another medievial master wanted (BON)

Started by blindserpent, June 09, 2009, 10:16:18 AM

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Maya is born in poor conditions her mother and her father are peasants and work for a high lord this lord tends to have a hang for obedient girls and he seeks the whole country for a suitable girl for him.
he comes to Mayas village and sees her getting water. he isn't showing he is the lord and talks to her like a normal person at first. she acts very frail and obedient just the way he is. so he grants her parents alittle part of his land as their property is he gets to take the 16 year old maya with him. Maya from now on has to serve him. first he thinks its funny to play with her frail heart but soon she starts to really feel for him and serves him with even more heart. slowly he realizes she admires him really and he no longer can punish and hurt her without regret. soon he starts to feel warmer for her and thinks of her not only as a toy...
(pm me if you wanna do this)
(i don't have any turn offs except giving a footjob and playing a Dom person...well the BON tag already excludes some other extreme stuff right?)

Name: Maya
Person: frail, anxious and obedient to each single person she meets.