Zombie kind of thing... ladies?

Started by AlleywayJack, June 09, 2009, 11:24:02 PM

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Hey there, I'm Alleyway Jack. You can call me Al, AJ, Jack... y'know... whatever works. What I'm here to ask, is this. Would anyone be interested in doing a roleplay that centers around the outbreak and spread of a hitherto unknown zombie pathogen? I'm specifics are highly negotiable. Adult content isn't necessarily needed, but it's cool with me. I'd prefer that if you'd like erotic bits, that you be a female, or at least have a convincing female character.

If zombies aren't your bag, but you're still interested some role play of some kind, just give me a shout, either in this thread, or via PM. I'll get back to you.

Where I'd like to do this;
Here on E


I might be up for that, MSN preferred.




id be interested as well, here in E though.