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Started by Aragem, June 06, 2009, 02:00:37 PM

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Hey, back after a long absence and I have a large appetite that needs help sating.  For games, story, and sexual RPing.

I'm splitting the game ideas up into categories for easy reading. 

Overall of the stories

I want any partners to have a good grasp of the English language and understand grammar and spelling.  I understand typos can happen, goodness knows I have them sometimes, but I don't want to see anything like, "U are kool!"  Or "I luv this."  Pease, spell out words properly.

Please apply only if you are able to be a decent writer.  Not asking for Stephen King or Shakespeare, just someone that can keep the characters and story interesting and can contribute to the story.  Please check out my Ons and Offs if you need a better idea of what I want in a writer.

Also, I am very open to new ideas and constructing the story differenty in what I orginally intended.  But I do retain my right to turn down ideas I don't like or agree with.

I do prefer to protray submissive or dominated characters.  Sorry, being dominate just doesn't do it for me.  But my characters will not be mindless dolls that cater to any desire.  They will have spirit in them.

I don't care what gender the player is.  Girls can play guys and guys can play girls as long as they do a good job.


FANTASY and Science Fiction

I adore fantasy theme games and stories.  Because anything can go in these stories.

Giving into Temptation

Setting:  A Holy Temple of the Gods in a fantasy setting

Story:  The Head Priest Kogan values his reputation as a Holy Man of the Gods who is not swayed by mortal desires.  That is until a young, beautiful Acolyte arrives from the Northern Temple with her mentor Priestess on a pilgrimage.  The first time, Krogan who had forsaken all Earthly desires of the flesh finds himself captivated and tempted by the young innocence of Kairi.  And also, there are dark forces that oppose the Gods of Light that would consider it a triumph for a Holy Man to fall so low. . . .

Characters.  Kairi will be young 16 or 17 and innocent.  She will not be naive that she doesn't know about sex.  She'll know of it, but has no experience. 

Krogan should be in his 30's to 50's.  He will be a strongly built character because he has fought in crusades, but as retired as a Head Priest.  He is well known as a hero of Light.

Sexual:  I don't think that this will get heavily bondage material, but anything could happen when it comes to a fall of a great man.  Though, there is a strong case for NC.

[size=4Training of a Slave][/size]

Setting:  Science Fiction, intergalatic slave trade/training facility

Story:  Thousands of years in the future, humanity has spread out beyond the solar system and made a place for itself in the intergalactic community of aliens and other species.  However, years later, due to a mistake in a human science lab, a virus was created that wiped out mankind.  Adminstrations and leaders quickly filled the void that humans left behind and it was as if they never were. 

This was a sad blow for the underground slave trade where human slaves were most sought after.  Humans were sexually compatible with most alien races and were able to have from an early age til they die whereas most alien races only have certain stages of their lives or seasonal cycles where they were able to have sex.  The price usually asked for a young human female after the wipeout of mankind would make any slave trader a millionaire set for life.  Especially during this time when humans were so rare. 

50 years after the destruction of mankind, a single human female was discovered in a cryo-unit in an abandoned skiff where she was placed in hopes when she next awaken, a vaccine would be developed for the virus.  Unfortunately, she was discovered by slave traders who are very delighted to find the first human in 50 years who was healthy.

They want her trained, and trained by the best, so they icorporate the best slave trainer in the known universe.  A machine called Zex 369.  A cybernectic computer with full knowledge of sexuality of all species and the limits that a human body could handle   This machine will teach young Alice the depths her desires could fall and strains her body can handle. 

Yet, in return, this human girl will teach this machine affection and passion that only those of flesh know of.

Theme:  This is almost an anything goes sort of thing.  Heavy bondage, humiliation, with large doses of domination and submission. 

Characters:  Alice will be 16 to 20 years old.  I could make her virgin in the beginning, but that will be up to any partner that may sign up.
Zexx will be a machine.  Whether he is humanoid or not, is up to you.  I am very welcomed to the idea of multiple bodies or a room with limbs and appendages that perform the training with a speaking console on the far wall.



The Thin Lie between Curiosity and Obession


Transformers Animated


Setting:  Transformers Animated in Detroit or in deep space.  I am open to other settings. 

Story:  Lockdown has been given a job frm Femax, a planet found in the Transformers Comics ruled by Transformer Size human women.  His job, to track down and capture three Femax warriors who have gone rouge.  The problem is that this trio were once the top assasins for the Femax Queen, but the bigger the challenge, the bigger the payout. 

But this job will require some help.  When Lockdown tracks them near Earth, he contacts Prowl and offers him a cut for his aid.  Prowl refuses, until he learns that one of the Femax bounties is a Miko, a shamaness, that mentored him during his Optics Quest he was sent on by his master Yoketron. 

The Bounties

Name:  Maron no Miko

Background:  She was the Miko of a shrine located on Femax's tallest mountain.  It was an place of meditation and serenity, open to all the come seeking to being One with the Universe.  Prowl came and lived through for two weeks, mentored by Maron.  He left, to return to Cybertron, and Miko became one of the Queen's warriors.
For reasons unknown, she chose to leave Queen's side with two others.

Abilties:  She knows of chants and prayers that can confuse and stun enemies.  She also has great skills with a hi-power sonic bow.  She isn't the strongest of the Trio, but she is the most level headed.

Bounty Payout:  500,000 credits

Name: Isaru Trin

Background:  Isaru was raised to be a warrior since she could walk.  She had trained under many masters, attended many schools of combat, and even accomplished over 1500 missions for her Queen.  It was thought that she was the most loyal of all the Queen's soldiers.  So why has she gone rogue?

Abilities and skills:  Isaru is the strongest of the trio.  She prefers hand to hand combat with her Energy Gloves and her innate strength, she can provide bunches that would make any heavy armored Cybertronian hurt.

Bounty Payout:  250,000 credits

Name:  Lady Roan

Background:  Lady Roan is the daughter of the Queen's second sister, making her a niece of the Queen.  As a member of the Royal Family, she was given privy to special training of martial art that involes dual vibrobladed swords.  Lady Roan was known for being a quiet and obediant child of the Royal Family, but for her to leave Femax without her Aunt's blessing is an unforgivable crime and a very surprising for Roan's nature.

Abilties and skills:  She is able to use dual vibrobladed swords that can effectively slice metal.  She is also have great agility and speed that aides her in combat. 

Bounty:  1,000,000 credits.

NOTES:  This is more like a story co-writing than it is a game.  I want to protray the three bounties, but I will help in writing Lockdown and Prowl's part as well.  Please be familiar with Transformers Animated before applying.

Sex:  That depends on what we plan.  From my description, this is more like story writing sexual rping, but I do intend to have adult themes in this story.  Of course, there is a good chance of human/robot sexual relationship. 



A game got taken.  There are others and more are due to appear soon.


Giving into Temptation is interesting, although I've figuratively had it up to here with NC.


I'd love to give The Thin Lie between Curiosity and Obession (Smallville one) a shot :) I'll PM you!
I'm back!
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Another game has been taken.  There are two more games above and more will come.


Interesting. A Transformers fan. Those are rare.


I like the temple priest/warrior one but maybe without the celibacy.  I don't see myself playing a character that would willingly be celibate.  Maybe he's supposed to be, but isn't.