Open to interpretation (A few different ideas)

Started by Kyndris, June 09, 2009, 12:41:22 AM

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So, I'm looking for a wide variety of things. If you're interested in a idea but want to spruce it up with something else, just let me know. Oh, and I tend to build settings more around characters rather than characters around settings. I also typically RP female characters unless other wise mentioned.

The first scenario- Two vampires fighting for dominance of a city (the city is negotiable), constant warring with each other and their relatively large clans. This would be a modern setting with humans understanding that vampires exist. After large losses on both sides, the two master vampires decide to fight face to face and see which is truly the better. The vampire that loses doesn't face death but, instead enslavement to their better.

As far as that goes, I would like to enact the scene not really knowing who will win the fight. I'd like to test our RPin' skills and see where it takes us.

The second scenario- A fugitive on the run, she'll stay anywhere, do anything to keep from getting caught. Stealing and even murder are not above this woman. She'll do anything to save her own ass. A stranger, out of the kindness of his heart sees her settling down for the night on a park bench, he invites her home with him. Through the course of the evening, he recognizes her from a newspaper ad or television broadcast. After thinking it over, he blackmails her with her freedom. Telling her that he won't call the cops as long as she'll do anything he tells her to.

Third scenario- A town lost in the sands of time, most of the buildings abandoned and trashed. The rest, looking as if they're about to crumble. A lot of people drift here when they too, look about as broken and run down as the buildings. A witch, as powerful as they came in her prime now, reduced to a half crazed, rambling lunatic drifting in and out of sanity. Not uncommon where she was, she called no one friend until she met him/her.

So, with this third one, I'm not looking for a specific character. The person I'm looking for can be male or female and sane or not so sane. I'm sort of looking for a wonky romance to develop with this one but, feel free to let me know if you have other ideas. :D

That's it for now. If you have any other scenario(s) in mind, let me know. More than anything else, I'm looking for a fun and imaginative RP with someone who craves detail as much as I do. Hope ya have a fantastic morning/day/evening. ^.^


The 'duel' sounds appealing. Especially if there is both an undertone of spite/hatred/grudges AND sexual tension.

Give me a pm, and take a peek at my story ideas in my sig, you may actually like some of them too. Since some flirt a bit with ideas similar to these in the thread.


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