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Author Topic: Looking for female for 1on1 RP - one shots or long term  (Read 1056 times)

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Looking for female for 1on1 RP - one shots or long term
« on: February 06, 2006, 12:05:20 AM »
Hey, I'm kind of new here. I have an idea currently going on in my head. Here's the general plotlines.

We can brainstorm new stuff or if you have an idea, you can suggest that too.

ideas, its a long list:

(a long list)

A dark mage has been practicing his dark arts far too long. His only goal in life is to perfect his craft and explore further the mysteries of his art. However, of the late, he realized he was getting sloppy in keeping his materials and house clean. His solution? A slave girl. Yes. A slave girl would do good to meet his 'needs.' He decides to acquire a slave girl from his local market. At first, the mage is rough and aggressive to the new girl, but as time passes by, he finds himself perhaps more attracted to this girl than he is willing to admit...or is he? Will the girl free herself of the title slave, and perhaps become his lover? Or wil she forever be used by him?

Lol. I know it sounds lame. But it seems interesting to me. Read further for rules and details.


Elves and the Drow, or Dark elves, have been mortal enemies for centuries. Endless wars have waged between them, neither race willing to budge. Eventually the losses were too high for both sides, and they struck a temporary truce. For awhile, both sides enjoyed the peace, however, their bitterness still remains, and both races are segregated from one another.

Davian, a young Elf skilled in the arts of battle, one day meets a female Drow warrior, while he was doing errands. Eventually the two young hotheaded warriors clash to resolve their differences. However, something much greater, and more evil than the both of them come between them. Demons.

That's just the basic storyline, needs a lot of work though, but basically my male elf character and the female drow meet, and they fight and stuff, but a demon thingy attacks them, and together they are bound by destiny to venture forth to save the world from these dark forces...or something like that. and eventually they have romantic stuff 

Also I'd like to brainstorm for more ideas exploring something in the fantasy genre.


Two strangers are stranded on an island due to their ship capsizing. It seems that the island holds many mysteries and dangers.

You get to choose your class for your female character (mage, healer, fighter, etc)

Basically we have adventures on the island and romance and stuff happens. I wanna try this one because there's a lot of chance for character development and romance between two characters.


A young female mage is advancing her classes at her magic academy way too fast. The teachers have taught her everything, and she even surpasses them. If she graduates, she will be one of the youngest students to ever graduate from that magic schoo, however, the headmaster of the school feels that she is not ready. He sees her having way more potential, and needs more experience in life first, before allowing her to graduate. The headmaster used to have a young student just like herself, but he had already graduated a long time ago. The headmaster is too old to train the girl personally, so he decided to send her off to an old pupil of his to train under.

That teacher will be played by my male mage. The girl travels to his home, and together they build a storyline and stuff happens.

5. Vampire/Slave

Vampire abducts a pretty girl from nearby village to make her his slave. Will romance develop, or will it just end up in tragedy for the girl?

The moon glowed brightly in the night, illuminating the world in its beauty. Lucentis stood at the balcony of his castle and let the air fill his cold, dead lungs. A smile lit his pale, handsome face. Running his fingers through his mane of dark hair, he contemplated when he should retreive his special gift. Lucentis has been terrorizing the small villages out west a few years now. He would feed there every now and then, and nothing could stop him from doing so. Villagers had tried to raid his castle, in hopes of striking fear into his yet, however it had the quite the opposite effect. He had slaugthered the raiding party like the sheep they were. They made a fine meal. However, of the past year, he had kept his eyes on a most beautiful girl. He had tried to abduct her once, but some older folk had sacrificed themselves for her, and got in the way...and the villagers soon discovered that Lucentis held some special attraction towards her, and had used her to bargain with him. Selfish creatures they were. They offered to give her up, if Lucentis would stop feeding on the villagers and not bother them again. He had agreed. Of course, he COULD just take her away, and still feed on them, but for now, he will honor the deal. Maybe.

Adjusting his cloak about him, he decided it was time to pick up his prize. He rubbed his family ring gently, and took flight to the skies, heading towards his destination. 

That's just the basis of it, you can PM me for more information.

I'm also open to other ideas as well.

If you are interested, please send a PM :)
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Re: Looking for female for 1on1 RP - one shots or long term
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2006, 01:34:39 PM »