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Author Topic: Rachel Morgan RP (The Hollows) Interest Check [NC:E]  (Read 1071 times)

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Rachel Morgan RP (The Hollows) Interest Check [NC:E]
« on: June 21, 2009, 02:32:39 AM »
Hey I thought I'd throw out the idea of a game set in the world of The Hollows, written by Kim Harrison.  I am not planning on having any canon characters take part in the game.  I'm imagining this more as a Sandbox game, without a set GM or plot.  Simply having characters and interacting as we like, creating stories that way.  I am currently writing up an altered St Louis for the idea, and was considering a few basic guidelines.

Races Allowed:

Vampires (Living or Dead)
Weres (Werewolves or Werefoxes)

Or witches who've survived the Rosewood Syndrome.

No godmodding.  Anything between players should be voluntary.

If you don't know about the series, you can learn about it here.

So everyone knows, I'm assigning the Turn to 1968, and the current year is 2002 in game.
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Re: The Hollows Interest Check [NC:E]
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2009, 02:33:43 AM »
Me!  Oh memememememememee!


Yep!  Meeeee!

*goes back to helping Myr with world design*

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Re: The Hollows Interest Check [NC:E]
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2009, 01:22:49 AM »
Added a link to the Wiki. ^_^

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Re: Rachel Morgan RP (The Hollows) Interest Check [NC:E]
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2009, 07:57:47 PM »
My character.

Rosalind Synar

Race: Witch

Age: 27

Description: Rosalind stands at 5' 7”, slender, though she has large, almost perfectly formed breasts, and a figure that many would kill for.  Her has dark red hair, almost the color of blood that hair falls to her waist in waves.  Pale skin, a heart shaped face and full lips add to her beauty, but it's her eyes and attitude that attract attention the most.  Her eyes are a vibrant azure, almost glowing with life and energy.  She never stops living life to the most, doing the best she can at something, even if she fails to achieve it.  Few have ever seen the corset that she wears, though, and she does her best to hide it out of embarrassment.  She loves the feeling of confinement that it gives, and is very embarrassed by both it and her attraction to women.  She normally wears dresses, of black or red fabrics and very finely made, as well as a silk scarf around her neck.  They're lacy, and she has a number of pieces of silver jewelry and garnets that go with her wardrobe.  She almost always wears one piece, an amulet of silver.  It is shaped like a rose starting to blossom, the blossom a single carefully crafted garnet.  She has been known to wear other types of clothing, but she tends to deep reds and blacks.

History: Rosalind is a witch, and a wealthy one, though she doesn't try to flaunt it.  Her father was a businessman who worked the stock market, and her mother was an earth witch professor at Blackwell.  In fact, Rosalind went to Blackwell Private School from an early age.  She did well and was a quick learner, but tragedy struck when she was only 11 years old.  She was in the car with her parents when a drunk semi driver ran into them in a head-on collision.  No one knows how Rosalind survived, but her parents did not make it.  This left her with an enormous trust fund that would take her through school and beyond.  She returned to Blackwell, and stayed in classes there as well as the dormitories.  And her run of bad luck didn't end there.  An...incident with a young living vampire left her with an unclaimed bite that she took to hiding with her scarf.  A group of friends helped her by keeping her from being alone with any vampires, but she's learned a degree of control over herself.

She did well in school, decent at both earth and ley magic, and loved the arts.  She was an excellent singer and actor, but she fell in love with the clothing.  She took to the costumes and such with a passion, focusing on it almost obsessively.  She decided that this was what she wanted to do with her life.  She graduated and started with a major in Fashion and Design, with classes for small businesses.  She also took classes for both ley line magic and earth magic, becoming a licensed Witch and able to sell her charms.  At last she graduated, and spent a few months preparing, she opened her own shop, Crimson Shadows.

She has only been open for a few months, but she's done fairly well, overall.  Her shop has fine clothing, more of the type that the goth crowd (and vampire flunkies) would go to, but she also carries charms, both ley and earth magic.  She also is willing to custom tailor clothing for those who are willing to pay for it, but it's not cheap.

Offline dready

Re: Rachel Morgan RP (The Hollows) Interest Check [NC:E]
« Reply #4 on: June 27, 2009, 10:16:10 PM »
Eleison Muntreal

Race: Fairy

Age: 3, going on 4 in winter.

Description: Eleison (nicknamed 'Ele') is at a moderate height of 4 1/2" tall and has a soft build, her hips and breasts not fully developed due to her enjoyment of working on her physic by training her body for multiple physical uses, which are mostly along the lines of skirmishing. With that, she tends to be on her own when she hunts down her food to eat, enjoying going after the larger insects like mantis or even june-bugs, also making a hobby of taking out dragon flies when possible. Due to her knack of going out on her own, her apparel armor and weapons are hand made from either natural or mostly-natural materials. She normally carries a shortspear in hand when hunting, but will use a sling or even a sword fashioned from a piece of a cerrated knife which she found during a hunt one day. Her armor appears to be somewhat of a corset, yet is made from both small pieces of clothing and held up by very small pieces of wood and leaves, as well as her clothing which covers everything other than the exoskeleton boots which she wears at all times just in case of combat.
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Re: Rachel Morgan RP (The Hollows) Interest Check [NC:E]
« Reply #5 on: June 27, 2009, 10:50:28 PM »
St. Louis

The Turn had major effects everywhere with the revelation of the Inderlander community, and St. Louis was no exception.  Humanity drew inward, and even if unintentionally, they segregated themselves from the newfound (to them) beings in their midst.  The Inderlanders primarily settled on the east side of the Mississippi, while Humans pulled onto the west.  There is a degree of mixture, and at this point it is greater than many would think.  The University has classes for magic, both Earth and Ley Line magic, and there are baseball teams of weres.  Humanity has slowly adapted to this, and though there are still problems and mistrust, things are much better in these times than they once were.


Washington University: Originally a private university, Washington University became the main university of St. Louis after the Turn.  It is still a major player in the field of medicine, and produces some of the best doctors on the continent.  Now it has the normal classes for the same degrees as before, but the various magical classes have been added and it has an extremely broad variety of courses.  It isn't the best school in the region in all categories, but it is far from mediocre.

Blackwell Private School: A relatively recent development, Blackwell was built just after the Turn by Fredritch Blackwell, a living vampire who wanted a school that would teach about the Inderlanders as well as humans.  Blackwell teaches from kindergarten through college, it takes students of any background who are willing to pay the significant tuition.  Blackwell has both a boys and girls dormitory, and is predominantly Inderlander staffed.

Federal Inderlander Bureau (FIB): The human-run enforcement agency in St. Louis, the FIB is located in downtown St. Louis.  They are under-funded, and try to compensate for their disadvantages with extensive files and manpower.  This doesn't often manage to give them enough of an advantage over the IS, however.  Their requirement of not hiring Inderlanders often hurts them, but there is nothing they can do about it.

Inderlander Security Service (I.S.): The IS main office is located across the Mississippi River, and is staffed almost exclusively by Inderlanders.  The division is also corrupt, and few are allowed to leave the organization without consequences.  The higher you are in the IS, the lower the floor you work on.  It is mostly, if not entirely, run by undead vampires.

Gateway Arch: The iconic landmark was finished just before the Turn, and is built on several ley lines.  A large circle was built below the Arch, and it is often used for potent magical rituals.

St Louis Hospital: Saint Louis Hospital is a large affair, and the primary treatment center in St Louis, though there are others.  It, like everything else, has adapted since the Turn.  There are a good number of Witches on staff as doctors and nurses, and a vampire is there to help new arrivals adjust upon turning.

Cathedral Basilica: The cathedral is relatively unchanged from its previous usage, though now part of the grounds aren't sanctified to allow religious vampires to sit on the pews.  They cannot approach the altar, but that is to be expected.

Forest Park: Located in the western part of St. Louis, Forest Park is huge at 1293 acres, and is primarily cared for by Weres.  The park is open to all, but Weres love the area, and are primarily the ones who utilize the park.

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport: This large airport is largely unchanged since the Turn, save for adding charm detectors and such to airport security systems.

Cave System(s):  The cave systems of St. Louis had been closed off for a long time before the Turn.  This had not, however, prevented vampires and witches from using them extensively.  Now the system is a highly unofficial travel route for Inderlanders, particularly vampires who like to travel during the daytime.

Crimson Shadows:  This shop opened only four months ago, and has been doing fairly well.  It is run by Rosalind Synar, a witch that graduated not long ago.  It is small and relatively out of the way, but has gained a reputation for high quality.  They carry primarily clothing, but Rosalind makes a variety of charms, both earth and ley line charms.  She also does custom tailoring, and has contacts with both an expert cobbler and jeweler for those who can afford it.  Her shop is darker inside, and often smells of perfumes.
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Offline ShamshielDF

Re: Rachel Morgan RP (The Hollows) Interest Check [NC:E]
« Reply #6 on: June 28, 2009, 01:04:34 AM »
With motorcycle                   Without Helmet

Character Name:  Mitzi Unterbrink

Character Race:  Living Vampire

Age:  25

Description:  Mitzi herself stands about 5’9” with waist length blonde hair and bright blue eyes that seem almost pale in the proper lighting.  She tends towards biker leathers, cut to emphasize her form, as she views them as practical and functional garb for most of her life and what she does, though she has been known to wear gothic wardrobe for clubs and, on rare occasional, high society finery when her father would drag her to the opera and plays.  Her skin is fairly pale from her chronic night life and wearing dark sunglasses whenever she’s out in the daylight.  Her voice is smooth as silk, running between a low soprano and high mezzo-soprano, though her voice turns more smoky when her vampiric heritage starts to take over.  As a living vampire, the virus had ample time to refine and perfect her body from conception until the present day.  Her muscles do not stand out any more than the average model though they are significantly more developed than most humans.  Her body, dressed appropriately, would not be out of place in a line of supermodels or actresses, a fact that she does not go to any lengths to hide.  High, perky breasts of moderate size, slender waist curving to perfectly proportioned hips, clad tightly in black leather, she is flirted with constantly and flirts often with others at the club, indiscriminate of gender.  She has taken lovers of both genders, though mostly of the living vampires in Munich.

History:  Born in the suburbs of Munich during the chaos that reigned in the world during the years following the turn, Mitzi is the only living child of the Unterbrink clan of vampires.  Her older sister, Liselotte Unterbrink, died before she bearing any offspring and remains with her parents back home.

The Unterbrink clan, currently presided over by her father as patriarch, Ulrich Unterbrink, currently head of the vampires in Munich.  He sired her shortly before his own planned passing when she was 2.  Her mother, Schwanhild Unterbrink, passed only two years ago by her own intent, to preserve herself with a more youthful appearance.

The Unterbrink tradition has been that the living generation is trained as brewmasters who either remain with their parent’s brewery and continue their tradition or move on to start their own breweries.  A large number of the breweries around the Munich area can quietly trace their origins to one of the Unterbrink clan, though many have severed ties many years ago.

Mitzi started training from a very early age in her father’s brewery.  He had taken it from a rather small brewery on the edge of the city to a large, nationally recognized brand, particularly after the Turn.  When vampires became recognized by the state, he came forward and announced that their beer would stay the way it always had been and cashed in on the ties between vampires and Transylvania.

As she grew older she started going to parties and clubs, falling in love with the gothic and industrial scenes.  All night clubs, discotheques, dancing and lights.  It was during this time she got her first motorcycle and raced up and down the autobahn at speeds most mortals would seldom think of, though the small living vampire contingent could be found on the streets at the same time.

At her 21st birthday, she asked her parents leave and support for her to move to the US.  She had done research on the areas in the country and decided to move to St. Louis due to the longstanding brewery industry there.  She had located a brewery that had stood derelict since the turn, standing on the Hollows side of the river as it were.  She had already tendered a tentative offer for the property and sought her parents backing in opening an extension of the family breweries stateside.  Her parents debated at length and finally agreed to financial backing of her little endeavor, sufficient to cover the purchase and renovations she had in mind.

Twice Bit Brewery, pub and club

Twice Bit Brewery, pub and club – Built in the structure of an old brewery from before the turn.  Long forgotten now, the signs have rusted to the point that most don’t even remember what it was before it was bought up and rebuilt. 

The building has two ‘faces’, one towards the parking lot that is towards the main road, the other towards the river.  The parking lot is split into an area for employees behind a gate with a bored looking guard, and a customer area, near to the club section.  Semis pass along one side of the lot to reach the rear loading docks for shipments of supplies and the finished products.

The facility is divided into four main areas on the surface, each built around a commons area/garden in the center.  The front quadrant contains mostly the offices, paperwork and dull, day to day management of the plant.  Mitzi is seldom found in this part, save the occasions that she is needed.  Her secretary takes care of many of her day to day tasks, freeing her up for more hands on management of the facility and club.

The south section of the complex is the club area, and runs up through the east facing quadrant to meet the front of the building.  The entrance is watched over by a were bouncer during the daylight hours and a vampire by night.  The club opens around 4:00 in the afternoon and runs until dawn most days, though there are ‘special members’ that are permitted in at all hours.

Inside the club, a bar runs most of the length of the inside wall, leaving a few niches for tables and a pair of large double doors that lead out to the courtyard.  During the warmer months the doors are open at all night time hours.  Behind the bar they feature mostly their own house drinks and a number of liquors and mixers as well as bartenders who would likely be able to make any drink guests would care to name.  In the back wall there is a dumbwaiter that descends into the lower floors where a fully stocked kitchen and staff awaits, specializing in Germanic foods, though they also have a large amount of Italian and French cuisine.  The club itself is festooned in a modern industrial style, much of the old brewery equipment being modified and nickel plated to give it the proper feel.  Old tanks form the walls of booths around the main dance space.

The club, of course is tied into the cave system, featuring gothic stairwells as well as an appropriately decorated elevator that descends into the earth, continuing the theme into the caves, sprawling beneath the complex.  Most are uncertain how extensive they are or how far they wander, but it is known that the caves even stop the echo of music from the club after a ways.  There are also a number of rooms added in the deeper caves for dead vampires that wish a quiet place to stay during the day.  The lower dance club is quieter, in general, playing different music than upstairs, and with a darker, gothic feel.

The club reaches to the rear of the complex on the western side, opening up to a deck that runs out over the water, holding at the level of the club, with speakers and lights synched with the interior.  One side of the deck has a gate and post that allow temporary mooring of a boat and for people to get off, though it is not intended as a long term docking structure.

The west and north sides of the complex are all brewery space, where the beers, ales and lagers are made.  A completely modernized brewery with all new equipment all the way around, it doesn’t take up nearly all the space she has available, as she is currently working on getting further licensing to permit commercial distilling.

The interior, between the quadrants of the building is set up as a traditional beer garden, with a pond running along the east and west sides, and an entrance to the caves in the center.  The cave leads around into the dance space below after spiraling around twice.  Much of it was artificially done, but artistically done to appear mostly natural.

The land includes the derelict factories to either side, giving Mitzi a strip of land ¼ mile wide from the river to the road, about ½ mile long. She hasn’t done anything with them as of yet, though she has plans to expand the plant as business picks up.

Edit:  Added picture
Edit:  Added club/brewery
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Re: Rachel Morgan RP (The Hollows) Interest Check [NC:E]
« Reply #7 on: June 28, 2009, 04:35:57 PM »
I made up a couple of dates for the Turn and what year it is in game, so everyone knows.

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Re: Rachel Morgan RP (The Hollows) Interest Check [NC:E]
« Reply #8 on: July 06, 2009, 10:40:49 PM »
Okay, so everyone knows, I'm going to wait until Thursday for more characters to be finished.  If none surface by that point, I'm going to cancel the game.  Sorri if it happens, folks.

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Re: Rachel Morgan RP (The Hollows) Interest Check [NC:E]
« Reply #9 on: July 09, 2009, 10:29:51 AM »
Character Name: Vivian Simmons

Race: Werewolf

Description: Vivian stands at 5'6" tall. Short but strong in her hands and speed due to her werewolf heritage. Her wardrobe varies from leather and pvc outfits to corsets and long medieval hoods and gowns. Not very fond of jewelery, she always wears a silvery necklace and a silver claw on one of her fingers. There is a scar on her right shoulder blade that looks mostly like an image of a howling wolf in front of a full moon. Her light blue eyes turn into gold every time she senses and smells blood from others as well her own from any wound she might have. In that point her senses reach the climax, which is a step before her transformation. Vivian is the descendant of a leader family in a wolf pack, that's why her fur as a wolf is reddish, same as her hair while in human form.

History: Vivian was about to become the bride of the leader of a pack in Bucharest, even when she expressed her refusal to him, she didn't have any other choice due to her family history as leaders in a different pack. Before the mating, Vivian met a human, Aiden who she fell in love with. Their love was so great that she stepped against her own pack, in order to kill the leader and run away with the human. Leaving Bucharest, Vivian and Aiden traveled to Paris where they lived for two years in peace, until one of the closest friends of the leader that Vivian killed, was after them and in order to save Vivian, Aiden sacrificed himself, fighting against their hunter. Vivian devastated from the loss of Aiden, she left Paris and traveled back to the States, living alone near a forest in Maryland.

Every night, Vivian works as a singer in a local bar, having as a support a new friend that supported her after her return to USA. Her songs are mostly sad, so the owner of the bar, often has told her to cheer her songs and voice, something that Vivian finds it difficult and she's close to unemployment.
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Re: Rachel Morgan RP (The Hollows) Interest Check [NC:E]
« Reply #10 on: July 09, 2009, 11:13:31 AM »
I'm some what familar with the books, I would like to play an elf if possible. But I am not sure how their age works, do they have long life spans? Im asking if I say she is 0ver 100 is that ok?

Offline MyrleenaTopic starter

Re: Rachel Morgan RP (The Hollows) Interest Check [NC:E]
« Reply #11 on: July 09, 2009, 11:23:55 AM »
Okay, from impressions I've gotten they aren't that long-lived.  I'm currently guestimating their maximum age as somewhere around 500, and they still have the genetic problems.  An elf over 100 is possible, but remember that they had bred with humans to mitigate the curse on their children, which made them vulnerable to the Angel virus.  Most of the elves died, and your character would have had to avoid it.  Possible though?  Yes.

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Re: Rachel Morgan RP (The Hollows) Interest Check [NC:E]
« Reply #12 on: July 11, 2009, 08:14:50 PM »
I put up the OOC and Character Threads, but don't have time to put up the others at the moment.  I'll try to get them up later.