Just approved, no idea how to make an on/off thread

Started by LillianRose, June 24, 2009, 07:36:25 PM

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Please help...

I don't know how to go about making an on/off thread. If someone could explain or send a link?


Amy, you have a whole team of mentors who are able to assist you. :)

Edit: Your mentors are Neroon and Sho, who will be able to assist you with all sorts of questions. For ons and offs, the best thing to do is take a look at other O&O threads as templates and construct yours. They can really help.


Hi there! I'm Sho, one of your mentors. Sorry if I can't give you a link now...I'm typing this from my phone. To make an ons/offs thread, you should go to the ladies' ons and offs section, and click 'new topic'. This will allow you to create a thread. Then type in what turns you on and off. Click 'post'. To know whAt to write, I'd recommend taking a look at my own. It's linked in my signTure. I'll check in with you once I get to a real computer but I hope this helps!


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There is advice on how to make your ons and offs I do believe in the Newspaper. 
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