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Author Topic: Fallen Angel (NC-Exotic, M/M & M/F, Fantasy)-taken  (Read 376 times)

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Offline NessyTopic starter

Fallen Angel (NC-Exotic, M/M & M/F, Fantasy)-taken
« on: June 01, 2009, 02:29:12 PM »
The idea is a little cliché but here it is.

There was a great battle in the planes of the demons between the forces of light and darkness.  After a few days the battle began to turn ill for the creatures of light but the damage done.  The ability of their enemies to invade the heavens or the mortal world was severely hampered and the goals they set for themselves accomplished. Several generals, notable fiends and at least one demon lord were destroyed at a heavy but acceptable cost; they were, after all, on enemy territory. There had always been hope that more could be done but the losses were expected and the fate of the battle ultimately known. Retreat would be necessary.

 The forces of light consisted of many groups including heroes from the mortals, great creatures of nobility such as the gold and silver dragons from the Whispering Mountains and a small band of Angels. Of those who ventured into the depths of shadows, the Angels were the most fearless and most tireless. With their bodies imbued in holy light and their nature to thwart evil, they could focus on nothing else but their task. They did not fear death. As they retreated with the others, leaving the fallen where they lay, their souls carefully guarded and taken with them, one was struck down by an evil spear and fell long into the jagged rocks near the field.  There was no time to return for him and the others left him behind before the gate closed upon them all.  His loss was felt deeply, for he was an experienced warrior.

Something happened, however, that none of them expected.  The angel was not killed by the spear or the fall or any other creature for that matter. He was able to remove the weapon from his body, but a small piece remained embedded just under the wing. That tainted shard awoke within him new sensations, fear, uncertainty and curiosity. Not knowing a clear path home, he hid in a labyrinth of caverns until most gave up pursuit.  After all, a lone angel in the demon realm was hardly significant.

What I am looking for:

I am playing the part of the angel, going for the more submissive role for a change.

I am looking for someone to play a demon lord, or a warlord, or someone of the side of darkness that has the strength or at least some considerable ability, inherent or through an item, to dominate an angel of no small amount of power himself. Ideally though, I am hoping the person to play more than one character in addition to their primary so that m/m and m/f can be possible. I enjoy playing more than one character myself so that’s a possibility.   As far as plot is concerned, the idea is that this angel is tainted by this demonic shard inside him to the point where he is willing to make sacrifices to save his own life, making it possible to enslave him fully.

It’s a loose plot, I know, but please feel free to contact me with questions/ideas if the idea intrigues you at all. Oh and the world I am envisioning is high or moderate fantasy with multiple gods, not a modern world religious themed world either.

Thank you.
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Offline NessyTopic starter

Re: Fallen Angel (NC-Exotic, M/M & M/F, Fantasy)
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2009, 04:44:29 PM »
Another idea that could work with this is where the angel is trained to be submissive with his master, whomever that maybe, but more dominate with others be they slaves, victims. etc.