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April 10, 2021, 07:21:47 pm

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Author Topic: Looking for one member for an ADULT Transformers RPG  (Read 741 times)

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Offline AragemTopic starter

Looking for one member for an ADULT Transformers RPG
« on: June 05, 2009, 10:22:59 pm »
Tiamat and I have been RPG gamers for years and our RPs mostly centered in the Transformers world.  Right now, our games have fallen into ruts and we need a new player that can bring fresh ideas and perspective to the games.

Our games tend to be on th adult side, but mostly focuses on character development and interaction.  We'll be handling adult situations, sexuality, and things just not in the realm of children.  And of course, the majority of this will be from a Transformers' perspective.

So of course, we are looking at robot and alien sex.  And possibly with humans because we don't exclude them.  Tiamat and I have pretty open minds, so if you want to join, then please be open minded as well, but we will respect any "Offs" that you may have.  Tiamat and I also have our "Offs" as well.

Here is what we want in a new player:

1.  Respectful. 

*Timat and I have been friends for years and we have been critical of each other's characters, gaming, and ideas, but we did it with respect and without insulting.  We welcome criticism as long as it is down with respect.

2.  Be very familiar with Transformers G1 *very very important*

*We expect you to be at the very least familiar with G1.  We're not expecting you to know how many times Optimus Prime says "Transform and Roll Out" through the series, but we expect you to be familiar with who the characters are and how they behave.  And be able to protray those characters well.
We may branch out to the 2007/2009 movies, and eventually Transformers Animated *when Tiamat watches the series*

3.  Maturity

*The reason why I am posting the request here on Elliquiy is because we want players who are actually over th age of 18.  We have before posted for players on Transformers boards and would specifically request someone over 18, but we have had a couple of people lie about their age to play with us. 
The game is a mature game, not that it has adult situations, but we want to create a constructive and enjoyable story.

4.  RPGing.

-We want you to be literate and descriptive.  We will be checking out your previous posts to see if we like your writing style.  No, we're not looking for the next Stephen King anything like that, but we want to be able to enjoy your posts.

-Tiamat and I prefer using Yahoo IM chat.  We MIGHT be willing to adapt to another IM chat program if necessary, but the RP will in be a IM chat style.  And we will respect the rules of Elliquiy in the chat as well. 

-The regular times we chat and RP is after 7:00 PM Central US and Canada time since we both share the same time zone.  Please, make sure that your schedule will allow you to RP with us before applying.  Tiamat and I have jobs, kids, and RL ourselves and we understand RL issues can crop up and is more important to RPing.

5. Characters.

-Tiamat and I are very welcomed of OCs *orginal characters*  but we HATE Mary Sues.  We like our characters to be gritty with real problems and far from perfect.  If you are planning on protraying a character that everyone loves and saves the day in the end, then please don't bother applying to this game.

-Though we do welcome OCs, we do expect you to be willing to protray canon characters.  And in the Transformers series, there are a LOT.  Also, please protray the character IN CHARACTER!!!!  No Starscream really being a lonely mech that wanted attention.  Nor Megatron who has a soft spot for humans.  We want a nasty Starscream and a cruel Megatron.   

-We don't only play Transformers.  We also do aliens and humans as well. 

6. The Sex.

-Our Transformers are not sticky *robots with human parts, like having vaginas or penises*  We usually go with a plug 'n play situation *taking a cord from a hatch usully located at the waist or pelvis and plugging it into another hatch*, but we are willing to try new things.  If you are unfamiliar with it, then don't worry, we'll be happy to go over the basics.

-Since we will also play humans and aliens, organic sex is very likely in this games.  We are looking at human/robots or humans/aliens or robots/aliens.  So please, be open to it.

-Also, we are VERY open to f/f and m/m sex and romance.  And we don't care what sex you are in RL.

If you are interested, them please PM me and we'll talk about it.   
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Offline Darthvegeta800

Re: Looking for one member for an ADULT Transformers RPG
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2009, 04:07:22 am »
I'm highly familiar with Transformers. G1, comics, Beast Wars, Energon, Animated,... . Only the more obscure and whacky ones like RID etc i'm not familiar with.
I am more a Decepticon roleplayer though. Never been too fond of the Autobots. (with a few exceptions)