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Author Topic: Enter the World of the Supernatural [Available][MUL][M/M]  (Read 4253 times)

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Enter the World of the Supernatural [Available][MUL][M/M]
« on: June 19, 2009, 11:35:41 PM »
Tachi's Ideas and More

Current Craving: Sam and Dean Winchester!!!

Pet Peeve: Sentence fluency is a big thing for me! I don't want to have to re-read a sentence over and over just to understand it. I also don't like partners who repeat themselves over and over within the same paragraph. Secondly, if you choose to play an fandom character, PLEASE keep them in character! I don't want to read about a normally stoic killer crying like a baby because someone was mean to him. DON'T DO IT! If you can't stay in character then pick something else.


As a Roleplayer

Don't be afraid to come with me with ideas. If I'm not interested in the game I'll tell you out right and may suggest something else. I can also be either dominant or submissive. Please be sure to to write at least 3 bulky paragraphs. Anything less shows a lack of effort.

Note: I'd prefer for suggestions to be sent in PMs.

I've changed things to where I'm only posting the ideas/characters I'm interested in.
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Offline TachiTopic starter

Desired Games
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2010, 12:54:31 AM »

Series: Inuyasha
Title: Demon Aristocracy
My Character: OC: Tsuyoni
Your Character: Sesshoumaru

Yokai is the name that's been given to the set of instincts within each demon. Warning them of danger, teaching them; the truest representation of their primal selves. It's not a voice but a feeling that speaks without words. It's this Yokai that decides who their mate is, the one most suited to that demon, who will balance them out. The easiest way to tell is by scent. To a demon, their mate will smell incredibly alluring, impossible to ignore. The problem is that not everyone finds their mate right away, or at all, and the demon aristocracy has decided to push for Lord Sesshoumaru to find his mate. 400 years has been long enough and the Lord of the West should not stand alone.

It's all a rather irritating debacle for Sesshoumaru, but there's no way to turn them down without insult, not to mention his mother is all for it. There will be a party to celebrate his 400th birthday, but no one is fooled by this, all know the real reason is to gather as many mature suitors as possible in hopes of him finding a mate. There's always the chance of enticing his Yokai into choosing them, so those looking for power see this as an excellent opportunity to win his favor.

Tsuyoni is from the Southern lands, from a noble Dai-Inu family, which makes him a very desirable candidate. His lack of interest in politics and power might be a problem, but he and his bloodline are strong. There aren't many Dai-Inus left in the world and their joining would keep that line going. You can't choose your mate though, and so he doesn't expect anything to come of this party. He will soon find out he's wrong and Sesshoumaru will be reminded that stubborn dogs do not easily submit.

Warnings: Some D/s, animalistic urges/instincts, violence, language, bloodshed, light blood play, death (not main characters), mpreg (not writing birth)


Series: Invader Zim
Title: Target: Irk
My Character: Alleia (OC) and Dib or Zim
Your Character: Dib or Zim

This takes place seven years after Zim's arrival on earth. The Earth's gravity, different from that on earth, has increased his height, but other than that not much has changed. He's still trying to destroy the earth with unrivaled enthusiasm and less than intelligent plans. Dib is still the Earth's sole defender, but after so many years of thwarting Zim with absolutely no recognition or thanks, he's lost his desire for it. The near death experiences, threats and near endurance of various tortures, and the general insanity is just too much.

He no longer wants to dissect Zim, and in fact he realizes he never actually wanted to kill him, even in his darkest fantasies. Having all his time consumed by stopping the green man is sapping his fascination with extraterrestrial life. There has to be more out there than one insane alien constantly failing to destroy the planet, right?

It doesn't help that his sister is a jerk and his father thinks he's insane. What's worse is that he just brought home a 'model son' exchange student and he wants Dib to show him around in hopes that the fascination for REAL science will rub off on him. What he doesn't know is that all of his questions about outer space are about to be answered. All he has to do is decide whether the earth is really worth saving.

--This plot consists of an alien posing as a young scientist, studying the planet. He is actually part of a race of scientist and healers. When he comes into contact with Zim, he realizes that the Irken is malfunctioning. The emotion suppression chip installed in his brain was inserted improperly and has been affecting both his intelligence and attention span. Disabling it allows Zim to be the Invader he really is, but with his emotions uncontrolled by the chip, he can't stop the feelings of anguish, anger, and betrayal he feels for Irk. Once he has finally destroyed this filthy planet, he'll show the tallest what happens when you mess with ZIM!

Warnings: Xenophilia, possible threesome, violence, death (not of main characters)



Movies/TV Shows

Series: Supernatural
Pairings: DeanxSam


Series: Supernatural
Title: All Wrapped Up With a Psychotic Little Bow
Your Character: Sam, Dean
My Character: Draven Springfield, Cas
Shared Character: Hallucifer
Pairing: SamxOCxDean

Set during season 7 after Sam's soul is returned and he is deep in it with Hallucifer. Just after episode 16 and before 17.

Sam is losing it. Correction: Sam has already lost it and Dean is doing everything he can to hold the pieces together, but it's just not working. When his little brother is coherent enough he begs Dean to take him to an institution so he can be locked up. He's a liability like this, but Dean doesn't want to give up. Stubbornly and desperately he looks for someone to help, eventually coming across someone who knows someone who knows someone. It's a long shot, but hey, they'd had luck with psychics before. Gunning it, he heads for MC's house, who already had an inkling he was coming.

Draven won't magically cure Sam, but he will be able to help (no all powerful characters here). The problem is that Lucifer goes running his mouth before a bandage is put on the whole insanity thing and spills a lot of Sam's secrets. There'll be a lot of denial, guilt, avoidance but also humor and eventually acceptance. Cas will come in eventually. Also, Draven has albinism, but I have a way to work it in. I'm also willing to play Sam!

Warnings: Angst, drama, incest, humor etc.


Series: Supernatural
Title: In The Light of The Moon
Your Character: Sam
My Character: OC (Alpha Werewolf), Cas
Either Can Play: Dean

Dick just exploded and sent Dean and Cas to purgatory, leaving Sam alone with no one. It's almost too much to take. Taking the Impala, he drives off with no idea what to do or where to go now. So much has happened that getting involved in the supernatural again is an overwhelming thought. Does he try to find a way to get Dean back from purgatory? How does one even do that? The only angel that'd be willing to help was sent there with him. Options thin and emotionally overwhelmed, Sam isn't paying as much attention as he should, so it isn't completely surprising when he hits something driving faster than he should. Cursing, he finds that it's a dog. Well, actually a wolf. Either way, he can't stand the thought of something else dying. Unfortunately, there's no 24 hour vets around here and its late. He'll have to do what he can by himself.

Faelan is the alpha werewolf. He is the only werewolf that can actually take the form of a wolf and he doesn't react to silver, nor does his eyes shine like a shifter on camera. Sam has to hit him at a high speed to do any damage. He'll recognize him from the time when he was soulless, but he doesn't kill him. While discussing the story we can decide if he stays a wolf form a while or if he reveals himself. No beast. When Dean and Cas come back there's the option of Dean joining their relationship. After a lot of fighting, denial, and some angst, of course.

Warnings: Possible incest, knotting, slight bloodplay, rough/violent sex


Not Fully Formed Ideas

Species Creation:

Blood Count: A rare vampire born of particular circumstances that appears only once every 500 years, and only after the previous Count dies. Their hair and eyes are naturally blood red and they possess abilities no other vampire has; they can control blood. Blood, being the center of every vampire's life, is extremely important, and so these Blood Counts are held almost as Monarchs. Whoever can control them has the potential to control everything, as every living creature has blood pumping through their veins. This control isn't easily gained though, and never do they easily submit.

Conduit: A mutated creature that isn't supposed to exist (circumstances of creation can be changed to fit whatever RP universe). As their name suggests, they are a conduit of power, information and energy. They must quickly learn to control flow and allow it to pass through them or they could literally become a ticking time bomb. Often they're driven insane, destroy themselves, or commit suicide. They do best in a newly built, private and sterile environment, with purchased items been touched by as few people as possible and avoiding human (or otherwise) contact. They don't produce any power themselves, but they can store it temporarily. Unfamiliar situations and people can be overwhelming as they have to be careful not to see into a person's mind, past, or future.
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