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Author Topic: Commie's Ideas. ((Interested in either Male or Female. Both welcome ^_^))  (Read 635 times)

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Offline Communist FluffyTopic starter

Abstract Ideas:
1. Halo 3 afterwords: I have an idea and am currently building on a plot and elements for the role play about going down on the Elite's possible planet or even other place they live. It is just something I wish to do. Though I claim to have no way of knowing the story lines from the books however I have played the games. Though in this cae that doesn't mean jack since the 'story' if you can cal it that is barely a whisper and as shallow as a dried up puddle. So this idea will take time. 
Plot so far:
Basically the chief is drifting through space in the half destroyed frigate that he used to get away from the ark. In Cryogenic sleep he is infected by a flood. Some how it bypasses his suit defenses and infects him within his sleep. Due to they cold it is slowed but eventually Chief wakes up due to the warning that something is wrong with his suit which accelerates the infection by the parasite which instantly takes over the chief easily. With this happening the chief becomes the new avatar to the flood.

The elites basically leave earth after the lord hook says to for them to leave and after a brief thanks. Though it is years later since the flood were drifting through space they find the planet earth. Within days the earth is easily overtaken. Though in reasponse the elites notice this from their home world and then they send over a small group of capital ships to earth's location and investigates.  {My character} is sent out to descover what is wrong and lands on the surface where they had the memorial for those that died to protect the earth. When she notices a small boy she quickly scoops up the boy noticing that the flood were about to take him as another host. Escaping quickly she heads back onto her own capital ship suddenly is fired on. Luckily the arbiter was on another one near her and boards to help both her and the child. When clear her ship is destroyed and they retreat from the lost planet.

When they finish their travel they land back on their planet only months later to find that the flood had taken control over the human weaponry and used the strongest to come toward their home planet. When they overrun arbiter made the choice to abandon their home planet and head toward a area they had discovered and found it to be a ring. One that hadn't been activated and looked out to be the newest. With this information he uses it to land on the ring and start a camp. Develop his culture with the ring and then have the ability to convert its strong powerful energy into a beam to destroy the flood for good. However it would start either on their planet or on the ring your choice. ^_^;

2) Resident Evil Plotline (completely abstract due to my lack of backround on all of the games! UPDATE: I have read up on number one and two of the games lol. I am basically building more on this.)- Basically a woman that worked for Tricell(RE5) manages to get her hands on the Urorboros project data along with the rest of the information on the pregenator virus and the others that were developed by Umbrella. With this she acutally locates herself in Terrasafe using its facilities while under the detection of the whole building and security and decides to mutate it even further toward mind control rather then zombies and other some such.
She uses Terrasave as a shell of herself and she then abuses the lack of information but more or less attack the bad guy routine with Terra. While doing this she busily collects the heroes of some of the incidents of the Umbrella and Tricell companies. By manipulating some events so they call can be in the same area where she will release her new virus that she had been perfecting since this takes about 15 years after RE5. This give she plenty of time to develop her virus.
She uses the cover from Terra Save to basically get her reasearch done without any public notice. With this she manages to release her version though imperfect on the staff allowing one of the buildings to be under her control to where they will begin to draw from her activities. Eventually Tera Save will collapse due to its 'corruption' though in reality they were the same they were before but due to the main character they will crumble.   (Also I watched Degeneration and so on. I am going off of those not the actual Resident Evil movies that were live action. My lack of information will show up in this paragraph about the description of the so far make shift plot and so on. I am busily trying to find more to tie it together and so on. If you have interest then let me know and if you have some info for me to go off of that you know from previous titles let me know. I would love to hear it.)
Solid Ideas:
1. Generic build em' ups: Yes the name sounds bad but basically what it sounds like. I tend to have that streak of basically doing things from the ground up by doing 20 questions. I like to favor suspense so I try not to ruin the ideas I have running through my head but often it is hard to express them properly.
2. Inuyasha universe though entirely original creation: I have been wanting to do something of a fantasy feudal setting that could be properly done. It is hard since some people have different interests and have different likings.

These are the only ones so far fishing up in my head. But if you throw out a basic paring I think my brain puts 2 and 2 together to find something worth use in the equation that it creates.  Also slight updates will appear on my ideas. One right now is my Resident Evil one. I am close to making a fan fiction. Though I dont know yet.
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hi there i would be interested in the build up setting and see where that goes to. i play generally female character but i can play also male. if you are interested let me know, have a nice day.