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Author Topic: My couple of one-on-one ideas.  (Read 1111 times)

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Offline Celestial GoblinTopic starter

My couple of one-on-one ideas.
« on: February 11, 2006, 01:26:07 PM »
If anybody finds any of this to his fancy, i'd be willing. A bit longer than a one-shot, but not nessesarily taking months, depending on how we'll work out. Ideas are of course, negotiable. All ideas are moderatly crazy, and i realize that.

First idea:Thirst.
Thirst torture can be very erotic and senusal, after all what is lust if not thirst? Check my Egyptian story in the heavy section if you want to know what the hell goes on in my mind. I'm thinking about an ancient setting of some kind, though a modern person stumbling to an ancient civilization or an ancient themed sci-fi would also work. I'm all ready to take any of the roles, the tormented or the tormentor. There could be straight sex too, especially as thirst does wonders to persuade somebody to give his lips...

Second idea:Wonder Woman.
Perhaps the most memorable heroine of comics, especially from her original, golden-age period. A typical villanous plot in which she gets kidnapped and bound, meets evil men and women and suffers most ardous trials before she is victorious. Again, i can be on any side, it's up to you, though slightly lean towards being *her* myself. Of course, we don't have to obey the comic code, and we can also deny the brave amazon her victory in the end.

Third idea:Cowgirl fantasy.
Wild west does have a potential for sexy, femme and fetishy adventures. A young(19?) gal from a well-off family in the east is sent to a rancho on the wildest, toughest west. Her hostess is a good bussiness partner of her father, an older(or not so much) woman that calls the scorching plains her only home. Unknown to everyone, she is also perverted enough to give her guest a year she will never forget. Some kind of shady bussines dealings could be involved, or just butch lesbian antics. I'd prefer to be the guest in this one, just cause i'm not sure i can do a proper western domme.

Fourth idea:Ms. Escapologist.
Time could range from 19 century to the future in this one, open for ideas. A modern(for her time i mean) and brave lady(though a male version would also be sweet) is preparing to work as as spy or agent of some sorts. Because it's one of the needed skills, she will take a half-year course under a renowned master/mistress of escape that will give her a run trough all the ways of restraining people ever devised. Alternatively, it can be a girl/boy from a rich family that is cut off from the money and the only offer available is a distant friend who could make her/him a 'world famous artist of escape'. Eventually, a naive young girl(just finished her studies? or maybe she ran away from her bigoted, anti-feminist family the soon she was 18?) winds up with the escapologist as her only available job. Can be either here.

Fifth idea:Xena+Callisto.
Not much to say here, most people saw at least few episodes of Xena the warrior princess. Callisto is, as most know, her beautiful and evil rival that sometimes gets caught for her crimes and all that. Basically, we catch ourselves, cross blades, shout threats, then comment on how nice the other got tied up. Eventually we can both find ourselves enslaved by somebody, or maybe stray from the usual bickering and get some love?

Offline Elvi

Re: My couple of one-on-one ideas.
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2006, 06:40:28 PM »
Well, we can't tell that it's a full moon on Monday can we?.....*smiles*

Offline Aphrodite

Re: My couple of one-on-one ideas.
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2006, 02:38:53 PM »
Hm...the Thirst setting sounds quite good. If you're not doing that story with anyone just yet I'd be willing to. :)

Offline Celestial GoblinTopic starter

Re: My couple of one-on-one ideas.
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2006, 07:00:40 PM »
I'm so sorry, but at this moment i already have more running games i'd want to have. I'll get back to you the first time i'll have less games to mind. Torments of thirst are one of my deepest, most favorite fantasies, believe me. I'm unhappy i have to refuse at this moment.

Offline Aphrodite

Re: My couple of one-on-one ideas.
« Reply #4 on: February 26, 2006, 07:58:17 PM »
lol it's completely fine. ^_^ message me if ever you want to start a game. :)