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June 29, 2022, 05:38:43 pm

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Author Topic: New Group idea: Seeking GM and players  (Read 874 times)

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New Group idea: Seeking GM and players
« on: June 16, 2009, 09:01:43 pm »
The year was 2002.  Two years after the fears of the end of the world (or for others, one year after), the inevitable occured.  None who survived the destruction knew who or what brought it about, but within a single moment of time, devastation beyond that of any known human capacity was wrought.  Within that single moment, about 99% of the entire human population was immediately killed.  The human bodies simply vanished, the transfer of their entire being flashed into a type of primordial, chaotic energy that has come to be known as "Ether."  Only humans were converted in this manner, and all other forms of life on the planet were left as they were.  Cities became ghostly remnants of what they once had been.  Industry in all its forms were practically destroyed outright from the lack of people who could run them.  The Ether Conversion was indiscriminate with who was struck down, and so elderly survived while newborns perished.  Few were those who survived, a population of almost 6 billion reduced to less than a hundred thousand in scattered locations throughout the world.  Ultimately, thus began the Post-Destruction era (signified by humans as "PD").

Within ten years, human civilization began to build again.  In these years as well, rumors spoke of monsters that came from the most ancient days of human mythology.  Titans, deities, demons, and mystical beings from the different legends of the world had been brought to life again.  More powerful than most humans, yet just as mortal, these fairy tale and legendary creatures exist and bring with them abilities that the human race had not seen in millenia.  It was in this time that the first Magatama was found by humans.  Utilizing the powers within these Solid-Ether beings, humans could augment themselves by 'ingesting' the Magatama.  These humans have become known as Avatars.  Oddly, no other being in the world can make use of the Magatama, for some reason that escapes any and all that research it.

Twenty more years (making it 31PD) passed before any civilization was truly seen again.  The new beings congregated together in clans of beings, and some made friendly contact with humans.  Others, such as the Tyrant, Vile, Wild, and Fiend clans, began making war with humankind and the other beings of the world, often taking prisoners and slaves, and in some cases, forcing their captives to undergo an Ether Conversion process in order to gain more strength for themselves.

In 38 PD, the first coalition between the Humans, the Divine, and the Entity clans was created to protect themselves from the barbarous clans that had been absorbing and destroying other clans all over the world.  Though those barbarian clans fought each other as well as any other more civilized clans, their needs for power often brought them to raid anyone near their nomadic clans to increase their power and numbers.

Present Day: The year is 40 PD.  Though the coalition has existed for 2 years, ties between the three factions are still somewhat strained.  Each faction consists of their own people and rarely do any live amongst the other members of the coalition.  One city, known merely as Silno, exists, with the entire place divide up into certain sectors that are inhabited by the different beings of the coalition.

The Tyrant clan has grown to become one of the strongest of the barbarian clans, subjugating the Vile clan and attempting to do the same with the Wild and Fiends before turning their gaze upon the coalition, which has resisted the Tyrant's power the past few years.


Humans- Standard humans, descended from those who somehow survived the Destruction of the human dominance of the world.

Avatar- A human that has ingested a Magatama to gain various powers.

Divine- This clan of beings are those that came into being from legends of deities.

Entity- The clan of benevolent beings of various natural elements.  It is rumored that the Magatama are actually what are the remains of various entities that could not become a true being.

Holy- This clan came from the ether due to the strength of goodness that remained in the world after the destruction of the human dominance over the world.  Often, these beings came from holy legends and stories regarding religious lore.

Fallen- A clan filled with beings that once were Divine or Holy, but were corrupted by one mean or another.  Beings of this clan are often considered one step away from their previous clan and that of either the Tyrant or the Fiend clans.

Beasts- Powerful deities of various animalistic spirits that protect their lesser animal brethren from being over-hunted by others.

Dragons- Beings that came forth from the ether as a result of the need to protect.  Though no one knows what the dragons deign to protect, it is expected to be immensely powerful and important to the world.  These beings are often high on the Tyrant hitlist.

Tyrant- A race of beings created from the ether from the will to subjugate and control all.  They are the most stationary of the barbarian clans, and the strongest as well after enslaving the Vile clan.

Vile- The clan that came from the ether thanks to the wickedness of the world.  This clan is now under the rule of the Tyrant clan.  Though not completely evil and wicked, the Vile clan is known for the individual's right to be what they wish to be and are often powerful ether users in their own right.

Wild- This clan was forged from the ether by the powers of chaos.  Always in flux, always in motion and traveling is every member of this clan.  The beings of this clan are capable of a metamorphosis into a being of some other clan, should one gain enough ether power to do so.

Fiend- The most human-like of the barbarian clans, the Fiends emerged from the Ether in humanoid form with powers that match or exceed that of the Avatars in many ways.  However, the Fiends also are deformed compared to humans and Avatars, sometimes existing as simply forms of death.


Ether- This is the power that came into the world after so many humans died in 2002.  It was this power that enabled the formation of the various non-human clans and the Magatama from the Ether flow.

Ether Flow- also known as magic by less informed humans, this power gives the user of the Ether the ability to utilize forces of the Ether (elemental, natural, and otherwise) to do the user's bidding.

Magatama- A symbiote/parasitic creation of the Ether that imbues the ability of Ether Flow Manipulation to a human that 'ingests' the Magatama.  Ingesting a Magatama consists of holding the little creature (which looks like a worm of various sizes and shape, the smallest ones being the strongest) to the human's body and absorbing it.  This can sometimes lead to the human's body changing as well, though not always.

PD: Post-Destruction.  This is used much like BC or AD is, after the number of the year.

Basic game info:

Most likely, this will be NC-Exotic.  The setting is based a lot off of SMT: Nocturne, but is somewhat milder than that game is.

If you're interested in this game, let me know.  I'm asking for a GM because I'm a bit busy acting as a GM in two other games right now.
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Re: New Group idea: Seeking GM and players
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2009, 07:48:45 pm »
I'm surprised no one has commented yet, considering this could have so much potential. xD And honestly I am intrigued myself, but I do propel an inquiry.

Is this strictly Shin Megami Tensei series based or will you allow other species that don't fall into the gaming series encyclopedia of creatures.

This is also actually making me want to find my copy of Nocturne and play it again as well. >.> It has proven to be a very rare game these days to come by. xD

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Re: New Group idea: Seeking GM and players
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2009, 08:16:05 pm »
It is not strictly based upon Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, so demons/personas/beings of legends of all makes are more than welcome in the game as true beings to play as.

And yeah, I was playing the game when I considered what might happen if only humans were affected by the Conception, and not every living thing on the planet.  Hence, this game here now.  Oh, I didn't think the Conception was a good choice of words for the destruction of the human race's dominance of the world, so I changed it (as well as making the possibility of demi-fiends, aka Avatars, more abundant).