Model Hostages, anyone?

Started by kylie, May 10, 2005, 08:33:05 AM

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I wonder if people would be interested in a more or less free form hostage sort of game.  Take over of a car show.  You know, one with all the souped up models feeling confident, used to showing off and teasing.  Some newer models pretending to be the same, but just getting their feet wet.   Perhaps a few regular civilian visitors, or not so regular.   

The catch is this particular car show takes place in a country where the radical Wahabs want nothing of the sort.  Think of the outrage about the beauty pageant in Nigeria.  Perhaps Malaysia, Oman, or some other little known place with a big conservative base lurking (I haven't decided yet).  Someone has decided to shut this thing down and teach the infidels a lesson by crashing the show and reeling in these lewd, corrupting women. 

So, a band of terrorists/ moral purists takes over the show.  (Cameo appearances by Bush are optional - just kidding!)  Some of them will be plain cold (or sadistic), but some will try to enjoy softer perks of the job.  The same for the hostages: they can be easy in hopes of being protected, or nasty (even fierce) in hopes of saving their scant dignity or escaping. People can get obsessed with the hot models or wild gunmen, and use the situation to try something they wouldn't otherwise.   Perhaps some of the intruders can even be turned against their faction.  (Gee, am I just too switchy sometimes?)   

The game would definitely go in Heavy.  The general range I have in mind is petting, psychological teasing and probing (often with a vague threat of violence with all the weapons around), some casual sex, possible bondage, some rape,  possible forced D/s, and some other nasty kink/mean and odd stuff (see below).  Gun battles might occur, but mostly as a way to help the main characters (that is, most everybody) get through the plot to where they need to be.  Like Die Hard: lots of maneuver, few serious casualties. 

There can be more: the moral crusaders - excuse me, terrorists (got that straight?) may have info that among the models is a spy, but they don't know who it is.  They may have a deadline to find out something the spy knows...  So besides taking advantage of ahem opportunities with the hostages, there would be incentive to trick or interrogate / torture them.  For some it might be kinky torture - but of course the victims don't have to like it ;)

If a few people are interested, I would also like to have a PC cop or two outside trying to run a rescue operation - which of course could go bad.  (The only plaything more fun than an indecent model is an indignant cop?)  I have a couple other ideas for a longer plot, but is there any interest in this general getup?


I would most likely be interested in being a part of this. Sounds like fun.


Hmmmmm...modellllssssss  ;D Sounds fun.
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Interesting. I would give it a go ;)
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I'd be very interested. It sounds like fun!
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Straight male.  As long as its within the rules of the forum, and doesn't involve fire, I'll try it once.


Wow, response.  I am rather liking this.  I'm topsy-turvy this minute looking for work, but should have more in a few days.


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I like it! I want to play!

I'll be one of those really cute Japanese models that are often seen posing with some sort of Japanese Export car at some of the American car shows. ^^

I'd so love to cuddle and.... well.... other things with a few of those models!!  ;D

Tsumibito Seija

If you have room for one more I would like to play one of the Terrorists Kylie.


Still interested in doing this.  Just a bit nuts with ugly un-real life at the moment.  Write down a few notes on your trusty ketchup'ed and whatever else-ed napkins...  I'll be back.


Yay! Glad this one is still going to happen  ;D
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And the place you need to reach
Don't you ever tame your demons
But always keep 'em on a leash.           ons/offs


Okay, this is getting set up in Heavy.  If you're interested, please check out the Overview and Character stuff there. 

Send in a character idea, if it looks good  8)



We have a good set of people going, but more (and especially some more models) would be welcome.