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Started by fyretiger, June 10, 2009, 06:54:01 AM

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well hiya! ^^

It's my first time posting here and hoping to Role-play on Yahoo! Instant Messenger but if anyone wants to use another way I'm open to ideas

I'm looking for someone to RP with who can be online alot (maybe even everyday?)
to do transformation RP in which they use magic or any other method suiting the RPto alter my form and manipulate my body to their needs. I'd love to hear your ideas and this does NOT mean i dont want to do other types of RP including but not limited to vore and many other things please just ask me :)

im deffinately looking for someon to stake charge in a dom role or similar  to lead the RP but want to try new things and would love to be a part of someone elses fantasy

I'm really too open minded to go into everything we could do but if you have any questions id love to hear them ;)
not looking for epic paragraphs per post just want to relax and have some RP fun and hopefully try new and old things

would really love a PM or get in touch with me on Yahoo! or just reply here if you want to know more about what exactly i can do for you ^^

On's and Off's in my signature

Tganks! x

Soren Kisamora

i'd be interested in hearing about what you can offer me :D
either toss me a PM and i'll get back to ya later,add me to yahoo and i'll see ya tomorrow,or get msn and we'll talk now ^^
transformations ftw!


Added you on YIM and MSN and PMed you for good measure ^^

Hope to see you soon!
also thank you for replying <3

Soren Kisamora

well i don't know if the msn adding took,but if it did i'll see you on there :D