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Author Topic: Lycan's Idea List [MUL] [All genders]  (Read 897 times)

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Lycan's Idea List [MUL] [All genders]
« on: June 20, 2009, 06:57:58 AM »
Hit up my O/Os for more details, but here are basic notes about me.

- IRL bisexual switch, loves yuri, yaoi, and het all the same. Will happily play any gender, including intesexed, transgender, and anything in between. Also loves cross dressing and magical gender switching.

- Mostly vanilla, though I've been in a sort of experimental mood lately. Ask me about various subjects and we'll see how far the experiments shall go!

- Usual post size is two good (5-7 sentences) paragraphs.  Target posting rate is 2-3 IC posts a day.

Okay, on to the ideas! These are all AUs of various other settings I've had ideas for. I won't play canon characters, as I don't feel I would do them justice. So, everyone will be OCs, including NPCs.

[VAN] Snake and Badger: A Hidden Romance
- Series: Harry Potter
- Summary: Set in between the time of Voldemort's fall and Harry's entrance into Hogwarts 11 years later. A new muggle family from Japan moves to Britan for business reasons. Their daughter Roryoko, however, turns out to be a witch, and is sent to Hogwarts.

On the train ride her first year, she meets a young boy (your character). They hit it off fairly well, just coming from very different families. When they get to Hogwarts, Roryoko is sorted into Hufflepuff, and the boy into Slytherine. Under the pressure of his new mates, he joins them in bullying Roryoko for being a Mudblood.

The story will detail the two of them growing up together on opposing sides, first as bully and victim. Throughout their school years, though, the two end up in a lot of the same classes at the same time together. In sixth year, they are forced to work as a team on a project, and during their time together, fall in love. For their last two years, they must hide their relationship from everyone, as both Slytherines and Hufflepuffs would highly disapprove. (Although the Slytherine boy has much more to lose. Hufflepuffs just don't like Slytherines due to them being the target of frequent bullying.)

Sex will be mostly vanilla, with maybe a bit of light bondage. However, as per Elliquiy's rules, nothing between the two will happen until they're both 16. I am a romantic, but I don't want things to end up romance novel. The first time will be awkward, and they will have at least one fight. I want a story about a forbidden relationship, with all the ups and downs that go with it.

[BON] [NC-H] Caught In Fate's Thorns
- Series: Revolutionary Girl Utena NOTE! No experience with the series required!
- Summary: The world as we know it will soon End. The letters, there's no denying it's existance. We've played their little game, and we intend to keep playing until the End of the World finally shows its face. We, the student council at the illustrious Suzutake Academy. All for the power to revolutionize the world.

Something has gone terribly wrong. The Rose Bride, who holds the mighty Sword of Dios within her, the champions blade, died. It was an accident. The duel got a little too intense, and somehow the blade missed....and pierced her heart.

The Rose Bride has one relative. A boy named Kai. He's a feisty one, and will need to be...broken in. Surely no challenge for our current champion. But we must hurry. The End of the World waits for no one.

See, this rp is a rather special one for me. It is my experiment. For this, I am going to ask that your character do things that are on my "Maybes" list, and a tiny few exceptions of my "Offs" list. See, I have very little experience with actually being in a roleplay with these things, so I have them there based on my perceptions of them. So, this roleplay will let me indulge in my more submissive side, though Kai is not going to give in easily.

Basically, Kai comes from a cursed family that has to take part in these games as the "Rose Bride". Duelists are marked by the fact that all of them wear the same ring, the "Rose Crest". Whoever is the current winner of the duels is engaged to the Rose Bride, and the bride must do whatever the Champion wishes. When challenged, the duelists head up to the forest behind the school to the dueling ground. The Rose Bride puts a rose on each of their chests, and whoever knocks the rose off of the other is the winner.

Both of us would be playing other characters and other plots, but the main one focuses on Kai. See, the current Champion, your character, is a rather sadistic bastard. Things that will be done to Kai are abuse. That's not to say that any of the fetishes used here are bad in and of themselves, but this guy's a sicko. At first, Kai will fight, try to look up his family's history, and try to find a way around this. However, each night he breaks a bit more, to the point where his friends no longer recognize him.

From there, the plot could go two ways, depending on what we feel like. He could either be rescued and slowly recover from his ordeal...Or the rescue attempt could fail, and he continues to lose more of himself until he is an empty husk. Should we go with option 2, I may want to focus on some of the other characters a bit more to keep things interesting.

Yes, the plot will have a definite end, and the End of the World will come. Will this sick Champion be the one to obtain the power to revolutionize the world? Help me find out!

Now, for the sex, here are the boundaries I'm willing to push.

- Non-con. There will be lotsa rape. How much Kai is hurt/enjoys it depends on how creative you get.

- Light to medium bondage. Don't really know all that much about all the options you have with bondage, just don't get too extreme. I don't want blood everywhere or broken bones. They need the Rose Bride functional enough to be there for the duels.

- Master/slave relationship and some humiliation tactics. That's what this whole thing is about, if you boil out all the pretty points. An idea I had was that the Champion forces Kai to wear a girl's uniform, put him in a dress for duels, ect ect. Just no tolietplay, please.

That's all I can think of for now. If you have any suggestions, please throw them my way! Thanks for reading!
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Re: Lycan's Idea List
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Re: Lycan's Idea List [MUL] [All genders]
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