The Paladin of Lust (Seduction, Demons, Royal Incest? Any gender)

Started by DreadD, June 18, 2009, 12:51:43 PM

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Note: I rather failed to specify this originally, but I would be, ah... Quite eager to find someone willing to play the prince here, I've gotten a number of volunteers to play the seductress, whom I'm yet working out details with, but I would be... Most eager to find a prince to seduce myself >_>

He was a true knight in shining armor, and the king's third son.  The chances of him inheriting the throne were small, and so from a young age he had strove to do justice to his bloodline.  He was clever, he was strong, and he kept himself pure.  While he was not immune to the temptations of the other sex, he resisted them, he existed for honor, for the defense of his kingdom.

But things would not always go smoothly for our brave knight.

Rumors of strange happenings going on in a village reach the castle.  Men going mad, women brutally murdered, and he is sent to discover the cause of these disturbances...  But finding her does not prove to be a safe or simple task, and when she finds him first, though he does manage to find a way to remove the trouble from the town, he carries it back with him to the castle, for in her hands the prince fails to stay pure for very long...  And she is hardly satisfied with just him.  With him at her side, under her spell she intended to conquer the kingdom in its entirety, to be his queen and make him king.

Sexes of demon and 'Paladin'/royalty can be reversed.

Post/PM those who are interested.


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I'd be willing to play, as the prince if you want! PM me if your still looking for someone to fill that role!
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I'd be willing to play the prince. I actually have a character that I think would do really well in this... well she's technically a girl, but that can be changed. Let me know.