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Author Topic: Spirits of a Revolution [OOC THREAD]  (Read 660 times)

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Spirits of a Revolution [OOC THREAD]
« on: June 25, 2009, 09:58:15 PM »
Spirits of the Revolution

Fallen, we sank into the depths of despair. Humanity is fragile now, frail to an unspeakable point. Death is natural, but we have forced it too much. War has destroyed the planet that some treasured  and some just called home. Earth has become almost barren. The things that once were beautiful, the things we saw every day, faded away through the massive destruction of our wars. Peace hasn't been on this planet since few can remember, in fact the only ones who remember are: The Universals. Religions have brought us useless hope, no gods came to save us. And in the hour of earth's utter destruction, only the universals have the chance to save it.

The only way to preserve what life is left on the planet, third from the sun, Earth, is to find the lost souls that once kept it in a peaceful state.

The nine spirits that will lead the revolution.

The spirits that will save the planet.

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Re: Spirits of a Revolution [OOC THREAD]
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2009, 10:00:51 PM »

It is the year 3012 A.C., the earth has fallen into a horrible state, in need of saving lest it be left to wither and die as a planet capable of sustaining life. Lest it become a dead star.

The Catastrophe, a great world war, has been raging now for over a millennium. Nuclear weapons, bombs, guerrilla wars, everything and anything you can think of happening, has happened. And then some.

Technology had provided us a new weapon in the latter years of the last millennium. Through the harnessing of an energy dubbed with the name of SEED. Man was able to create technology that their ancestors only dreamed of.

Massive machines, dream recording, flight, everything was expanded into a massive field.

The power of SEED, seemed to be the greatest discovery of all time, let alone mankind's greatest one as well.

But there was a catch...

SEED was created through the harnessing of life force, the harnessing of spiritual energy in all things. Plants, Animals, Humans, and anything that resided on earth.

And because of this, man thought they had finally found an unlimited energy source, but they were wrong.

Slowly as bombs continued to drop, and man continued to die every day. SEED took it's slow toll on the earth. First it was just a few species disappearing, then well known animals--one's known to be in massive numbers and having no risk of disappearing--died out.

Then the fires spread, and plants began to leave us as well.

Earth was left almost entirely barren, a wasteland that many humans who lived on it now, had to struggle to live upon.

But still they waged war with one another, failing to understand that their home was about to completely die out.

And so, the universals, the angels who vowed that they would only watch as their humans destroyed themselves, vowed they would never interfere. Had no choice now, but to step into the havoc and save the planet that they had created.

Following ancient teachings and texts, Angels would descend to disguise themselves as simple human beings, and find what they knew was the earth's last hope.

The Nine Spirits of Completion.

The spirits that had created the earth and created the humans, now hidden upon the dying wasteland of the planet, disguised as who knows what.

They need to be found

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Re: Spirits of a Revolution [OOC THREAD]
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2009, 10:03:56 PM »

These are for clarifications!

The Universals: The universals are angels, they--with the help of the Nine spirits of Completion--created the planet we call home and gave the name of Earth. They are generally watchful guardians, who spent most of their time--up until now--watching the humans run amok, create havoc and experience their lives on earth. Most of the angels found it amusing that few of the humans knew who really created their world and who gave them life. But some found it annoying, that they would create their own religions and follow odd cultures, things that strayed them further and further from the protective angels. The universals can choose to have a gender or can just decide to be androgynous, have no gender at all. Some have wings, and some do not. Each of them, however, have a specific talent or power over something. For each of them are a characteristic of the human kind, they can be just overly zealous, overly joyous, or whatever. Some are just plain cranky a majority of the time.

The Humans: What's there to say? Humans are humans as we know them now. Many of the humans who still inhabit the wasteland of earth, are war focused, focused on proving their right, blind to the fact that the earth is just barely staying alive.

The 9 Spirits: Not much is known about the spirits other than that they are hiding on the planet of earth, and that they could be anywhere there. Although it is known, that these are needed by the Universals to save the planet from a horrible doom.

Animals:[/u] Evolution has proved, that many of the creatures and species we did know of and were familiar with--may have disappeared-- but some managed to pull through the devastation and destruction of the planet, and evolve into much more capable creatures. Many look monstrous and prove a large hurdle and block for the Universals and Humans. Unfortunately, they are not what the Spirits originally created. These creatures only crave destruction and will stop at nothing to kill any human or Universal in their path.

Ghosts: Thanks to the powers of SEED, spirits of long since dead animals or humans have manifested themselves into a sort of "memory" of what they once were. In other words, ghosts plague places of ruin and death, some though are harmless, but some, even though their powers are minimal, they might try to harm others.

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Re: Spirits of a Revolution [OOC THREAD]
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2009, 10:11:23 PM »
Extra Rules:

I ask that everyone adhere to the E's original said rules. I'm sure everyone knows what happens when you disobey them, and the object is to not to.

Because this is a NON-ADULT role play, everything must stay under PG-13 as everyone should already know.

I am open to suggestions, here in the OOC, and keep that in mind please.

I'm not fond of seeing quoting, it makes things look kinda messy.

That's all I'm going to add upon the original rules here.

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Re: Spirits of a Revolution [OOC THREAD]
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2009, 10:21:44 PM »
the reason I have not made the role play thread itself is because I would like to know if anyone would be interested in participating. Or if I should change anything ahead of time.