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Author Topic: The Baron's Wanted Ad  (Read 1937 times)

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The Baron's Wanted Ad
« on: June 24, 2009, 10:51:07 pm »
(EDIT: 04-25-16 9:48 P.M. Check way down below for my latest update!)
(EDIT: 11-25-10 3:40 A.M. Two New Roleplays Added, at the Bottom, White Queen's New Pawn Rookie Mistakes)

First and foremost, please don't take the scenarios I'm describing as any indication on what I'm ONLY looking for. Please, pretty please?, look through my O/O thread as well and if you have an idea or just want to hash something out that isn't listed here, please feel free to PM me and we can work together to get something going.

Second, posting here or PMing works best to contact me.

Third, these are just the basic premises I want to work from, I'll of course flesh them out in greater detail if they interest you.

Star Wars Universe:

Specifically I'm looking for a roleplay centered around the characters from the Knights of the Old Republic video games, specifically:

Male Revan (before and after redemption) and Bastila Shan.
Male Exile and the Handmaiden (during and after the events of the video games)
Male Exile and Visas Marr (during and after the events of the video games)

Family Roleplays:

Basically I'm open to any sort of MF pairing here, but the one qualification that I'm going to introduce here is that, at the moment, I'd like my partner to be the seducing or intiating party. This can and probably will change but as to my desires right now, this should remain the same.

Fantasy Roleplays:

Recently I've been pushed firmly into this brand of roleplay. I'm not into most fantasy creatures, however any combination of the following:


With a mortal or otherwise paired into that would certainly be good for me. I'm seriously interested in any roleplay where the female is the fantasy creature and for whatever reason is paired up with my mortal self. Again, I'm also interested in being the God, Demon, Angel, etc. and you being the mortal or another fantasy creature, but the former is what I'd be HIGHLY interested in at the moment.

Superhero Roleplays:

I've actually got a great one going right now involving myself and Tigre, as Batman and Catwoman respectively. I'm certainly open to adding another one to that category. Also be interested in a Batman/Poison Ivy, Spiderman/Mary Jane, Venom/Mary Jane, Spiderman/Black Cat roleplay.


That about wraps it up, but again, if nothing here tickles your fancy but you want to look at my O/O thread and see something that intrigues you, do not hesitate to contact me.

Here's to hoping. :)
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Re: TBB's Wanted Ad
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2010, 09:45:25 pm »
I figured instead of going through the tedium of completely editing my above post for my new ideas, I'd post here. It also serves the dual purpose of bumping my thread instead of having a simple "Updated" post. Also by doing this there can be no doubt that I've added new stuff, so I won't get banhammered. At least I hope not. Also these ideas will revolve around pictures and be a bit more detailed.

So without further ado:

Bat and Cat

They'd had their run ins recently. Too many, if he was honest with himself. As if she were daring him to take her. Taking her in what sense... well he didn't want to think about that. Such thoughts... distracted him. He'd been easy on her. Her targets were not exactly the most reputable sorts, and he'd always had more savage and horrible criminals to worry about. Between the Joker, Two-Face, and everyone else, he simply couldn't force himself to chase after her with such . And... memories... had stopped him. If she had looked incredible, on her bed, back arched, her suit still on her, cool to the touch on the outside, but burning up a storm inside... She had cracked his iron clad nerves and elicited a gasp at what had come next. She knew all of his weak points, so even if he did chase her, could he bring her down? And even if he got that hurdle, could he take her in?

He'd known she was going to be robbing a bank. It wasn't even a mob bank, and he couldn't let all those savings go. She had become so brazen, taunting. When he'd arrived, for he couldn't conscionably delay any longer, she was just sitting there on the bank notes and cash, flippant, a small smile curving her soft lips as she saw him.

Cat and Birdy

Bruce was out of town... he remembered the last time that had happened. The Joker had made an appearance and he'd been fed to the maniac on his lonesome. But he'd weathered that test, as well as any Robin could have. But things were quieter now. The heavy hitters were in Arkham, nothing out of the ordinary. A few muggings and one attempted... violation. As horrible as the thought was, he could understand why the cretins had chosen their target. Lustrous black hair, a nice youthful curvy body... he was supposed to be an impartial deliverer of justice... but even he had thoughts. He'd helped the disheveled and still quite in shock girl to a safer part of town and had stayed close by until the cab had come.  As he leaped from building to building he reflected on how he hadn't seen Ariana in forever. And he was a teenager... how did Bruce cope with needs inherent in being a male? But then... he had his Bruce alter-ego, he could pick up a phone and have three lingerie models at his door within the hour. He... he was a high schooler. A well off, athletic high schooler... and most of his time was consumed in the never ending fight for Gotham's streets.

But his mind was diverted by the sirens. From the sounds of it, it was coming from Bilder's Jewelers. He leaped into action heading that way. But then he saw the figure. A very nice figure that was sitting casually on the building rooftop across from the Jeweler's. He knew who it was. He'd never quite understood what was between Bruce and this cat-burglar... But Bruce wasn't in town. And justice had to be served. He breathed deeply and landed silently behind her, adrenaline pumping in his veins.

(That's all for now, I have other ideas I want to explore but those two, given their images, are what I'm aiming for. We can discuss details and plot plan, if you like, through PM. Thanks!)

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Re: TBB's Wanted Ad
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2010, 03:29:58 pm »
(This story idea, which I'm quite excited for, is loosely based on the tale of Evangelina Cisneros)

John MacKinnon sat down in his boss's plush office chair at the New York Journal, slowly puffing on a cigar. A small luxury that he enjoyed, he'd been surprised that, after being summoned quite swiftly by a rather excitable newsboy who told him that it was quite urgent, he had been spirited away to Mr. Hearst's private office, given a cigar, told to relax while he went and checked on a few things.

He let out some of the warm, delectable smoke, savoring the taste on his lips. 'Cuban,' he thought to himself as he laid back in the rather comfortable chair. How'd Hearst get a hold of one of these? What with all the unpleasantness going on down there at the moment. He didn't believe half of what the Journal and other papers were printing on the matter, but if there was even one percent of truth to it, then by all accounts it was quite bad indeed. The Spanish weren't that stupid, right? Colonial masters deciding to go hog wild only 90 miles off the coast of the US? It didn't make sense.

Still, he shouldn't have wondered how Mr. Hearst had gotten a hold of this rather fine cigar, he thought as he puffed it slowly, trying to make it last. If he wanted something, he got it. Take himself for example. He had served with distinction out in the Wild West, fighting Indians. But when that had become too... distasteful, he'd taken on a job as a 'fixer' for the Pinkertons handling all sorts of tasks. He'd even been on the security detail for President Cleveland when he'd needed them to hold off the voracious press during his presidential honey moon. But then he'd received an offer that even the Pinkertons couldn't match: Come work for the one of the largest newspapers in the world as a security consultant, advising on all manner of things and contributing to stories himself. The substantial raise in pay had been quite nice as well. With some of his money he'd then taken a vacation, off in Africa, and had only been back home in the States for two weeks when he'd been summoned by Mr. Hearst himself on an urgent assignment.

He rose and pulled out the delectable cigar as his boss arrived in a flurry of activity. "Afternoon, Mr. Hearst." He said politely but was waved off. "Damnit Mac how many times have I told you to call me William?" he said, John opened his mouth to reply but was, predictably, cut off. "Anyway, no time for that. I have a special assignment for you. I can only use you, no one in my business, hell anyone in the journalism business could do this."

John knew this wasn't going to be an ordinary assignment, but Hearst was showing all his cards early, a very rare thing for the shrewd news magnate. "What..." he started...

"You're going to Cuba." He was told swiftly. Why he even bothered to speak when Mr. Hearst got like this, he hadn't the faintest idea. But still he tried, "Hang on, Cuba? What for? You know how bad it's down there." He said, once again removing the cigar that he had taken to puffing while Hearst spoke.

"Yes which is why you'll be getting a ton of hazard pay. Listen, you're not going to stir up trouble, you're going to... retrieve, that's the word you use isn't it, retrieve something, or rather someone."


"Someone. More precisely, Miss Eva Armenteros. You're familiar with her story, right? I hope I can at least trust my employees to at least read what we put out." He said with a sardonic smile. John was indeed familiar with Miss Armenteros. By all accounts, she'd been an unfortunate hostage in all this troublesome business. Her father, a leader of a group of Cuban rebels had been arrested. She, on her own, had tried to free him but had been captured and had violently refused to be 'used' by the attending general. So now she was rotting in a Spanish military prison in Havanna. A sad tale to be sure, but then what could he do. He looked at the picture that Hearst handed him. It looked a bit old but it was enough for identification. Not that he'd have missed this girl, in a prison or a crowd. He could detest the Spanish general's means to try and get the girl in bed but honestly couldn't blame the man's motives. She was out and out stunning. Still... 

"Hang on, you want me to break into a military prison, free the damsel and return her to the US?" He said skeptically. This was like some crude fairy tale.

"Absolutely. Can you imagine the publicity. The sheer number of stories we could run on this, the money, it'll be magnificent. Don't worry, we won't run anything before or while you're down there, but once you come back..." Hearst said with something bordering on euphoria at the idea. Even John had to admit, it sounded like a good idea.

"Alright, when do I leave?" He said slowly, after all, the hazard pay alone would be enough, and knowing Hearst, he'd probably receive an even bigger gratuity if he pulled his off. Hearst had many faults, but failing to reward good work was not one of them.

"Tomorrow." Hearst said with a gleam in his eyes. "You'll be leaving on the Augusta. Your cover is that you're working for us as a travel correspondent, looking at the main 4 star hotel right across from the prison. Isn't that odd, a prison right next to a hotel? Anyway, there's some extra money for you down at the desk to buy what you need to make this work, and some more waiting for you on the boat."

John sighed and shook his head with a small smile, puffing on the cigar. This was going to be interesting.

(Obviously you'll be Miss Armenteros, and I'll be John MacKinnon. This can go a variety of ways, and I'd be delighted to hear a prospective take on things or we can play it by ear.)
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Re: TBB's Wanted Ad
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2010, 02:38:07 am »
Two additions to the roles. But please, if you like any of the other roles through out this thread, let me know. They're all open.

The White Queen's New Pawn

Will Stefenson was elated! He wasn't alone! He wasn't a... a freak! Well... maybe he was... but that didn't matter! He could be a freak for all he cared, he just knew that there were people out there like him. That there were kids, adults, teenagers of all ages that had... abilities. That they couldn't control or could and it still worried them. As he slung his backpack with his possessions up a little tighter, he gazed at the sign "Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters" and knew he could let loose.

It wasn't that he couldn't blend in, like he could tell some people around here couldn't... he saw various shades and tinges of hair and even skin and knew that he had it light. He just... Professor X... for Will had already come to think of him in that name since that fateful visit, told him what he was. He was a telepath. His mind just... did things. He could hear people's thoughts, he could see images, memories, desires, everything inside a persons head. He could move things just by thinking about them. The first time he'd opened the shower door just by using his mind, a barely conscious thought, had promptly landed him on his rear as he fell down, reaching to open the door physically. That was the first time... so many other times had come after then. He knew things were getting out of hand when he was offering answers to people's questions before they'd asked them.

He'd lain low, he didn't know how, what, or why he'd been able to do these things. He'd heard reports on the evening news, sitting in his family's living room. But he didn't connect them. Then one day his guidance counselor had called him in... and a man in a wheel chair spoke to him. A month later, here he was...

He didn't know what to expect, he just knew he wanted to... needed to know more about what he could do. He decided to head for his dorm room... On the table he found a schedule. His first class for tomorrow was "Telepathic Introduction: Ms. Frost."

(This is an X-Men Universe roleplay, with obviously you playing the role of the White Queen, Emma Frost, to my bright eyed young telepath. There are a variety of ways I could see this taking, so please let me know if you're interested and if you have any thoughts on how to go with this roleplay).


Rookie Mistakes (TAKEN)

They said the game moved faster. That everyone, especially on defense, was just so much faster in the Pros than College that even Quarterbacks like him, who came with the best records, the best stats, two national championships, everything would just move so much faster that he'd have trouble adapting. Well... after four starts, as a rookie, and four wins, maybe they'd been wrong? Jason Wetzel smiled to himself at the thought, twirling his keys idly as he went to his nice luxury sedan. One of the few luxuries he'd gotten for himself, other than his nice home for his young, pretty wife and himself, stood at the ready, waiting to take him into the city.

But what they didn't tell him, what nobody had told him, was that everything off the field came so much faster too. Oh not the workouts, the practices, the endless film study. Jason was like a fish in water there. He knew the playbook cover-to-cover before training camp had even started. That's what had won him the starting job.

No, it was the partying, the drinking, the... sheer excess that accompanied being one of the elite few, the superstars of the NFL. And he was a superstar. Oh sure he'd gotten the celebrity treatment at college, but that was college. Even the kids getting extra "stipends" from generous "boosters" still were relatively poor. Here? Well his signing bonus alone was more than his dear old dad had made in his life time. He smiled warmly at the memory his mother openly in tears, his gruff but loving father trying to hold his own back as he hugged them both before heading up to the podium to get his jersey and team ball cap. Though the memory of his buying their new home might top it.

But here? Here people had money to burn. Jason was a small country boy. His university was in a big city but still... he'd only just turned 21 his senior year... he didn't know that he could have everything he wanted. Standing at 6-6, a lean 220 lbs, the ideal quarterback with sharp, deep blue eyes, and short jet black hair... well the ladies wanted him. But he'd been with Katherine his whole life. It only made sense that she was his one woman... But he was tempted.

He knew what kind of club they were going to. No no, not a strip club... He... he couldn't go to one of those. He knew what happened to NFL players that were there. But it wasn't a club that his mother or father would have liked to known he was going to... And perhaps that thought fueled him as he backed out of the driveway, heading into the city. It was his bye week, he was rested, he knew the game plan. Perhaps he should cut loose.

(I know I don't go into my partner's role here, but that's simply my opening. Basically I'm thinking this is a Tiger Woods esque RP. Our young quarterback here isn't innocent. But he's got a sweet, loving wife and he simply isn't prepared for what he encounters in... you. This image can be a template or a verbatum of your character. Tall, curvy, athletic, gorgeous. She need not be dominant at all. But I'm looking for a... commanding presence in this character. She can go right after Jason, or she can ease him into it. Make him admit to himself that he wants her more than he will readily admit. As with most of my roles, there are a lot of ways to take this based on your preferences).
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Re: TBB's Wanted Ad
« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2011, 04:57:41 pm »
Updated, Rookie Mistakes Taken. (2/5/11)

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Re: TBB's Wanted Ad
« Reply #5 on: April 22, 2016, 12:22:28 am »
(Boy it's been awhile. 5+ years? Well, I've got some new ideas and I don't want to take no guff from you, Mr. Red Warning Box, so I'm going to post here with a slew of new ideas and there's nothing you can do to stop me!)

Congressional Coupling

Olivia's stilettos echoed on the marble floor as she made her way down the empty corridors of the US Capitol. During the daytime this place would be swamped by tourists, eager to fawn over the artifacts of America's grand democracy, but it was nearing midnight, and the only people still around were cleaners and a few bored-looking policemen.

When she heard back in the Spring that she'd been accepted into the Congressional Interns Program Olivia could scarcely believe her luck. Her two years at college had been stressful, to say the least. Between her studies, part-time job and student loans Olivia barely had time to sleep, let alone cut loose like so many of her peers. It saddened her, truth be told, to spend Friday night after Friday night in the library while her friends got to revel in the glamorous debauchery of college parties. But while a summer spent in D.C. wasn't going to involve much partying, it at least made Olivia feel as if she was on the right path.

Granted, when she heard just who she'd be working for Olivia's was a bit taken aback; Jack Stewart. Two-term young representative from Georgia and the Great Young Hope for conservatives everywhere. It seemed like every other week he was on Fox with his gleaming smile, talking about the importance of border security or reducing welfare. His beautiful blonde wife Cindy and kids only added to his appeal. There were whispers that he was already in line for several coveted committee chairmanships and a Senate run was likely in his future. After that? The sky was the limit.

None of that really appealed to Olivia. As a girl from a poor Latina family she wasn't exactly a fan of Stewart's brand of conservatism. However, she also recognized that the opportunity was too good to pass up, and she should just grit her teeth and get on with it. Plus she couldn't deny it, there was something about Stewart that made him so...easy to listen to.

As Olivia neared Stewart's office she checked herself out in the mirror, flushing a bit in embarrassment. For some reason she had allowed a fellow intern, Kristy, to take her shopping over the weekend for work clothes, and her previously conservative attire now offered much more. Her pencil skirt came down to mid-thigh and did an excellent job of showing off her round Latina rump. Likewise her white blouse, even buttoned up, gave an ample view of her impressive chest.

Reaching the outside of Stewart's office Olivia took a deep breath and double-checked that she had all the documents. She looked up and down the empty corridor before knocking on the heavy wooden door.


Basically looking for a clash of worlds and also bit of a corruption play. Namely taking a young, enterprising, intelligent young woman and making her a Congressional plaything. Of course, it needn't be pure submission, maybe Olivia fights back some how. So a powerplay role would certainly work, or even one where Olivia wraps Jack around her finger instead.


Mind Control Misfire

I can't believe I was doing this. Wait, no, it made perfect sense that I was doing this. I'd always tried to pretend that I was the smartest person in the room. Smarter, funnier, more clever than my peers. And while I was certainly above average intelligence, I didn't have much else going for me. Oh sure, I read more, and that's how I'd found that dingy little shop on 8th Street. That didn't make me any more attractive to the seemingly inexhaustible supply of gorgeous classmates I had. Or any less able to endure my sister's constant mockery and teasing.

But my insatiable desire to read had shown me that poorly put together website. I'd have dismissed it as a credit card trap if it had had anywhere to purchase online. However, the more I read, the more intrigued I became. And so, with trepidation, I'd unloaded my bank account (at a gas station ATM away from my high school, lest I have to explain to Mom what I was doing) and went to the shop, clutching the few hundred dollars I'd earned through tutoring and outright writing papers for classmates. Inescapably, the pornos lied and simply educating a hot classmate didn't make them want to fuck you. Go figure.

An hour later, out I went, clutching a purple vial, an image of a two serpents twisting around a woman who appeared quite... transported. Staring at the cork stopper on, I wondered how much grape juice I'd just bought.

That old hag -- seriously, why did all old, creepy shops have to be run by equally creepy looking old women -- had explained the process for him. How many drops, what the effects would be and a money-back guarantee. "If you can find time to collect," she'd wheezed and then cackled at my stupefied look. If it wasn't that money-back guarantee, I wouldn't have paid that exorbitant price. But here I was, contemplating how I'd actually use it. Though several choices were a possibility, I knew exactly what one I wanted.

Smirking, I entered the house and went straight for the stockpile of energy drinks in the refrigerator. One, two, three, four and five drops sealed the deal. Huh, and still plenty left over. Now to just wait for the target.


With this one, I'm wanting to do a mind control play but with a twist! Our intrepid hero wants the tainted energy drink to be consumed by X but, given the plans of mice and men, Y ends up drinking it. I'd originally conceived this as our hero offering the drink to one of his gorgeous classmates, begrudgingly at his house for a tutoring session but his (older/younger) sister ends up drinking it. But now I'm more thinking along the lines of it was meant for his sister and his mother ends up drinking it. And we can certainly modify this so that if you're adverse to family/incest plays, it can avoid that. The key element is that the person who ends up affected (and what those effects are we can discuss, though I'd envisioned it as the drinker suddenly becoming irresistibly attracted to the potion holder) is NOT the original target which puts my character in a bind.


Punishment for Cheating

After 27 long years, you and I? We were nearing the finish line. We were almost empty-nesters and my income meant early-retirement was on the horizon. Married young, and had a slew of kids. Never that son I wanted to show how to play football, how to grill a steak just right and get to mow our immaculate suburban lawn on hot summer days. Of course, that didn't dim my pride and joy in our four girls. The youngest was just about to wrap up her senior year of high school. The oldest had managed to find an excellent job out of law school at 26 and only a few hours away! The twins? Well, they were raising hell at the massive state college a couple hours away in the opposite direction from our eldest. Everything was going perfect. Or so it seemed.

I'm a loyal man. Always have been, since the day you and I got hitched just before I shipped out for basic training. And you were loyal as well, even through three tours of service. But now? Now I was getting up in years. And with my power as a well-respected partner in the city's largest law firm, temptation was everywhere. And it only took once.

It started small, a ribald joke here, a lingering smile at a word of praise, a button popped 'accidentally.' And then it progressed. A few touches here, a longer hug than was professional there. And... I didn't tell you about it. I told you everything. And into that gap made by my deception by omission, the temptation grew. One night I outright lied to you, a first, and said I was staying late to work. Ever my devoted wife, you came to bring me dinner. A full sirloin steak and baked potato. Arriving at the office you catch me redhanded nailing that slut on the conference room table.

Under your cold, unyielding gaze, she'd retreated and I stopped the encounter. Next to your harsh beauty, she was just a girl. I spend the night on the couch in my office. A courier brings over a gym bag with clothes and toiletries the next day but no message. I can't call you.

After a week like that, the silence pressing in on me, I receive a text. "Home, Friday, 5:30 p.m. on the dot or not at all."

Arriving home, I'm determined to make amends.


Basically here, I'm looking for someone willing to play the woman scorned, bringing her daughters into 'rehabilitating' the man of the house by making see the errors in his ways of seeking sex outside the family. Anyone willing to play the girls as well gets major bonus points. Though the more likely course is that the girls get treated as sort of NPCs, split between our respective posts. There's a potential for some BDSM play here as well, but I'm quite flexible.


Infernal Innocence Incineration, Inc.

This was so fucking stupid, what a waste of money... And that mouse... God, what had I done?! It was just a mouse but still! And all for nothing... The things I'd do to---

It fucking worked! I'd have exclaimed in mingled disbelief and triumph if the weirdly pink and black smoke had not engulfed me, a sputtering cough skewing my features as my hands batted at the smoke as it surrounded me. Warmth slowly started to spread from the crudely drawn pentagram and whatever sense of space I had compressed as I felt something tugging at me, pulling me bodily toward the center of the pentagram. Yea, no, the book -- holy shit the book actually worked -- didn't mention that part as I feebly grasped for my bed post. Papers and books flew from my desk, a poster ripping from the wall as my shout of fear collapsed as more smoke entered my lungs.

But then all at once, it stopped and the click of heels resounded on the wooden floor of my bedroom. The dimly lit bedroom (yep, the whole deal with candles on the pentagram and everything) cleared of the smoke and began to warm up considerably.

As the smoke parted there you stood. Oh God did you ever stand. Not exactly what I was expecting when I'd finally summoned the courage to... summon you from that book I'd picked up from the creepy shop on 9th. No hooves, no horns, tail or wings from what I could see but... Damn... you would do just fine.

"So, uh... hi..." I manage out, my dark blue eyes doing their best to gorge themselves on your figure. I could feel the warmth penetrating my body with each inhale of breath. A sweet, full scent coursing through my nostrils. "So uhm... shit... By the power of the Infernal Depths, I wish to enter a pact with you in this world. Upon completion of this pact, I shall retain all its benefits and you shall return from whence you... you came... with..."

Talking was a bit difficult given that you'd moved closer to me, your every movement a cross between a runway model's graze and the temptation of the basest porn star.
"So you know the rules?" You asks with a small, predatory smirk, and a conflicting feeling of lust and terror surged through me.

"Rules? Wh-what rules?" I ask, running a hand through my untidy black hair, with a glance at the floor before returning to the malevolent beauty before me.

"Well at Infernal Innocence Incineration, Incorporated, there are specific rules about any bargain," you said with a smile and a snap of your fingers leads to a flameburst between us, a black, red-inked quill hovering before an extended roll of parchment which fell to the floor. It had to be 5-point font on it at best. The only letters big enough to read were four, large I's in gold and red, lined in black at the top.

"The book didn't mention any rules for me!" I say confused and a touch afraid. What else didn't I know about this situation? "And wait, Incorporated? That doesn't sound very... ya know, demonic!" I protest. I, of the boy who'd literally bought a mouse and sacrificed it in an effort to get laid, suddenly upset at something not making sense... God that predatory smile would be the end of me.

"Mmmm yes, we've updated with the times," You says with a completely unnecessary flick of a long, long tongue across your lips.

Well... this was much more involved than I'd thought...


I wanted to leave this open-ended as to what the "rules" are because I really do enjoy a collaborative RP. I want to make the rules with you based on your kinks and your desires. The main thing is that corruption has to remain a center piece of this RP.

The basic premise is that your character, the aforementioned succubus as reprised by Charlotte McKinney, need to corrupt some innocence here on earth. Now, is that me? Or is that the females in my life? Or both (because seriously, what boy is not going to be corrupted when he has a gorgeous succubus whispering all manner of temptation in his ear)

What rules should we have? Am I not allowed to touch you at all and you're just here to help me corrupt others? Can I be allowed if I hit a certain depth of corruption?

Perhaps you want me to corrupt a female family member. I resist as any boy should. But ultimately become so corrupt during our swath through cheerleaders, teachers, female cops, whomever that my morality (and innocence) have been... incinerated. (Eh? Eh? I'll be here all week, try the veal!)

That's by no means the only way this can go. A good RP partner can talk about their desires and how to steer a RP. My kinks are flexible and really none of them nonnegotiable to include. My preference is for a partner with the willingness for multiple character play but even that you need not have the burden of fully playing anyone besides the succubus unless you so desire as we can split the... NPCs if you will. But if you're intent on having a 1-on-1, we can certainly work that.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Note that if you're interested in some of my way, way older prompts here in this thread, please do message me. My preference is for these prompts in this post but I'm flexible if you really want one of the earlier ones.