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Started by SleepyWei, June 05, 2009, 06:30:11 PM

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Lord of All He Surveys [BON]

Tuor Lossehelm, king of the elves, had died. No one knew why it happened but right after, Aredel, the queen, had committed suicide. Without a suitable heir for the throne, the nation immediately chose the closest one in line, Lindal Falassion, the illegitimate son of King Tuor, and was unanimously crowned as the next Elven King. But such a king would not be without a bride and so, the nation scoured their lands for one who is most suitable for marriage.

They found one young female and brought her to him. They were wedded without seeing each others' face and were led to their bedroom from opposite directions, at opposite intervals. It is then, with only the bright full moon to serve as light, that they met each other face to face.