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Author Topic: Pixi's Playtime Requests  (Read 471 times)

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Pixi's Playtime Requests
« on: June 05, 2009, 12:39:47 PM »
What Pixi Wants to Play...

Disclaimers About Playing:

  • Please take a look at my Ons and Offs thread found Here before contacting me about playing in a game.
  • I DO NOT write for any type of sexual gratification, so if your goal is to make me sexually happy during our writing, let me assure you to not waste your time.  It's just not something that will happen.
  • I am one of those people who likes to explore different aspects of a character, such as emotional and mental capabilities.  I like to get into my characters head and show what they are thinking and feeling as well as what they are doing.
  • God-modding is NOT acceptable under any circumstances.  I do not tell my partners how to play their characters, and I would like it if I am not told how to play my characters.
  • I do not necessarily post every day.  I am a full-time college girl, as well as a mentor on here.  I am human like everyone else, and tend to have a muse that isn't always into cooperating.  Just because I post into one story, but don't post into the other doesn't mean I am not enjoying it, or am interested in ending the story.  It just means that I am missing the inspiration to make a post that is thoughtful and constructive towards the story.

Plots to Ponder...

Historical Time Period Plot {UN}

I have a craving as of recently for a story set in either Ancient Greece, or Ancient Rome.  The story isn't set in stone right now.  Just a fragment of an idea I had in my head.  All I can promise at the moment is that the characters will be rather emotionally involved in many different ways. It involves a couple, and I'd be more inclined to play the role of the female. I don't really care if it's a male or a female playing the role of the male, either..I'm very flexible when it comes to that! :) I'd rather not discuss it here for the sake of not sounding all that coherent, since it's not all that together in my head right now, but if anyone is interested, leave me a note in here or in my PM box and I'd be happy to discuss it some more.

Exotic Dancer Boy{Slight Non-Con} & {Mostly Vanilla}

I have been interested in doing a plot that would be involving two males.  I would like the setting to be modern day, and it would be a major plus if the two males were bisexual characters so that they would be able to interact with each other as well.  I don't particularly care if it is a female playing the males, but I would like the role of the male that is the dancer in this plot.

I was thinking that possibly, my character could have a bit of a side job, as an exotic dancer in a club that this other man tends to frequent.  He has danced for him before and thought that the only place he would see this man as at the club that he works at.

However, fate had other plans.  His father is a wealthy business executive, and has many colleagues.  When he comes home from dinner one night, the dancer finds that, there, sitting at the dining room table are the man that he danced for at the club.  It turns out that this man is the son of his father's colleague.

The other man recognizes the dancer immediately and choose not to say anything, but when they are alone, the man decides to toy with the dancer.  He end up blackmailing the dancer for a short time, promising that he won't tell the dancer's family what he's been doing if the dancer does what he says.  But, as time goes on, the man blackmailing the dancer, finds himself slowly starting to fall in love with the dancer, which makes it harder for him to keep on doing what he is doing to him.

But the thing is, can the dancer look past what the other man has already done to him, and learn to love him as well?

Lords of the Underworld {UN}

I was wondering here if anyone would be interested in discussing a game based on the Lords of the Underworld Series by Gena Showalter.  I have recently gotten into the books, and would love to do a story based off of it.  If anyone is interested, either PM me and we can talk further, or post here to let me know of your interest in the topic.

A Demon's Choice {UN}
Marcus is a 250 year old demon, who had been made the head of his clan because of the fact that his father had been killed by one of his family's many human foes.  In retribution, Marcus and his men set out to kill the other man, which they did with no problem.  However, along with the clan leader, they found his daughter residing with him.  Marcus's men had brought the girl back to him, and now he must decide what to do with her.

Ultimately, I would like this to end up being a romance story, where Marcus tries different ways of using the other clan leader's daughter but ends up falling in love with her despite his attempts not to do so...I am looking for someone to play the role of the vampire in this.  {VAN, NC}

A Lover's Mistake & Redemption {UN}
Brianna Christiansen and Hunter Jones had been the perfect couple..They had been friends since kindergarten and dated through most of high school and the first year and half of college.  Everything had been going great up until Brianna had started acting weird. 

She no longer found pleasure and comfort in Hunter's touch and chose to shy away from him most of the time.  She was always on edge and never wanted to go out and do things that she had previously enjoyed doing.  She became very distrustful of alot of people that she used to interact with, including Hunter himself.

Hunter had begged and pleaded with her to tell him what was wrong..He knew her too well to not know when something was bothering her, but she never opened up to him and insisted that it was nothing. This had gone on for about a month after he had that talk with her. Then, Brianna did something no one saw coming. She just up and left with only the explanation that she needed to take care of somethings on her own.

Now it's two years later, and Brianna is back in town.  She thought that it would be pretty safe, because she was sure that Hunter wouldn't have stuck around here after he'd graduated.  So what happens when she runs into Hunter again in a chance encounter? And what will he make of the little girl she has with her that is calling her "mommy"?

Will all be the same as it was before?  How do you deal with the new changes in each other's lives?  Will there be feelings of anger and hostility still?  Are they both capable of loving each other like they once did?

Surviving Through Hell {UN}

This game's setting partially involves a prison in a foreign country, perhaps China or Japan.  The other half would be taking place back in the U.S..

Aryline Matthews a student studying abroad there.  During the time she was there, there were a lot of groups revolting against the government, and therefore causing lots of terrorist activities.  This is the same group that captured the male character in this scenario.  In a stand, they start targeting random tourists in the country, and as a result Aryline gets taken prisoner as well.

When Aryline taken to prison, she gets put into the same cell as the male character.  What happens from there is to be seen.  But..the two characters are in prison and prison isn't fun so therefore each of them endures our own share of torture because of the terrorists trying to get information out of U.S.

Because of the time spent together, both characters start to grow close and dependent on each other, and eventually start to fall in love. 

I would like the overall story between the two characters to be romantic, with the nonconsensual stuff coming from their treatment in the prison.  There are a few more ideas I had for this, but I think this is a good start.

I am looking for the male character in this plot to be somewhat of a U.S government agent, rather than just a simple civilian, please.

Fraternal Twins {VAN}

I have this idea that I've wanted to pursue for a while involves fraternal twins..Sari and her brother are both 21 years old..They've always been very close and very comfortable around each other.  Their mother and father are divorced and they live with their mom and her husband and his bratty daughter who is about the twins' age.

At the present time they are on their way to another state during spring break for a family reunion.. What happens from there is up to us...However!

I want this to be very cute, sweet, flirty and romantic..not slutty at all..and buildup to the first time we have sex and make the whole scenario seem as realistic as possible.[/color

A Sibling Ménage à Trois {UN}

For this one I'd need either two different males to play the two male characters, or one male that would be willing to play the role of both of the major male characters in this scene.

The relationship between the characters would be siblings, with my character being the youngest.  At the present time my character would be about 20-21 years old with the male characters being anywhere in age from 24-28 years old.

The characters have always had a close relationship and always got along great. We come from a fairly welathy family and the only reason why you the two boys had left home to join the military was to get away from all the problems that our parents were having that inevitably ended up in them getting divorced.  After their parents got divorced, their mother went on a downward spiral and the boys couldn't bear to see that so they left and started their tour with the military, leaving their sister, Kaitlin in the care of our housekeeper and butler.

Let's say that the two male characters have been in the Marines for a few years now.  Kaitlin took them leaving home very hard and hasn't truly gotten over it to this day.  Sure, they'd been home to visit but they'd always have to get back into that comfort zone that all three of them are used to having around each other. 

When they come home this time, for Christmas, they have a few surprises for their sister, one of which is that they've been discharged from the service for good.  The other surprises comes later on when they start getting close and realizing what they actually mean to each other. 

Again, this is a romance scene, I'm not really into being slutty.
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Re: Pixi's Playtime Requests
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2009, 01:29:48 PM »
Redid this thread and put all my plots in one place.  So far everything is open.  More to come soon, I'm sure! :)  ~Pixi Kisses~