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Author Topic: Oh Captain, My Captain (A Tale of Mutiny) [NC-H][M/M]  (Read 600 times)

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Offline MusicNeverDiesTopic starter

Oh Captain, My Captain (A Tale of Mutiny) [NC-H][M/M]
« on: June 13, 2009, 01:57:20 PM »
Oh Captain, My Captain[VAN][BON][NC] (Will include any of those, but be placed in NC boards)

The Intrepid has been at sea for three months. During those three months, the Captain has been stern, sometimes harsh. Because of this, the crew, lead by one man in particular, has begun discussion of mutiny in hushed whispers. One of the mutineers had been assigned a position of specific importance, to place himself close to the Captain in whatever way possible, to make sure he has no idea about the mutiny, and to easier herd him the night of the mutiny. However, when the Captain is out of his commanding position, he is a rather nice guy. Nice enough that the man sent in to spy on him begins to feel for the Captain.

This would be ideal with 3-4 people. I'd rather get it stable for a while before adding too many people, but I think the game would work nicely with an active, decently sized crew. I would personally like the entire crew to be male, for more historic realism, and many of the members of the crew to be gay (otherwise how would we have sex?). The game would take place in NC:Human, Small Groups. Ideally it would take place in more than one thread, so that if the Captain and Spy have a thread going where they are alone together, the Captain or Spy could also be in a second thread conversing with the Head Mutineer. I don't want any member of this game to be sitting out and just watching unless they are too busy to post for a week or something similar.

The main roles I have imagined being involved are as follows;

The Captain(MusicNeverDies): Stern when on duty, harsh. Off duty more nonchalant, though it is not often seen. He would act as a catalyst that helps set off the drama on the ship.

Head Mutineer: Headstrong and self-righteous, often in trouble with the Captain, but popular among the men. He would be determined that there is no possible way to stop the harshness while the captain is in charge. A real charismatic personality, but it would be nice if when/if things start going wrong in terms of the mutiny, he begins to get a little more stern about it, maybe sometimes mirroring the Captain.

Spy on Captain: A more weak-willed character, perhaps one fawning on the Head Mutineer, making it easier for him to agree to his post as spy. More soft spoken and cautious than the other two main males.

However, if we have more people interested, I can also think of good ways to involve

Spy on Head Mutineer: The Captain is in fact cautious and weary of something, and gets one of his loyal men to work his way into the circle of the Mutiny.

Ex-lover of Captain(Saku): A man on neither side of the mutiny, but who does see how close the Captain and Spy are becoming, and tries to get between them, which of course brings about the wrath of the Mutineers, but none of them can inform him why since they assume he would side with the Captain.

Or any number of ideas. You can easily come to me and suggest a role and how he would intertwine with the story.

If you have interest in playing please drop me a PM stating
Role wanted: (If a role of your own invention, also explain his inclusion and place in the story)
Roleplay Sample: (A two-three paragraph sample, preferably something written specifically to show your ability in the role in question)

If I get a few people who are interested in the same role I will chose based on the sample, and once a role is chosen I will PM you a template for your profile. I'm waiting until interest is shown before setting up an OOC board or such.
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Offline MusicNeverDiesTopic starter

Re: Oh Captain, My Captain (A Tale of Mutiny) [NC-H][M/M]
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2009, 11:46:00 AM »
We have two cast members, and will likely start an IC thread when we get someone to fill the role of the spy. People can still join once we've started.