolute ownership of his soul.

She could kill him, hurt him, force him to do her bidding... but taking in the situation, she comes up with something truly deliscious.

Whilst in his Masters prescence, she will protend to be bound to him, only to infuriate the bitter old man, who will believe his student has accomplished this insane feat of Magic. For this, there is nothing he can refuse her when they are in private, and she will often take out her frustrations on her human sex slave at having to protend to be a servant in the prescence of a mortal.

A Love in Shadows and Whispers

I'd had the ability all my life... but it had been like a headache for the most part, something that just happened I didn't need it, and took its sweet friggen time leaving. I remember the first time it happened, out on the play ground. Just vanished in front of the three kids who were half way done with kicking my ass. All they saw was a floaty set of clothes, and then they went as well. It was kind of nice, seeing them that freaked out. And the icing on the cake was everyone thought they were crazy! Haha...

Later in life, I learned to control it, bring it about on command. Problem was, I needed something on my person to use as a focus. It seemed the only way I could do shift in or out was to use this cheap little necklace I'd had since I was little. Don't know how that worked, but as long as I had it, I could shift at will, clothes and all

Mack had been born with a special gift, able to make himself and anything on his person completely invisible. He could shift back and forth from this any time he wished by focusing on a small necklace he kept on him at all times. To date, the only kind of negative effects have been minor head aches.

When he was 15, he used his abilities to torment a bully, but when he found out that boy had commited suicide because of his actions, he vowed never to use his powers in such a way again.

His father had rotted in prison for a double murder, his mother was a known whore and had bolted long ago. Mack is truly a sweet, kind boy, if a tad troubled, and lacks any kind of confidence. Because of his unsavoury parental history, and his utter inability to come out of his shell, he's universally ignored and sometimes out right hated.

Shifting into the background, disappearing from everyone, he finds his powers more and more useful as an escape.

However, one person has been good to him, a girl he could never hope to be seen with. Her parents are important, rich and influencial, and highly protective of their lonely, innocent little Angel.

He'll shift in order to see her, and the two will begin a strange, intimate affair, hiding in plain sight, Macks secret love surrendering completely to her ghostly Romeo, discovering the sweet, tender boy that hides inside his shell, feeling such an intense passion from those unseen hands...

Love Thyself

Set in an advanced future, a young girl in her mid teens feels isolated from the rest of the world. She used to spend every night out at Electronica, or the Pod Racing, or anywhere else that her and her group of friends could party and enjoy themselves.

But then strange things started happening... she could predict certain events moments before they could happen. At times of high stress, things would age from her touch, metal rusting and becoming brittle, food expiring in seconds. Once, she even looked at the answers after she failed a test, and was able to go back several minutes and passed with the memorized answers.

She didn't know how it was she did any of this, and she lacked control or conscious use of it... a few accidents occured, and she withdrew more and more, scared of hurting people, of being called a freak, and of herself.

Then, a mysterious woman approaches her, someone who looks very, very familiar... she is her future self, an adult. She explains that by the time she reaches her 30's, this kind of ability has been recognized, and that she is one of the most skilled Time Benders, so much so she could slow her aging. While her future self appears middle aged, she is actually from one hundred and thirty years in the future.

She explains she slowed her aging so she could live on and teach those with Time Bending, and now, she feels she has given all she can... there is only one more student she wishes to teach...


So... here, we have a high tech setting akin to Star Wars, with a future self training a past self, and obviously the two end up in bed xD I'd like to be the future self, as I really like the eaching role, and as the past self player doesn't know a thing about Time Bending, I'd actually be teaching someone who's in the dark.


There is a part of the universe that people know to avoid. Whatever routs that cross this zone are rarely followed, and those who brave it are never seen again. Hundreds of space ships have vanished in this 'Bermuda Zone'

At the center of the Bermuda Zone is a planet. It is a literal graveyard, crashed ships littering its surface. Something on this unnamed planet disrupts the ships and causes them to crash. Perhaps it is simply ancient technology in a state of disrepair. Whatever the case, the native species are tribal and often violent, and seek to scavenge the new wreckages so as to learn their magic.

They know nothing of the technology of space faring races, but show great curiosity, and while many stranded have been slaughtered by them, some impress them and are welcomed.

A military ship crashes here, and only two members survive. One is a simple soldier, while the other is a newly liberated slave. She is a non-human, skin a deep blue, eyes large and liquid black, innocent looking. Her vocal cords have been shredded by her old owner so she cannot speak.

She is a curious, intelligent being, her species highly sought after for their unique abilities. She has an incredible imagination and fast moving mind, that when properly trained, allows her to construct practically anything that the resources before her allow.

Sensing her protectors needs, she will attempt to help by constructing objects for him, weapons to defend themselves, personal shielding systems, tools and equipment for exploration and survival, whatever the situation calls for, if theres scrap arounf (and there almost always is) she can help.

The two will be hounded by tribals, while another clan reveres her 'Builder' powers, and see her as the key to unlocking the secrets of the 'Sky People' and the relics that fall to their planet.

The poor thing would be so scared :( making puppy eyes up at him in a dark cave when its storming, murderous tribals after them, silently putting her arms up to be held, making fierce, desperate love against the cave wall.

The Right Incentive

Dismayed by her sons steadily falling grades, she makes a deal with him...

If he can bring home a C, she'll give him a hand job. A B will get him head. An A, however... he'll get whatever he wants from her, for a whole night.

However, when he only manages a D, she goes ahead and unzips him anyway... while he may think she's rewarding him anyway, he'll not wanna bring home another D, as she refused to allow him to finish. That'll learn 'em, she thought.

Taking Flight

Icaria. A medieval land populated by winged humans. Some, however, are born with their wings small, and black... unable to fly long, or high, or far, they are treated poorly, and in some places are beaten or run out of town. It is believed by many that they were born with demons in them, or bad spirits, and so the Heavens keep them from reaching the sky.

One such Flightless has lived a hard life, stealing, fighting, harassed by other children his age, often having rely on urban parkour and short flights and gliding to escape the stones they throw.

One day, the young Flightless kills one of his attakers in self defense, and flees, chased as far as the misty forests, where he hurts his leg and falls into a still lake.

He would have drowmed, if it weren't for the Icarian that made his hut nearby. He seems his opposite in every way, wings impressive and beautiful, white as sun glare off stone, kind, innocent and selfless. He seems positively angelic in comparison to the dark, reclusive, untrusting Flightless.

Why is he out here? He doesn't know... as far as he knows, he's always lived out here. He has no knowledge of Flightless, or cities. His ready acceptance and the help he offers the battered, bruised Flightless truly touches him, and the two leave to find another city, and slowly fall in love.

So, a darkly beautiful, emo Flightless, and an epitome-of-innocence Icarian, alone, in the wet, cold forest, cuddling naked for warmth, and slowly discovering their confused feelings for each other ^^

Repairs Needed

A young man gets dumped out of a relationship that barely even started. Feeling lonely and disoriented, he does something odd for him. Goes to the bar. He rarely even goes to clubs, and even then, never alone.

Ending up in a bar by himself, he starts talking with a woman, and when he ends up drinking her drink by accident, ends up back at his apartment with a throbbing skull and a taxi invoice.

Intrigued, he frequents the bar, and discovers she is a veteran of the America and North Korea Conflicts of 2027. This would mean she would be in her 70's, yet she appears no older then late 20's.

She's a Soldier who's seen more combat then any person should have. When ordered to commit horrible civilian executions, she defied orders, and killed her Commanding Officer. For her insubordination, she would have been hung for war crimes, but instead she was used for a cruel experiment.

She continued her service in a brutal campaign of suicide missions. Her and the other war criminals in her squad were thrown into the fire, dragged from the coals, patched up, and tossed in again. She suffered numerous wounds, many of which should have been fatal.

When the war was over, her and the rest of her squad (what was left of them) were released. They'd 'served their time' they said, and were given a medical plan that barely covered their cyborg bodies maintainance needs, and could drink at any veteran bar, courtesy of tax dollars.

Understandably, she is bitter, but also quite numb, and lifeless. Theres a touch of loneliness there, and the deceptively old cyborg finds herself giving into the charm of this curious boy, so innocent and unlike her... eventually, she gives in and feeds him a few of her gruesome war stories, describing how she got the plate in her head, showing him the scar where the shrapnel shattered her hip, how she got her synthetic lung, and all kinds of other stories.

Eventually, she'll share this with him not just to humor him and sate his curiosity, but to finally open up to someone...

PS. He'll totally find her working on her own arm in the garage :P
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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2009, 09:38:19 pm »
added new ideas

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2009, 10:03:01 pm »
Ooooh! I like the Exorcists: Modern Templars one! I'll send you a PM :)

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2009, 11:48:31 pm »
Added Wild Flower. I really, REALLY want this one...

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #4 on: August 20, 2009, 05:29:28 am »
half baked magical kung fu romance!

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #5 on: August 20, 2009, 07:52:21 am »
Wild Flower and the magical kung fu one sound interesting

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #6 on: September 11, 2009, 02:12:17 pm »
"Lost but not alone" sounds like something that have drawn more inspiration from soviet sci-fi than from Ico. Which isn't bad, I like the idea.

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #7 on: September 11, 2009, 07:59:11 pm »
"Lost but not alone" sounds like something that have drawn more inspiration from soviet sci-fi than from Ico. Which isn't bad, I like the idea.


"In Soviet Russia, ship crashes YOU!"

I am so sorry

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #8 on: September 12, 2009, 01:37:58 am »
Someone asked radio Yerevan, what should he do if he sees a small green humanoid? Radio Yerevan answered "Cross the street immediately"

Someone asked radio Yerevan what is cosmopolitan? Radio Yerevan answered "The political secretary of a spaceship".

Apart from the spaceship crashing on undeveloped planets*, flying human and amphibian human kind of remind me about Belyaev. Even though his Ariel didn't fly with wings but some weird Indian meditation training stuff. :)

*Which is a worldwide phenomenon - have you noted how often spaceships do this? :)

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #9 on: September 12, 2009, 01:57:11 am »
...I have no idea what any of that meant xD

Of course, the boy can't fly. Damaged wings. The girl, however, would have scales that sparkle in the light (just like vampires!) and considering how proud she is, try getting her to smear them with mud, so they can't be noticed.

Another little scenario I had tested out was a broken door keeping one of them trapped, and the other lodges an inflatable raft in it and pulls the rip cord. It'd expand and break the door.

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #10 on: September 12, 2009, 02:39:39 am »
McGuyverisms are always fun.

When I play in a survival game, I usually rely a lot on them too.

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #11 on: September 13, 2009, 04:48:41 pm »
I am interested in these ideas:

"Title Pending"
"Take the Heat"
"The Farmer's Wife"

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #12 on: September 13, 2009, 10:42:57 pm »
I am interested in these ideas:

"Title Pending"
"Take the Heat"
"The Farmer's Wife"

The Farmers Wife is the only one I'd take atm

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #13 on: September 13, 2009, 11:09:02 pm »
That is fine with me. However, this will be my first time playing in such a role. Is that alright?

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #14 on: September 13, 2009, 11:34:55 pm »
That is fine with me. However, this will be my first time playing in such a role. Is that alright?

sure :) you wanted wife?

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #15 on: September 14, 2009, 12:26:37 am »
Yes. And she is an elf, yes?

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #16 on: September 14, 2009, 01:36:33 am »
I rather like the idea behind Fading Beauty.  Did you have any ideas in particular for where you wanted the story to be directed?  If not--and you have interest in playing that story at this time--I'm sure we could work on something together.

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #17 on: September 14, 2009, 02:00:34 am »
Fool, yes.

Shi, games already running. Sorry.

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #18 on: September 21, 2009, 01:26:19 am »
Hollowman love affair!

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #19 on: October 28, 2009, 11:32:42 pm »
Ooohh, Narcisism! Nummy.

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #20 on: November 02, 2009, 03:29:26 pm »
I like this new idea ^^

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #21 on: November 15, 2009, 05:46:51 am »
A lil shameless arranged Incest ^^ I usually angle for the forbiddon style... ritualized incest is something I haven't tried :/

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #22 on: November 22, 2009, 08:20:55 pm »
Romantic birdy boy yaoi ^^

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #23 on: December 11, 2009, 04:56:57 am »
Oh noes! I's running out of room in the thread D=

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Re: Sabby's NEWer ideas
« Reply #24 on: January 04, 2010, 05:57:44 am »
Hehehe... adding new layers to the term 'Milf'