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Started by maniac, June 04, 2009, 05:40:42 PM

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Hi! I had a plot idea i wanted to put up that poped into my head after watching Hellboy Blood and Iron.

If you are familiar with it Elzbeth a vampire is awakened and eventually destroyed. But I intended to run it a bit differently. I planned to play Elzbeth, but I was looking for someone to Play Liz, where liz is bitten by Elzbeth and taken by her and turned, and Hellboy would come looking for her and Elzbeth and the result of Liz's transformation and her aiding elzbeth. This will be F/F but have quite a bit of action, adventure, and suspense! I'm fairly open if someone had an idea they wanted to suggest too! It will involve hellboy still wrapping up his fight with the goddess. I plan on having her harpy minions eliminated (never liked them). And pitting Abe and Hellboy against Elzbeth and Liz though not to the death and actually liz influencing Elzbeth to actually help Hellboy a bit for her own reasons but as she reveals more information about hellboy and what they do to Elzbeth.

DnD or warhammer Idea:

This is set in a Fantasy Universe, as to which universe I'm fairly flexible. It is set as two or three adventurers that start out teaming up together. They are hired to clear out a forest of goblins. However during the clear out my character is revealed to be a vampire. However as she is reveled and your character has to deal with what she wants to do. Another problem is revealed a group of liche's and vampires are infiltrating the town and intend to sack the village. As the batle stars your character is grievously wounded saving a family of towns folk. My character then offers to save your character and turns her. However as she does they are both captured and your character wakes up with mine chained in a dungeon of a small manor outside the town that has been taken they both have to escape...get weapons...and prevent the leader from attacking!

Buffy Rp idea!
Setting: Season 3 or 4 ish

It's variable but I've always wondered what would have happened if Vampire Willow had managed to escape from her cage and turned Cordelia and gotten away with out the others managing to track her. She would head out to a rundown apartment to set up and try to recruit another gang but also begin to compete with the Mayor with cordelia becoming her lover as Willow began to figure out the Mayors plan, the relationships in this world and took a focus on her still human counterpart. This new three way struggle could have any multitude of endings!