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June 29, 2022, 11:17:02 am

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Author Topic: Potentium Cantina (Another Star Wars rp)  (Read 870 times)

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Potentium Cantina (Another Star Wars rp)
« on: June 23, 2009, 01:05:59 am »
In year 132 BBY Yoda and the High Jedi Council expelled Leor Hal and his followers from the order for their Potentium view.  Leor Hal eventually found the living planet of Zonama Sekot in 89 BBY and settled there, convincing others to do the same. 

A few of his followers felt that he was too involved with becoming the leader of a colony, and company, instead of learning and training with the Force.  These 'Grey Jedi' made their way to the Planet Alderaan where some of them had come from.  After traveling to Crevasse City they decided it would be the perfect place to call home.  Traveling deep into the depths of the crevice, much further than the city actually resided in, they set to work making a home for themselves.

Knowing that they would need money to survive they founded a Cantina by the name of Ashla Haven.  It was no where near as nice or comfortable as the hotels or bars that resided in the city above, but they new some would decided being out of view was worth the imperfect place.

For many years these 'Grey Jedi' called this their home, and business, they managed to stay out of any conflict.  Deciding that they should be entirely neutral because the Force would work itself out, and not allow all things to end.  Upon the start of the Clone Wars the last surviving member of the original founders left to speak with the Jedi Council, trying to stop them from entering into a war.  This last founder was killed by droid fighters in his attempt to return after giving up negotiations with the Council, thus leaving his son to now be the only owner of the Ashla Haven.

That is the basis of the game I'm envisioning.  I plan on taking the slot as the owner, as well as possibly another spot as a bar tender.  It's taking place around 19 BBY either shortly before or after Operation Knightfall.  Allowing any Jedi to come and live safely in the hidden Cantina. 

And please note I'm not saying this game is only for force sensitives, my bartender/worker will be Jut Kast (for anyone that knows the last Cantina game where he was the owner until his death) with a slightly modified back story. 
I would allow and even encourage anyone that want's non sensitives. 
With that said, I don't want an super powerful force users, or any excessive force use.  Also given that this is supposed to be a safe haven for any surviving Jedi, Sith will not be allowed, but anyone who wishes to be one of the Potentium(although a more neutral version) followers can use 'Dark Side' powers. 

This is right now just to find out if enough people are willing to play for me to set it up.  Please if you are not completely willing to play do not claim you are, nothing annoys me more than when I have an interest check/game idea, and multiple people claim they are going to join, only for me to make it and have no one/few people actually follow through with it.