Naughty School Girl (Male Needed)

Started by Piercer, May 29, 2009, 01:56:48 PM

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So for god knows what reason I have been wanting to do a naughty school girl like RP. I want something that will be long lasting and detailed.

I was thinking something along the lines of she is failing a class and her teacher will only allow her to make it up in one way. After that goes down she just becomes the naughty girl of the school. Or even the stalker type when he refuses her after wards.

If you are interested hit me up PM or on the thread.

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I think I would like playing the teacher-student thing. What sort of age are we talking about for the girl? She could be a bit older like around 20 and turn into a escort or something just to have a cock.

I think we could discuss possibilities if you are interested.