A few rambling ideas, female requested. Primarily Light, Human Consensual.

Started by ChosenbyRuin, May 28, 2009, 11:33:22 PM

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all of these will demand a long, drawn out story. That's how i roll. if you want to get your rocks off right away, im not the partner for you ;) futher, these scenes are very detailed because ive had time to fantasise about them. All i really care about is maintaining the moods, which you will find are really intense and stylised, hopefully. if you want to make an edit to any of these, please, feel free, i encourage my partner to edit or re-write scenarios I make, as it engages them further into the story and provides a more emotionally (and sexually, by extension) experiance for both.

Scenario 1: the Beautiful wierdo. -
Modern time, with a hint of unreality, set during a cold winter in a Chilly climate. Saskatchewan, Scotland, New York come to mind. Area should be fairly rural. Partner and I are attendants of a small private university, both involved in a humanities major (theatre is about perfect for the mood). My character is a very strange individual, stays outside of the crowd, watched on the periphary, paints pictures of the strangest things while watching in detail his subjects. In reality, the wierd man is part wrapped in what might be madness, or a seperate, more vibrant reality. Female character would have to be mildly interested in the character, but pretty popular, so tends to stay away from the strange ones for fear of losing face. Early during exposition, there would be a damsel in distress-esque encounter, where the wierdo shows up and silently protects the girl, polite, but extremley nervous about speaking with her after the fact.  This is a selfish role, designed to fulfill an emotional need I have, and I fully don't expect anyone's interest, but if it is there, as the female character got to know the male character, she would start to see shades of his mad world he lives in alone. Fairly romantic, not particuarly erotic, though possibility is there depending on direction play goes. (light, human consensual)
  Found a replacement for this. The character was challenging to have any kind of pacing with, since he was such a scared little child. This roleplay is at its essense, trying to get someone to chase me and to be a really romantic scene. The problem, of course, is that a scared little boy isnt exactly attractive to women who enjoy romance.  I'm writing up a replacement for my "chase me, make me fall in love again" scene. (Link placeholder)

Scenario 2: The Grey Room OP needs to think about this post more, i'm 150 posts into this one being taken right now ;)
Scenario takes place in the near-future, psudeo cyberpunk genre. Western civilization has all but collapsed after a natural disaster, what parts still function are run under an intercontinental totalitarian regime. Male and female roles know each other from the past, vaugley, had gone on dates together during collage and had alot of chemestry. Unfortunatly, the disaster occored during their collage years, both thinking the other to have perished.  Female role starts as a government employee in a records commission, comes across a classified document on a small disk that is proof of the government's manufacture of the preceeding natural disaster. In fear, the female character would eventually be caught for knowing things she couldent know.. in flight, she is shot and serverley wounded, passing out during sounds of a struggle nearby. She wakes up a few times, delerious, as a man in a black ski mask is carefully removing a bullet. She wakes up with comlete lucidity with her wounds dressed, her ankle manacled to a bed, in a locked studio basement apartment, containing everything she needs to survive, a telephone, and a tape recorder. The tape recorder has a note on it that reads "play me"
The rp would start here, but just so you know what kind of thing this is... a mysterious man, secretley, the date from before, has taken her hostage to save her life. He is willing to provide for her whatever she requests, but cannot let her leave, for her own safetey, and, because she would know how to locate his hideout now that she's seen it.  Role will focus on themes of fear, noir, intruige, mild romance, and high sexual tension, in the event a natural submissive takes the role and melts into it just right. Submissives preferred, but not neccissary. There is *NO* physical abuse of the woman in this scene, whatsoever. i will not budge no that. (probably light, human, consensual. depending on moods, it may arguably be non-consensual)

Scenario 3: Lemurian matriarch
This scene is a role-reversal of sorts of the grey room scene. This would take place in a high-fantasy world, possibly the lost world of lemuria, atlantis, so forth. The culture would be highly advanced and philisophical. One key element of the culture is it is a matriarchy, and further, sexual intercourse is seen as a divine, spiritual experiance. Outside the borders of "fantasy kingdom" are savage lands with stone-age savages living outside. The female character is a matriarchal ruler of her people, and the male character is a captive of a small outlying village in the wildlands. These people are taken in to be "cultured" and "educated" (read: indoctronated) by their new masters. Several ladies of court use this as an excuse to have a savage lover and toss him aside into an academy, being little more than a slave. I am one of these savages, and I am enslaved to you. Prefer dominant female, but be warned, I wll not be happy about the situation, and play the "proud barbarian" type. I must be broken ;)
This is probably the most erotic of the three, but still, the longer it is drawn out and the more emotional the scene becomes, the tastier the dessert, if you catch my meaning. (Light, human, consensual)

Scenario 4: The hedge
partner would be a grown woman who is still has a bit of a child in her, i.e. wanders into the forest alone, over-active imagination.  One day she goes just a little too far into the forest, past a thicket of thorny bushes, she gets lost, unable to find her way back through. Here she would meet various twisted fae like enteties. Think midsummer night's dream, but quite possibly dangerous. My role would be that of a satyresque creature, so this could arguably be light exotics.

That's all i can think of for now, ill probably put up a few more extremley long scenes that scare everyone away soon ;)


i like your second scenario, maybe we could try that out if you want?
and when you think of me years down the line, I hope you can't find one good thing to say


I really like the idea of your first scenario.  Would love to play it sometime.
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modified (a week after the fact) that scenario 2 is taken, aaand its really taken, i think the post is at almost 8 pages?