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Author Topic: Dawn Of A New Era  (Read 739 times)

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Dawn Of A New Era
« on: June 02, 2009, 08:50:39 PM »
Hey All! Tankou here!
To be honest I have really wanted to do a cool super heroics game recently, but I haven't found the people to do it all. I was actually once in a super game, and it really teased my muse, but shortly after I joined the whole thing blew up in the faces of the rp'ers, and sadly i never got to put my ideas to work.

Still I would like to recreate it here on E, and invite three or four people to join up ^_^ (Max I could accept to join in is five. Sorry I am just not too good with huge groups of people, I get all confuzzled on the order T_T)

Anyway if you would all read this I would be glad to talk about the whole thing with you all ^_^
Just so you know this takes place in the DC comics universe


In the year 2009, the earth was invaded by an alien race called the Tolarians. A war was waged with the very future of Earth in the balance. The war lasted for five years. The Tolarians were finally defeated, and those that weren't killed returned to their home world. Many of Earth's greatest heros died in the war. Even Superman fell in the final climactic battle.

It is now 2015. With so many of the planets heroes gone after the war, crime is at an all time high. Especially crimes committed by supervillians. Many alien mercenaries, that worked for the Tolarians during the war, have stayed behind and taken up lives of crime. It is also rumored that some of the Tolarians themselves have altered their appearance to look human, and are living among us.

Supergirl, and a handfull of well known superheroes still remain, doing their best to protect the innocent. Are you one of these superheros? Are are you a new hero or heroine not yet known to the general public? Will you join Supergirl and the others in their efforts to fight the wave of superpowered criminals causing havoc around the world? Or, are you one of the very villians they are fighting against? You decide.


That is the description from that old game. The thing got about two weeks in, and then the whole thing went down the drain. It will have character sheets for the fact of being able to get things all set up, but aside from that it is all freeform.
Now just so you all know I don't care if your super hero is an alien, or a human, or what. I honestly would like someone taking Kara's (Supergirl) part, but it isn't necessary. I already have a character that I intend to use from the original, but any original character is allowed.
Also I am not really caring how powerful the character may be or what side he, or she takes. Obviously we need roughly an equal amount of men, and women, but this is open to argument. Also remember that MOST of the classic supers, hero or not, (But mostly hero) are dead. Superman is dead, and Batman is dead, and more than likely a lot of the old villains are dead too. This is, more or less, a rstart on the dc universe.

If anyone wants to be a villain I would be pleased, and even neutrals are welcome.

Character Sheet Below! Please pm me if you wish to join!

Character Name:
Alias: (Your superhero or villian name if you have one.)
Character Age: (Depending on the race it can be any shade of old, young, or infinite. Keep in mind the site rules though)
Affiliation: (Good, Evil, or Nuetral)
Personality: (Not necessary, the personality can easily develop over the rp ^_^)
Description:(Pictures are okay, but words are, contrary to popular belief, worth more. Make both if you can.)
Costume: (If your character doesn't wear a costume, just describe what kind of attire they normaly wear.)
Powers: (Only limited by your imagination, but nothing overly crazy like: The power to blast lightning bolts from his penis, or the power to bench press a buick with her breasts. That's a bit too much, and I would like this to at least be mildly serious.)
Skills: (This is not powers, this is stuff like: he is good with hacking, or jump roping...
History: (This isn't really necessary in this, but it would be nice for some minor background for IC)

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Re: Dawn Of A New Era
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2009, 09:44:24 PM »
Aheh! I played Invictus in this.
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Re: Dawn Of A New Era
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2009, 05:37:37 PM »
I didn't know you were on this site dude. Good to see you again dude ^_^

Also just so everyone knows Valerian has signed up for this game. At most the remining character number is 4 First come first served guys ^_^

Offline ShamshielDF

Re: Dawn Of A New Era
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2009, 03:29:25 AM »
Character Name:  Koneko
Alias:  ...Koneko.  Didn't I already say that?
Character Age: 16
Affiliation: Good!
Personality: Energetic, curious, intelligent, perky and quirky
Description: 16 year old cat girl.  She stands perhaps 5'6" and fairly slender, what most would describe as lithe.  Her tail is expressive to the point that most that know her can read her mood easily, and her ears flick, shift and lie flat like a normal cats ears.  For the most part she appears human save for sharp canines, claws, tail, ears, eyes and slightly longer body hair than most girls her age.  She is slightly stronger than she might give the impression of, but she is much more dexterous, flexible and quick than humans.
Costume: Typically wears what would appear to be a slightly thick skin suit of midnight black that covers her ears and tail as well.  This ties into the neural net of nanites that are part of her nervous system.
Powers: Devisor - she learned to invent things and build toys from her 'father'.  Most of what she builds does not work for others due to their reliance on speed of thought transfer, claws, fast reflexes, etc.  She can build for others, but someone has to continuously remind her that she's working on something for someone else.  And keep the string, catnip and lasers out of her work space.
Skills: Electronics, microtronics, physics, quantum physics, spacial dynamics...many advanced hard sciences are crammed into her brain somewhere, if you can get her to talk about them, rather than play with her catnip mice.
Weaknesses: Catnip, mice, laser toys...anything that would distract her.  And sex...Ever since she started to go into "heat"....
History: Koneko was 'born' in 1999, just before the new millennium.  Her father, known only as "Doctor Ojisan", created her as one of his numerous genetic experiments, deep under Tokyo, Japan.  She was raised in total confinement, learning and being studied constantly, her father keeping her nature mitigated with a regimen of ADHD drugs and the like.

At the beginning of the war, Dr. Ojisan saw the potential of training her for combat use, mostly as a body guard and to help defend Japan.  He began treatments which introduced a secondary, higher speed nervous system and neural network built up of nanites.  One of the last things he did was, when he realized the data storage potential of her newly upgraded systems, was to upload the entirety of his supercomputer to her.  She can access it as quickly as she can her own memories, if not faster, though its not incorporated into her own thoughts, so she usually has to spend a few moments going over new material to add it to what she already knows.  She has not yet realized that the nanites are slowly replacing her own gray matter, very carefully copying information over before replacing it with the higher efficiency machines.  Unfortunately, Dr. Ojisan was slain near the end of the conflict, in a tragic centrifuge accident.
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Re: Dawn Of A New Era
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2009, 05:33:59 PM »
There we go!
Now we have four people in the rp. ShamshielDF has signed up for Koneko and Enmuro has signed up for a male character.
That means we have two females, and two males (My character is a guy)
Jump in as quick as you can if you wanna play, the positions are goin fast! ^_^
Also if someone jumps in with a female chaacter I would appreciate it if the last person would take a male just for the sake of equalness in the pairings Xp
But that is just a suggestion.
Also I feel it would be nice to place down my final Character sheet for Talos Cultain (My character) It may show you all the extent that I am comfortable in going to and therefor you can all get the best of your character ideas ^_^

My Profile

Character Name: Talos "Zodd" Cultain

Alias: None that he likes, but some of the alien races call him Zodd for his previous war experience.

Character Age: 4080 (Looks about 22)

Affiliation: Neutral. He fights more bad guys, but that is only because they normally pick fights faster. In truth he really doesn't care.

Personality: Talos is a stern individual who has served in many an interplanetary war in his long life. Being long lived even for his own kind, Talos just wants to get back home to his own planet. He regards most humans as weakling, only respecting those who can hold against him in a strict fight, and surpass most every other human in normal life. He has met Superman all of twice, and respects him as a sort of friend, having given his respects at Superman's funeral, albeit in silence. Overall Talos is rather gruff, and tries hard not to get himself into human affairs. He just wants to retire, and fears most that he will spend the rest of his days on earth.

Description: Talos is a muscular, tall man standing at about seven feet ten inches tall. His hair is black, and spiky, and he normally walks about with his back straight, and chest out. If you look in his eyes you can see the hardening of dozens of wars, and thousands of individual battles. Is skin is well tanned

Costume: Nothing for a costume, but his normal clothing looks like this.

Powers: In order to keep his power going Talos has a serious restriction. He must consume at least 30,000 calories worth of food a day, which leads him to carry around raw fatty steaks, and such things like that which are naturally filled with fat.

Star Heart: This isn't any simple joke. Talos, and his kind literally have tiny suns for hearts. The sun hearts are what power Talos' kind. The super dense blue star that runs Talos is about the size of a man's thumb nail, and he draws all of his power from the little star on a daily basis. While it may not seem to outwardly effect others Talos is a deadly weapon in both his fighting, and his supposed death throws. If her were to die before his internal star was to die on it's own the star would super nova, and perhaps wipe out a whole city block in the explosion. Due to how dense the star is Talos weighs a good 700 pounds which is mostly the star itself. All of Talos' powers are provided by this little sun.

Super Strength: Talos has strength comparable to a Kryptonian under a yellow sun. He can lift up a bus, and fling it around with a single hand without any effort at all. Such amazing acts as lifting an island from the planet are not unknown in certain special occasions, but often such things are beyond Talos while he is sustaining his average diet of 30,000 calories

Tough Skin, and Healing Factor: Talos can take a clip from a human machine gun without outward injury. His only weak zone is his eyes but due to a specialized nictitating membrane Talos’ eyes are still far more durable than the average human skin. Talos is not immune to laser fire, but heals visibly from wounds, and if he ever loses a limb for any reason he may place it back on the wound and the limb will seal back on.

Enhanced senses: While nothing like x-ray vision, or something of that sort Talos has all of his senses set to about the equivalent of the best animals of earth; Nose like a bloodhound, touch sense of a mole, and so on. Talos’ sense or hearing is so keen that if at any time he were rendered blind he could function completely off of his sight.

Tall Buildings In A Single Bound: Because of his extreme strength Talos can leap great distances with ease. He can standing jump several hundred feet vertically, and with a running jump can clear over a thousand feet.

Head Lights: Because Talos' body is quite literally run by a small star he can redirect the ambient radiation to various places in his body to make various cosmetic effects. One such effect is the ability to redirect the light from the small sun inside of his through Talos' eyes, literally giving him headlights to illuminate an area. While he doesn't normally need this ability to get around, his own natural sight sufficient to see in most darkness it is a neat trick, and useful in case Talos ever was to be stuck in a party of heroes who didn't possess the same sight he did. Also Talos can annoy such party members by closing one eye or the other, or blinking rapidly.

Humanoid Heater: The old human method of keeping warm in difficult situations would be to huddle together and gather warmth in the middle of the collective. Since Talos runs on a system of self contained nuclear fusion he has no such philosophy, and in while he doesn't get cold he is aware that other humanoids may, and through many centuries of practice has developed a method of making controlled fusion leaks in his body so as to leak heat from his star heart. In short when activating this ability Talos may control how much heat he puts off from an industrial strength heater to the equivalent of a small heating pad.

Impervious to fire: Seeing as he has a sun instead of a heart Talos is completely unaffected by fire, and could walk into a pit of lava, and emerge wholly unharmed.

Breath Of Flame: Talos can use a solar flare from his star heart to shoot either a jet of white hot cutting flames up to fifteen feet long to a cloud of red flames that spreads out like dragons breath up to a hundred feet in diameter, and anything in between the two.

Steak Tartar, and Sushi Please: Since the inside of Talos' body is a veritable, albeit very well contained furnace Talos has no need to cook any of his food. He could easily rip apart a cow, and eat it in the middle of an open field right after it dies without needing to cook it for all of the cooking is done in his very body.

Ritual Suicide: While this is not at all common in Talos' race the Karturians believed that if escape was impossible, and the situation was dire that only something such as ritual suicide was acceptable. Naturally as a highly warlike race this form of suicide involved taking everyone else out with the dying man so it was developed through thousands of years of genetic memory. By disrupting the balance of force in his star heart Talos can cause the miniature star to collapse in on itself, creating a small, “low suction” quantum singularity. Unlike the standard Karturian Death throes this type of willing death would clear an entire continent of life, swallowing everything in the area, and compacting it into nothing before the small black whole fell into a single massive diamond consisting of all of the crushed material that the black hole had consumed. This is a last ditch method, and even in Talos' time with his kind, was looked down upon unless nothing else could be done.

Skills: Talos is specialized in general physical crafts, and sports. when bored he will go to a forge, and volunteer his time to make metal in the forge, or build a house in an hour for the community. It's NOT because he is nice... It is because he is bored.

Talos is a master swordsman as any Karturian soldier is trained to be, and as any Karturian soldier is given Talos has a sword (Seen in the pic above) that has weathered through all of the wars, and battles Talos has fought in. Since Karturian swords were made with the intention of going from soldier to soldier for millions of years Talos' sword is not at all weakened from so many years of abuse. Supposedly it is indestructible and can cut through anything but such rumors are more than likely Karturian boasts to impress the soldiers.

Weaknesses: Talos has the same reaction to Kryptonite as Superman, and supergirl do albeit his reaction is significantly less severe. When in the presence of Kryptonite Talos is not powerless, just significantly weaker than usual. If he does not eat 30,000 calories a day he is left comparatively weaker so if he only got 29,000 calories then he is only marginally weaker, but if he is stuck with the human 2000 calorie cap he becomes incredibly weak, and cannot do much at all.

Because the sun that is Talos' heart runs on the calories that he consumes and is ever feeding, growing with increased consumption, Talos has the option of consuming extra calories in any given day to give himself a bit of extra power. This does not give him new powers, just strengthens his already present ones. If, for instance, Talos consumed 60,000 calories in one day as opposed to the average 30,000 he would be twice as strong as normal, impervious to damage of nearly any sort, highly sensitive as far as sensory input goes, and able to blast fire from his mouth a mile away. This acts as a sort of augmentation to his weakness though Talos rarely finds the need to go so far as this as it leaves him prone to what his kind call “Backheat” similar to heartburn in humans. It doesn't debilitate him in any way but is highly unpleasant and ca cause pain for days before the sun that is Talos' heart once again stabilizes.

History: Talos was born on the planet Devastus, the Karturian home planet. He grew up, and was often seen as far stronger than even the strongest of his peers. Through his younger years, that is his first hundred, he was conscripted into the Karturian army, and served his time in two different wars, and many more minor battles between forces. He was soon called Zodd, which meant "Immortal" or “Invincible” in his language depending on how it was spelled. Much to his displeasure he became revered among his kind for his prowess on the battle field. When he turned five hundred years old, the average life expectancy of his kind, his peers had either died, or were horribly old, and he still stayed as young as when he had sprouted into adulthood, and ever since has stayed so.

In his last war Talos was flying back to Devastus, ready to accept his reward of full retirement for his great duties to his kind, but was attacked by a rogue fighter, and fell to earth in the year AD 1276. Ever since he has lived on earth alone for the most part, taking a few strong wives, but not fathering any children for lack of a strong enough woman to carry one. He still seeks a wife, but knows better than to find a powerful woman that could possibly carry a child for him. Since the great invasion Talos has trashed his own fair share of Tolarians as well as anyone else that happened to get in his way. He has made a reasonable lifestyle at turning in bounty heads in the from of super villains and vigilantes alike. Though Talos has refused to take sides he normally gets paid by the American Government to take out threats, understanding that even he needs to get along in the human world somehow. Turning in Super Villains seemed to be the best such way so Talos keeps a large apartment in Uptown Metropolis that he lives in when not wandering about, blasting people who annoy him, murdering cattle in the middle of the day for food and begrudgingly apologizing for the loss for the farmer, and running for hours at a time at full speed through corn fields.

Recently Talos heard of Supergirl's existence and began wishing to meet her in case she was anything like her relative. The fact that Kara Zor'el is a lone member of her species on Earth as well as one of the last of her kind leads Talos to believe that she would be more than willing to empathize with a man in a similar situation and thus attempt in helping Talos to return to his home planet.

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Re: Dawn Of A New Era
« Reply #5 on: June 08, 2009, 07:35:51 PM »
Already got another bite people!
Remember what I said about making the last one a guy if this was a girl? Well forget it. This chick that just joined is a lesbian so feel free to go either way XP
So the count is two men two women, one lesbian.
I will be putting up the OOC and Character board pretty soon ^_^
It will be in small groups NC-Exotic Freeform
We'll have villains, and neutrals, and heroes nobody knows what will happen so it is just to be safe XP
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Re: Dawn Of A New Era
« Reply #6 on: June 09, 2009, 07:24:49 PM »
Well I am gonna start this all up. It seems like we won't be getting a sixth member, but I will be open accepting a last person in case anyone wants to take the sixth position ^_^ We are needing a Supergirl if anyone is up for the task ^_^

Here is the Main thread:
Here is the character board:
Here is the OOC:

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Re: Dawn Of A New Era
« Reply #7 on: June 11, 2009, 07:48:48 PM »
Ok I'll make charater(S) sometime when I got the time right now can't.