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Author Topic: Bugger and Disaster [Profiles]  (Read 554 times)

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Bugger and Disaster [Profiles]
« on: June 16, 2009, 01:53:41 AM »

filch's files`

watch it
or mrs norris'll get ya

1 - Prongs
2 - Padfoot
3 - Moony
4 - Evans
5 - Wormtail
6 - Sniv
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Re: Bugger and Disaster [Profiles]
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2009, 01:58:20 AM »

`` NAME:  James Charlus Potter
`` NICKNAMES: Prongs, Jam, Pot-head, Arrogant Toe rag
`` SEX: Male
`` AGE: 16
`` BIRTHDATE: March 27, 1960
`` BLOOD: Pureblood
`` HOUSE: Gryffindor
`` AFFILIATION/OCCUPATION: Order (Although, he doesn’t necessarily gain
interest in the group until seventh year).
`` WAND: Mahogany, 11 inches, Unicorn Hair, pliable
`` SEXUALITY: Girls.  Please and thank you!

`` HAIR:  Perhaps the unruly hair is a trait that all Potter’s must suffer through
(but James manages to pull it off quite wonderfully).  The jet-black mop usually can be
found sticking up at odd angles, especially towards the back of his head.  As if the bed
headed look isn’t enough, James can often be found twisting his fingers frantically through
the strands in hopes of creating even more of a mess.  “Windswept,” he calls it and claims
that its all the rage in Milan.  “You blokes’ll be dying to hop on the wagon in no time!”
`` EYES:  Hazel, though there is a bit more gold bursting around the pupils then most. 
Most of the time they’re hidden behind glasses (which are not like the hideous, circular ones
his future son wears.  If James was alive to see his heir’s fashion sense—-oh, blood would
be shed!). 
`` FACE: Sexy as hell.  A bit boxy, due to defined cheekbones and little fat to
support the skin stretched across his face.  His nose is straight and a tad longer then he’d
like, though he can often be found bragging about how kissable his lips must appear to the
opposite (and occasionally same) sex. 
`` BODY TYPE:  James was gifted with the body of a seeker.  Too bad he plays Chaser
(he often comments on how useless Seekers really are and how he hates wasting the Beater’s
time trying to protect them).  He stands around 5;9, the second tallest of the quartet, and
couldn’t weigh more then 58 kg (which is around 130 lbs for the Americans).  Years of Quidditch
has given him a lean, toned physique—although his voracious appetite suggests a high
metabolism or bulimia.  The latter is often a joke amongst close friends.
`` SKIN TONE:  Pale, contrasting sharply with his hair color.  He burns easily in the sun
and there was more then one occasion where he had to drag himself up to the Hospital Wing to
have Promfrey rid him of ailments from tanning attempts.  He gets it from his mum’s side.
`` DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  Due to a bit of an attention deficit, James usually has
scribbles or ink stains smeared across his finger and arms from doodling.  He also has a scar
that runs up his right arm, which he claims is from Quidditch but it actually was caused by one
of those nights.  Those nights.  Where the moon is big, full and shining brilliantly. 
Yeah.  Those.

Moontrimmers (Pity they’ve stopped being made)
Puddlemere United
Generally, most females
The Swedish Short-Snouts
Full Moons
Sneaking Out

Holyhead Harpies (Damned feminists!  Make me a sandwich!)

`` AMORTENTIA:  Whatever perfume Miss Evans uses.  When she walks past, it leaves
a cloud of pleasantries that leaves Mister Potter momentarily dazed. 
`` HOBBIES:  Most of his effort, which probably should be applied to schoolwork, is
usually placed in Quidditch or wreaking havoc upon the school and it’s occupants.
`` HABITS:  Mussing up his hair to make it appear as if he’d just dismounted his
broomstick (and no, that was not meant to sound sexual).  Bites the skin around his fingernails,
but never the nails themselves.  Usually doodles upon random pieces of parchment or
himself during classes. 
`` SECRETS:  Well, if I tell you they wouldn’t be a secret anymore…would they? 
His main attraction to Evans is the soul fact that she doesn’t respond positively to any
of his advances.  Sometimes he prefers stag form to human form.  He looks forward to full
moons despite the fact that it puts one of his closest friends in a great deal of pain.

`` BOGGART:  Twisted, mangled bodies of his closest friends and family strewn about
like Raggedy-Ann dolls.  And hunting season.
`` DEMENTOR: Watching his father fall from his broomstick and break several bones
upon hitting the ground.  At the time, James was only seven so he’d somehow assumed that
the man was “bwoked foweva!”  Luckily, his mother was able to charm his father long enough
to mend a few wounds on the way to St.Mungos.  Honestly, James has experienced a very
sheltered and pampered lifestyle—he doesn’t witness many horrors until joining the Order
towards the end of his seventh year.
`` PATRONUS: A stag.  Usually the memory of his father and him playing Quidditch
during the summer.

`` PERSONALITY:  Saying James was spoiled would be an understatement.  Like his
closest friend, Sirius, he was born into a wealthy family.  Unlike Sirius, his parents viewed
him as their "little treasure" and doted upon him constantly.  He was somewhat of a miracle
child due to both his mother and father's age and the constant praising eventually got to his
head.  When he entered school in 1971, James believed he was some kind of gift to anyone
who came in contact with him.  Surprisingly, his ego has ebbed the slightest over the years
(though he still does seem to believe that people should thank their lucky stars whenever
he takes time to acknowledge them).  He has gained a reputation for being a trouble maker
amongst the Hogwart's staff and his parents argue that James just has a large amount of
intelligence, so he gets bored and has to channel his energy into creating these elaborate
pranks.  Filch can often be heard grumbling "spare the rod, spoil the child" after tossing
the Potter's letters aside, irritated that the boy doesn't seem to be getting enough discipline
at home.

He also suffers from hyper-focusing on matters that don't really have any value.  School
bores him, despite the fact that he's intelligent and perfectly capable of receiving top marks.
His attention usually is pushed towards inventing new forms of mischief, Quidditch or trying
to fall onto Lily's "good" list.  His talents in most subjects are put to waste since he spends
most of the class time: sleeping, doodling, daydreaming, plotting or frantically
copying Remus' History of Magic essay for the period. 

Despite all of his flaws, James surprisingly is a good person at heart.  He cares deeply
for his friends and won't stand for seeing them hurt emotionally or physically.  On more then
on occasion he's had to risk his neck (quite literally) to stand up for Peter or Remus amongst
groups of snickering Slytherins.  More often then not, he's had to be dragged up to the Hospital
Wing after nasty scuffles.  At this time, his bravery can easily be mistaken for hot-headed
impulsivity as well as a violent streak--but he'll prove his courage in later years upon entering
the First War.

`` BIRTHPLACE: Godric’s Hollow
`` IMMEDIATE FAMILY: Charlus and Sabrina Potter
`` OTHER IMPORTANT FAMILY MEMBERS: None that he’s very close too.  He finds all
of his uncles and cousins terribly irritating, so family reunions aren’t at the top of his list of

`` ROLEPLAY SAMPLE:  james walked in 2 hogwartz
“hai fwends!!!111”
he seded
“lets go a marauderin!111”

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Re: Bugger and Disaster [Profiles]
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2009, 10:44:09 AM »
`` NAME: Sirius Orion Black
`` NICKNAMES: Padfoot, Snuffles
`` SEX:  Male
`` AGE:16
`` BIRTHDATE: October 22, 1959
`` BLOOD: Pureblood
`` HOUSE: Gryffindor
`` AFFILIATION/OCCUPATION: First and foremost: the Marauders. Soon to be: the Order of the Phoenix.
`` WAND: 12.5”, Oak, Dragon’s heartstring. Rigid, but sturdy.
`` SEXUALITY: Girls, girls, girls. But after enough firewhiskey…

`` HAIR: Black. Sirius’s hair is something worthy of note. It achieves a perfect, careless elegance that implies beauty without effort. Though he typically wears it on the longer side, its length has been attributed to his moods; at better times, Sirius sports shorter, neater styles, while the length increases proportionately with his stress levels. Currently, those dashing locks are just sufficiently overgrown to drape over his eyes, pool over his collar, and ruffle lightly in the breeze.
`` EYES: Grey and, in the words of JK Rowling “fathomless.” Sounds lovely, eh?
`` FACE: However much he has tried to deny his origins, Sirius has inherited many Black family traits—among them, their aristocratic bearing. His features are neither too harsh nor too soft, evocative of an old line of pampered nobility. With his handsomeness comes the frequent expression of haughty superiority. Despite a prankster’s inner nature, he looks as if everything should be beneath him, as if he has already deigned everything and everyone unworthy of his time. The effect, however, is betimes ruined by his boyish smile—shattering the illusion of severity.
`` BODY TYPE: His body is built of lean, braided muscle, bound about a tall frame. At just above six feet, Sirius is the tallest of the quartet. But, unlike James, he lacks the streamlined, flyer’s body. He has always been only decent on a broom—explaining, perhaps, the aerial enhancements on his muggle motorbike. Instead, Sirius’s musculature is slightly bulkier, thicker and with more gravity, but not yet awkward or oversized.
`` SKIN TONE: Tan. Through his rejection and eventual abandonment of his childhood home, Sirius has spent a great deal of time outdoors. As such, he boasts an even, sunkissed tan that he will later lose in Azkaban—but that is momentarily irrelevant. Currently, he enjoys a smooth, bronze coloration that makes it seem as if he has just stepped off the beach.
`` DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Though he has lately taken an interest in tattoos and scribbled endless designs in the margins of his textbook, Sirius has yet to actually acquire one. Like the other Marauders, he bears the odd evidence of their monthly activities—a small, raised scar on his back. A pale line etched into his side. A scab still peeling on his right leg.

- His friends
- His girlfriends
- Adventures
- Dueling
- Motorcycles
- Muggle technology (though not to the extent of Arthur Weasley)
- The outdoors
- Good jokes
- Firewhiskey and Burning Brandy
- DADA and transfiguration
- The Sex Pistols, Cauldron, and The Velvet Underground

- James’s penchant for showing off (sometimes)
- Wormtail’s obsessive fawning when James shows off
- Snivellus
- Bigotry
- Hypocrisy
- Boredom
- Incompetence

`` AMORTENTIA: He smells a fragrant blend of motor oil and fresh air—a scent that feels instantly like freedom.

`` HOBBIES: Outside of school, Sirius can be found often tinkering with his bike or a discarded engine, or other muggle mechanics. At Hogwarts, he is deprived of his motorcycle, though he does keep track of muggle sports (football, boxing) and muggle politics through a weekly subscription to The Guardian. Sirius is frequently the mastermind behind the quartet’s antics within the castle, but what time he doesn’t spend procrastinating on his homework, plotting pranks, and carousing with his friends, he spends toying with his guitar or roaming the school grounds.

`` HABITS: A restless person at heart, Sirius tends to fiddle with things when sitting or standing idle. He wads up scraps of parchment or worries quills until they begin to lose feathers. It’s an unfortunate habit that leaves him frequently missing quills or important notes from professors. After his discovery of punk rock, Sirius has also developed a habit of drumming his fingers to the beat of unheard melodies, tapping against his desk during classes when he has stopped paying attention.

`` SECRETS: Sirius isn’t a man of many secrets; generally, he prefers to be an open book. But, like anyone, he has a few thoughts that he would rather not have exposed. For as much as he teases Remus for his studiousness, Sirius quietly admires Moony for his ability to abstain from their more raucous activities—for not needing the attention that Sirius and James so readily attract. And, though Sirius truly does revile his brother for his cowardice and submission to the family dogma, he worries that Regulus may throw his lot in with the death eaters, and find himself in over his head. And finally, Sirius and James have been so inseparable at Hogwarts that individuals often comment on how they should be brothers—a fact that Sirius has often quietly wished was true.

`` BOGGART: Sirius’s boggart takes the shape of death eaters—a small cluster hooded and cloaked. As they raise their wands, they unmask, and he realizes that they are his closest friends. Predictably, though, this makes the boggart easy to defeat. The moment Sirius casts the “rididikulus spell,” death-eater Remus starts undergoing his lupine transformation and bursts awkwardly from the robes, Peter stumbles into James and sends the three of them tumbling in a clumsy mass of limbs, fur, and torn robes.

`` DEMENTOR: Somewhere within the chilling, pervasive feel of misery, Sirius experiences flashbacks to a family outing at age five. From a child perspective, he sees his father, wand outstretched, dangling a muggle upside down in the air. He hears his mother’s jarring, shrieking voice tearing through the darkness, edging him on. Dark gashes appear across the muggle’s face, pooling blood into his eyes. That the blood flows up his face rather than down seems strangely eerie, as if punctuating the twisted nature of this moment. The poor suspended man struggles to scream, but has been magically silenced, mouth agape, face purpled and swollen, veins bulging at his neck. It is the memory that Sirius marks forever as the moment he realized his family’s despicable nature—that their venomous blood flowed through his veins, and worse, that they expected him to carry on their legacy.

`` PATRONUS: A large, bear-like dog. He summons it through any recollection of their full moon activities, channeling the feel of wild adrenaline and camaraderie. Infallibly, he recalls wrestling with a werewolf and rampaging through the decrepit halls of the shrieking shack.

`` PERSONALITY: Many years from now, Dumbledore will tell Harry, “Sirius was a brave, clever, and energetic man, and such men are not usually content to sit at home in hiding while they believe others to be in danger.” Though Dumbledore had the tact to only highlight Sirius’s better characteristics, his legendary insight prevails. Sirius values loyalty and courage above all else—though the latter prejudice causes him to spurn those he determines cowardly.

Sirius owes much of his success in school to his inherent intelligence, as diligence has never been among his better traits. Though Sirius is perfectly capable of applying himself to his pursuits (becoming an animagi for instance), he bores easily and dismisses anything that does not hold his interest. A constant seeker of adventure, he has a tendency to plunge headfirst into mischief, but has the good fortune of friends willing to bail him back out.

Emotionally, Sirius is a man who operates in extremes. He loves wholly and unreservedly and with an endless fervor. That intensity, however, also applies to the way in which he hates. His festering dislike of his family and all pure-blood supremacists has only grown over time and his enmity never seems to dwindle.

`` BIRTHPLACE: London, England

`` IMMEDIATE FAMILY: Orion Black (Father), Wallburga Black (Mother), Regulus Arcturus Black (Brother)

`` OTHER IMPORTANT FAMILY MEMBERS: Andromeda, Bellatrix, and Narcissa Black (Cousins), Phineas Nigellus Black (Grandfather), Arthur Weasley (Second cousin, once removed), and Alphard Black (Generous Uncle)

`` HISTORY: The white sheep of the Black family, Sirius has always stood out. In a clan of staunchly supremacist pure-bloods, Sirius spent his youth provoking and enduring their wrath. He put permanent sticking charms on Gryffindor banners and glossy magazine prints of motorcycles and muggle bikini models, plastering them about his room. In fact, he was the first member of his family to be sorted into Gryffindor, widening the divide between Sirius and generations of Slytherins.

At school, he befriended James Potter, Remus Lupin, and their tagalong Peter Pettigrew fairly quickly, and made fast enemies with Severus Snape. In their fifth year, Sirius, James, and Peter finally succeeded in becoming unregistered animagi in order to accompany Remus during his monthly transformations. Also that year, they created the Marauder’s Map—a brilliant tool in their magical mischief.

Outside of school, Sirius’s relations with his family continued to fray. He began spending increasing amounts of time away from 12 Grimmauld Place, discovering the joy of muggle music. Following the rise of punk rock, Sirius attended numerous concerts near the London area, he frequented bars and cafes, and let his bike take him away for days at a time. There is one photo, captured by a muggle photographer, of Sirius sitting on a curb in Northern Ireland, a frosted mug of Guinness in his hand, watching a women’s march for peace. Finally, at the age of sixteen, Sirius finally abandoned his childhood home, whereupon his mother scorched him off the family tree. At the time (most likely the summer before this roleplay), he was welcomed into the Potter household and experienced a heartening redefinition of the word “family.”

A blue stream of light jetted past Sirius’s head and he ducked, watching the hex burn through the wallpaper as he dragged his trunk down the narrow stairwell. Ignoring the murmurings of “blood-traitor” and “worthless” that issued from the portraits, he descended stair after stair, letting the trunk clatter against the steps, gouging deep grooves into the ancient, inlaid wood.

“You! Are no longer my son! I don’t have a son!” His mother’s voice bellowed from above, rattling against the walls. He could hear her heavy footfalls creak against the floorboards and she continued, fury smearing her words together until they were hardly comprehensible. Between the low growls he heard “… don’t know how I ever gave birth to… ungrateful little… raised him like…”

Before he reached the door, Sirius heard “Incendio!” and knew that he was being purged from the family tree. In his mind, he could see the burst of flames issue from her wand like an exhaled breath, flaring briefly atop his portrait before it consumed his image and name. Burning people from the family tree was more spiteful than simply wiping them away. Instead of pretending as if they didn’t exist, instead of simply erasing, it left an angry smear of black soot and charred wood—like a rotting memory.

“You little—” Just as Sirius reached the door, his mother rounded the corner, bursting forth with her wand outstretched. A nasty curse skimmed by his head, singeing his hair as it passed. The stray attack hit the door behind him, cleaving a gap in oak slab, showering the room with splinters. In a flash, Sirius drew his wand, gripped white-knuckled in his hand.

“You pathetic little ingrate. Do you think you have the balls for that? To curse your own mother? Well go on then you little blood-traitor,” She sneered at him, eyes narrowed, holding her wand at the defensive.

“As of today,” Sirius muttered, “You are not my mother…” With his wand still pointed at her chest, he yanked the door open behind him and kicked his trunk out, hearing it clatter onto the cement step. Ducking out, he heard her shriek You’re damn right I’m not, as he shoved the door back into place.

Hoisting his trunk up with both hands, Sirius heaved it to his bike, which stood readily propped onto its kickstand. He bound the trunk to the back with coarse lengths of rope and then mounted the seat. As he started the ignition, Sirius managed a faint smile, feeling the engine rumble to life beneath him, and staring at the full fuel gauge as if it were a promise of endless potential.

From within 12 Grimmauld Place, he could hear the sound of glass shattering and wood splitting. His mother was now, no doubt, venting her anger out on Kreacher or Regulus, if the coward had gathered enough courage to venture out of his room. With a rueful, final glance at his childhood home, Sirius shook his head and turned towards the main road.

“Good riddance.”

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Re: Bugger and Disaster [Profiles]
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2009, 05:41:10 AM »

`` NAME: Remus John Lupin
`` NICKNAMES: Moony, Loony, Lulu, Remy
`` SEX: Male
`` AGE: 16
`` BIRTHDATE: March 10, 1960
`` BLOOD: Halfblood and Halfbreed
`` HOUSE: Gryffindor
`` AFFILIATION/OCCUPATION: He is more fearful of any conflict at all than he is likely to choose a side. He will later become one of the strongest supporters of the Order. However, currently, he is unaware of its existence, simply content to hope upon hope that the ministry might do something about He Who Must Not Be Named.
`` WAND: Ash, 14 inches, Unicorn Hair. It is an unassuming wand in almost all ways but for its length. It is of a brittle seeming rigidity, smooth, straight, unadorned and of a uniform grey.
`` SEXUALITY: Not uninterested in but unenthused about girls. He tends more towards attempting to live out a love life through both Sirius and James.

`` HAIR: His hair is a mousy brown, its colour having, at one point, been a caramelised hazel colour, almost blonde. It has, however, prematurely dulled over the years. While taken care of to a satisfactory degree, Remus's hair is not so much a matter of vanity. Rather, he is fastidiously clean in the majorit of respects and yet, still, succeeds in looking unkempt and unhealthy. His hair, while not quite so ostentatiously as James's, still has a tendency towards unruliness, half-flopping, half-waving in an untamed fringe into his eyes. It seems haphazardly, carelessly cut, normally forming a tousled halo about his head when neither newly cut or newly attacked with a comb. Both events occur rarely.
`` EYES: His eyes are large, almost owl-like and of a shade of golden brown that has refused to be dulled through experience. His lashes are long and remain caramel coloured. However, dark swathes have scraped themselves across his eyelids, marking him with the flagellations of an insomniac, one would assume. There is a small finger's width of scar-tissue that runs across his left eyebrow inhibiting the growth of hair where it cuts its usual curve.
`` FACE: His face seems overpopulated with angles. His cheekbones, his brow, the vague sharpness of his chin and the curl of his thin, pale pink lips when he smiles - a shy, lopsided affair, affecting the right side of his face far more strongly than the left - each forming into tired, worn points. His nose looks to have been broken at least once and he is, occasionally, prone to randomly occurring nosebleeds.
`` BODY TYPE: His frame is scarecrowlike and brittle, rather than delicate. Cut glass is the former, rather, Remus is more akin to dry wood. His limbs are long and slender with prominent knees and elbows. His fingers, likewise. His hands are strangely rough despite his protestations against most sorts of physical activity. His bones almost threaten to break through his thin, pale skin at vulnerable points, his ribcage serrating the surface of his chest while his hips and shoulder blades form wings that envelope and cling to his form. Cuts and bruises score his body like shrapnel, some fresh, some ageing.
`` SKIN TONE: Pale with almost vague hints of blue and the occasional vulnerable, pallid pink of scar tissue and the dark hue of sleeplessness and bruises.

`` LIKES: Butterscotch; good, English cheese; bread and butter pudding; crisp, winter days; snow; Wales; well organised and well chosen and well coordinated stationary; new notebooks; George Eliot; warm knitwear; Tchaikovsky; scarves; Molly Mandrake; beef wellington; heavy rain; Charms; the novels of Aluicious Argyle; the cinema; warm socks; Bob Dylan; Defense Against the Dark Arts; Virginia Woolf, ironically; The Velvet Underground; talking or, more aptly, listening until the wee hours of the morning; occasionally faking Welsh accents; Vladimir Nabokov; History of Magic; good firewhiskey, or more just firewhiskey in general, despite his being almost as terrible a lightweight as Peter (he prefers to call himself an economically sound drunk).
`` DISLIKES: Proust; ginger; Gillyweed; Quidditch; Summer clothes; Beaters; carrot cake; Seekers; soft cheese; Keepers; Ian Fleming; The Swedish Shortsnouts, albeit secretly; his time of the month; the school holidays; James Bond films; humidity; James and Sirius's incessant bullying of Severus Snape.
`` AMORTENTIA: Freshly fallen rain or the cresting spray of waves, soap and, occasionally, a worrying, if subtle, hint of something rusty and coppery in terms of scent.
`` HOBBIES: Largely his studies and perusal of muggle literature takes up the majority of the time he spends without his closest friends by his side. Remus does not paint and yet he often observes things with an intensity appropriate to an artist drawing from live perception. He is a prolific letter writer. His notes passed in class, when not making notes of an entirely more scholastic nature, are often the most detailed...and the most subtly broadcasted.
`` HABITS: Towards the advent of the full moon, Remus tends towards blinking one eye at a time and involuntarily twitching, mostly around the corners of his lips and the joints of his long fingers. His handwriting is excessively neat. When it does not adhere to his strict standards he can become passively irritable. It is a well-known, if not regularly spoken of fact that Remus Lupin cannot hold his drink. While he is an enthusiastic drinker he has a propensity towards speaking over-candidly, becoming almost comically melancholy and suddenly, if briefly lovestruck when under the effects of a shot of firewhiskey or two ("...but look at her. Just look at her! Shhhhee's been looking at Peter all night! I...I shall call her Virginia, for I fear I sh- hic! - shall never know her real name! I shall always remember her!" seemed to narrate the most recent case of such activity regarding a barmaid at the Confundus club. James and Sirius grimly humoured their friend. Peter was simply confused.)
`` SECRETS: His hairy little problem; his extreme indifference to the Swedish Shortsnouts and Cauldron; apart from these and occasional fleeting ideas best left unsaid, Remus at least informs his friends of everything that they might actually want to know...All except for his unmentioned dislike of James and Sirius's bullying Severus Snape, among others.
`` BOGGART: A shimmering, hanging silver disc.
`` DEMENTOR: The Dementors summon a smell of half-rotten, raw meat, echoing porcine squealing, shrieks (or howls) and the sound of scrabbling claws. These sensory prompts cause Remus to forcibly recall either the night of his attack by Fenrir Greyback, or his first change and being locked out of desperate fear in the cellar by his parents until the full moon waned.
`` PATRONUS: Remus's Patronus takes the form of a screech owl and is summoned through memories of his first accompanied change in his fifth year at Hogwarts. The fact that his friends had undgone the arduous process of becoming unregistered Animagi for his sakes is enough to make him swell with a sense almost of belonging and, occasionally, what he feels to be undeserved pride. Even before Remus's first attempts at (badly) brewing Wolfsbane potion, he felt almost to have a fragment of his own true self in control when free to bound through the corridors of the Shrieking Shack among friends.
`` PERSONALITY: Almost self-destructively loyal and compassionate. Self-effacing - almost strongly dislikable in his mind's eye he is thankful for almost every ounce of company given to him by friends. Far from confident, except in an academic context. Hard working. Unamibitious. Inwardly romantic and yet unable and unwilling to actually vent such impulses, except in the form of jokes and occasional drunken elegies. Has a tendency to almost charicature himself. Quietly worshipful of James and Sirius and what he views as their infinite compassion in remaining friends with him. Not devoid of a sense of humour, rather, he has more of an idea of when such humour is appropriate than his peers. Possessed of a deeply verbal mind. Almost paranoid of his own potential for harm. Compulsively hygienic. Almost shy while on his own, he does not possess the natural flamboyancy of James and Sirius. Gains a certain degree of collective charisma, however, when paired with the rest of the Marauders.

`` BIRTHPLACE: Just outside the village of Tinworth.
`` IMMEDIATE FAMILY: John Lupin; Charlotte Lupin, née Trimble.
`` OTHER IMPORTANT FAMILY MEMBERS: Very few although, he is distantly related to the Tonks family and, thus, the Blacks and Malfoys.


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Re: Bugger and Disaster [Profiles]
« Reply #4 on: August 13, 2009, 01:25:14 PM »

`` NAME: Lily Jane Evans
`` NICKNAMES: Evans, Lils, though she prefers Lily.
`` SEX: Female
`` AGE: 16
`` BIRTHDATE: January 30, 1960.
`` BLOOD: Muggle-born.
`` HOUSE: Gryffindor.
`` AFFILIATION/OCCUPATION: She is aware of the beginnings of the Order.
`` WAND: Willow, 10 1/4", swishy
`` SEXUALITY: Boys. Or, preferrably, men.

`` HAIR: Probably her most noticeable trait, Lily's hair is dark red and falls to her mid-
back in soft waves. It is, of course, always kept quite meticulously neat, for the mere fact that
it's Lily Evans we're talking about. She won't hesitate to flick her wand at the start of a
particularly rainy day, or before attempting a rather arduous potion. If there's one thing Lily
hates (aside from James Potter), it's looking frazzled.
`` EYES: Emerald coloured eyes rest beneath her thick lashes and have been described
as almond-shaped. To her own dismay, her eyes seem to give away how she is feeling before
she can try and cover it up. People always say 'your eyes are the window to your soul', but for
Lily it's actually true.
`` FACE: Heart-shaped with rather soft features. Her cheekbones are not too defined,
and covered with a light sprinkling of freckles. Her nose is lightly freckled also, due to endless
summer days spent outside. Lily's true smile (though somewhat a rare sighting these days) is
very beautiful. Her lips are full and liked by some (especially when she is in the giving mood),
though they are hated by others when used defensively. Due to her temper, Lily's cheeks tend
to grow very red and ruddy when she is angry. This is something she hates, though, apparrently,
something James likes, as he tends to make her angry quite frequently.
`` BODY TYPE: Lily has never been the athletic type, nevertheless, she has a naturally
slender body. Being quite uncoordinated when it comes to sports, she enjoys simple walks
around the lake or grounds of Hogwarts, or yoga nights in the girls' dorms. She is of average
height at five foot five, and has always secretly wished to be taller. Underneath those bulky
robes, she is quite curvy in the right places. Lily is comfortable with herself and quite confident
in her own skin, though tends to hate the attention given to her body.
`` SKIN TONE: Terribly pale. Lily has creamy skin that, aside from those few freckles,
is quite unblemished. She tries to avoid the sun as much as possible when outside, simply
because she burns so easily. Also, to Lily's chagrin, having such pale skin means her temper or
embarrassment are all the more emphasised. Her blush will creep up her neck until it overtakes
the rest of her face. And when she's angry, you'll know.
`` DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Due to her rather clumsy nature, and the fact that her
pale skin shows marks so easily, Lily will always be sporting a little bruise or two. She also has
a scar on her forearm from a rather aggressive tree in the Forbidden Forest. She'd gone to look
for Severus in there at the start of fifth year and had become frightened. She'd started running back
towards the castle and the branch had been sticking out. Followed closely by Snape, you can
imagine what people had assumed.

Learning (especially Potions and Charms)
Literature (especially Jame Austen)
Being a part of both the Wizarding and Muggle World
Muggle movies and music
Licorice Wands
Being right/winning the argument
The Swedish Short-Snouts
Her old friendship with Severus
Her sister (she tries)
Dumbledore and the Order

James Potter!
The Dark Arts
Unruly black hair
Stupid glasses
Tall, lanky, devilishly handsome boys
Being bossed around

`` AMORTENTIA: Sandalwood, peppermint, and broom polish
`` HOBBIES: Lily loves her leisure reading, but she can also be found studying in the
library in her free time. She loves to watch the sunset and sunrise, and she loves a late night
stroll. I don't know if you would call this a hobby, but she really enjoys maintaining the peace
and justice at Hogwarts.
`` HABITS: She's a bit of a know-it-all, which means she'll raise her hand to just about
everything in class. She tends to count things in her head during the day, and she'll always set
her alarm clock exactly 7 minutes fast so that there's no chance she'll be late.
`` SECRETS: She'll probably never admit it, but Lily really misses her friendship with
Severus Snape. She also would secretly love to make up with her sister Petunia, but she's
too damn stubborn. In first year, she had a crush on Sirius Black, but she would rather die
than tell that to anybody.
`` BOGGART: Yes, a bit of a cliche, but the death of her loved ones.
`` DEMENTOR: That day by the lake when she had tried to protect her best friend, and
Severus had called her a "mud-blood". It was the last straw in her realisation that her best
friend was heading down the wrong path. She cried for hours afterwards.
`` PATRONUS: The doe. Her best memory is the day she received her Hogwarts letter.
She had been showing signs of being a witch, and Severus had told her that she was one. She
had been sceptical, but now she realised he was right. And it excited her to no end.
`` PERSONALITY: Lily had been told many a time that her intelligence should have
seen her be put into Ravenclaw. It was true - her brains were quite amazing, and it was not
uncommon for her to top every one of her classes. However, she was placed into Gryffindor
for a good reason. Her courage in accompaniment with her intelligence has always been what
has made her stand out in the crowd. Lily would always be standing up for her beliefs; whether
it be sticking up for a first year being bullied, or letting the chatty bunch of teenage girls know
that the library was no place for gossip.

Lily's stubbornness had always gone hand in hand with this. Once she set her mind on
something, she would never ever give up. During an argument, even if she agreed completely
with what the other person was saying, it wouldn't be uncommon for her to disagree just so
she could win the argument. In addition, Lily's temper was always a definite standout
characteristic. You could say it matched her hair: fiery. She'd always had an extremely short
fuse, and it was never hard to get her worked up about something. In this way, she can
definitely be a bit of a bitch. She knows it, and she embraces it. She'd rather be confident and
a bitch than let everyone walk all over her. She says what she wants when she wants and
basically does what she pleases.

Despite these facets of her personality, there is a definite flipside. Lily has always had a
somewhat motherly demeanor. She is definitely a very caring person and will go out of her
way to help if someone is down or alone. She is kind and friendly, most of the time, and
seems to make friends very easily. Lily is a very vivacious young woman and she really
believes that confidence is key. She's pretty down-to-earth, and really doesn't buy in to
the whole gossip-lies-drama thing at Hogwarts. When it comes down to it, she's just a
good-natured girl with definite opinions.

`` BIRTHPLACE: Spinner's End
`` IMMEDIATE FAMILY: Andrew and Charlotte Evans (Parents) and Petunia Evans (sister)
`` OTHER IMPORTANT FAMILY MEMBERS: None to speak of, though at one
point she considered Severus Snape pretty close to being family.
`` HISTORY: Lily Jane Evans was born to two loving, doting Muggle parents in January
of 1960. With her older sister, Petunia, Lily had a happy early childhood. The two of them were
always extremely close as young children, due to their close age. However, as Lily began to
grow up, she also began to be able to do very strange things. These were things she couldn't
explain, and it seemed Petunia might have been even a little scared of these things Lily could do.
One Summer, when Lily was only seven years old, she met a young Severus Snape at a local
park in Spinner's End. The two became friends when Lily accidentally cast a spell, and Snape
saw it and began trying to convince her she was a witch. At first, Lily thought he was just
another neighborhood bully, but she soon came to realise that he was telling her the truth. He,
too, was able to perform wandless magic as a child.

The two of them formed a very close friendship, and was probably part of the reason Petunia
and Lily began to grow a part. When Lily's Hogwarts letter came, it was proof that she was
actually a witch. Lily and her parents couldn't be more thrilled, but Petunia (probably out of
jealousy) just called her sister a 'freak' - a word which has stuck with Lily ever since. She
never did patch things up with Petunia, and as she boarded the Hogwarts Express for the first
time, she can remember Petunia refusing to hug her goodbye. But it was okay, because Snape
was her friend, and they were best friends. Even when he was sorted into Slytherin and she
into Gryffindor, they remained close right up until their fifth year.

Lily had always really liked Severus, and she'd always understood him. So, when the
'marauders' decided he was their favourite target, she made it her business. It was that day
by the lake that changed everything. It had happened just a few months ago - at the end of
last year. James had been bullying Severus and had turned him upside down in his underwear.
Lily had coming to his defense, and due to Severus' subsequent lashing out at James in an
attempt to recover his lost pride - he inadvertently called Lily a "Mudblood". Lily refused to
forgive him for it, even after his desperate apologies

Over this past Summer, Lily had seen Severus a few times, but she'd refused to speak to him.
To be honest, she was scared of what he was becoming. She was frightened of his obsession
with the Dark Arts and the Dark Lord. She was also sad at having lost a friend, so she spent
a lot of her Summer in tears. She'd also been visited by James Potter a couple of times as
well, which had only added to her annoyance. She still hated him, and nothing he could do
was going to change it.


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AJ didn't exactly know why she had chosen to stay outside on a day such as this one. Grey
clouds loomed overhead, and Aura could have sworn the sun had been swallowed up, never
to be seen again. Nevertheless, Quidditch practice had of course still taken place. Never
would the great Gryffindor Quidditch team be put out by a little rain. Or a torrential downpour
of hard, pelting, saturating rain that seemed to inflitrate every inch of her body. Now, AJ was
a huge fan of Quidditch and had played for practically her whole life. She would never usually
have let a little bad weather put her in a terrible mood, but today was somehow different. It
seemed that everyone had been feeling it today and they had all just been at eachother's
throats. Aura had gritted her teeth and taken it... focusing all her energies instead into flying
faster and throwing harder. She'd been doing pretty well too. Right until James Potter had said
something to her. She didn't know why, but she'd just snapped. Why on earth did she let him
get to her so much? After practice she'd just thrown her Nimbus 2020 into her locker and stormed
away from the Quidditch Pitch without a word to anyone. Still quite covered in mud, most people
would have rushed straight back to their dormitory to clean up, before collapsing in front of the
fire. But AJ wasn't most people.

Rather than head back to Gryffindor Tower, where she would undoubtedly run into a number of
people she had no interest in seeing, she made her way instead to the banks of lake. If she were
to be honest with herself, this mood was extremely out of character for her, and AJ was having
trouble trying to figure out why she felt the way she did. Merlin knew, this was not the Aurelia
Wood everyone knew and (perhaps) loved. The usually mellow and drama-free AJ had suddenly
become something angry and maybe even sad? Don't ask, because not even she knew why. It
was only when she rounded the outer corner of the castle and almost ran straight into a couple
of Seventh Years that were all over eachother, that she realised just what had been upsetting her.
She passed them with a scowl and averted her eyes quickly, only to see a couple sitting under a
great oak tree, gazing intently into eachother's eyes. Aura rolled her eyes as she passed them,
marching intently to her destination. Why did everyone have to flaunt just how truly, madly,
deeply in love they were? It hardly seemed fair to anyone else. It made her quite angry. How
had it happened that everyone had ended up in love in the past month and AJ had just ended
up here - alone by the lake?

With a somewhat disgruntled sigh, Aura stepped carefully onto a large, flat rock and she sat,
pulling her knees tightly to her chest. Letting her bright blue gaze slip down to the water, she
was quite surprised to be looking back at herself. Her hair was an absolute disaster, pulled back
into a messy ponytail but damp and sticking to her scalp at the same time. There was some mud
smudged onto her cheek from practice... she had to admit to herself just how terrible she looked.
Still wearing her practice robes, AJ noted how wet and muddy they were and wondered why she
wasn't as cold as she should have been. But AJ couldn't really feel much at the moment, other
than this weird mix of anger, bitterness and confusion. If everyone else could find the perfect
relationship to be in, why couldn't she?