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Author Topic: Oneofakiind, Nikkia & Marcuss  (Read 3584 times)

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Offline Nikkia

Re: Oneofakiind, Nikkia & Marcuss
« Reply #50 on: May 29, 2009, 10:18:44 AM »
Lexxie could feel herself getting more and more drunk. She tipped her head back down, swallowing the last shot and groaned. "Aw, what's wrong Lexxie? Too much, already?" Lexxie laughed and stood up. She wheeled for only a moment and pushed his shoulder lightly, "Oh, fuck you," she mumbled. "I'm done."

Lexxie stumbled out to the wrap around porch and leaned over the thick wooden railing. She howled and whistled, clearly too drunk to function. "Hey, hey now. Where do you think you're going?" Jackson teased, following Lexxie intently. "Oh back off, Jackson. Go find Missy," she spat, leaning only further over the railing.

"Come on, now," he started. "Don't throw yourself over the railing." He grasped Lexxie's shoulders and gently pulled her upright. Lexxie just laughed loudly, howling once again. Lexxie wasn't much of a fun drunk, she was easily angered and wouldn't hesitate to punch even her own sister right in her face (it's happened before).

"So how about you say, instead of making fools of ourselves out on the porch, we go back inside and do a few more shots?" Jackson asked, winking. "Go. Find. Missy," Lexxie mumbled, obviously much more agitated. "But I want to chill with you," he replied. "You had your fun, now go."

"But maybe I haven't had enough fun," he insisted.

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Re: Oneofakiind, Nikkia & Marcuss
« Reply #51 on: May 29, 2009, 11:26:53 AM »
Trying to get threw the packed house was damned near impossible without shoving and pushing but well it was one of those few times he actually could not give a damn how he pissed off. By the time he got to the room where his sister was suppose to be she wasn't there but the entire front offensive line was aside from Jackson

"Where are Jackson and my Sister?" his voice almost growled out as he directed the question to anyone of the apes that would answer him.

Don the center laughed " Like you care Jackson is prepping her for fun "

He caught the outlined form of his sister on the porch from the window and as he started to make his way to the door Don grabbed Jimmy's arm "NO yo dont"

Jimmy didn't even think as his right arm moved up and over then under Don's arm till his fingers touched upon the shoulder of the guy that weighed more then a hundred pounds. He then twisted his body towards him with having captured the arm and his left hand palm open shot right at the strighten elbow and the room was filled with the sickening sound of bone shattering.

In that moment Don of course let go and Jim lept up from a standing point and his right leg snapped out. The baggy pants adding to that snapping sound as he connected to the face blood spurting everywhere as Don wheeled and fellt back to the glass and threw the window.

He looked at the rest of the team which decided to change their mind and quickly dissapared. Using the front door he opened it up " Hey Jackson my sis said no so why don't you take fat boy over there and scram"

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Re: Oneofakiind, Nikkia & Marcuss
« Reply #52 on: May 29, 2009, 12:11:45 PM »
The four of them all looked up at the commotion coming from the house and Missy frowned, scowling a little. "Sounds like there's some fun going on up there," Adam laughed, sliding an arm around Missy's shoulder, handing her a drink rather large drink. She didn't think twice about what it was as she knocked it back in just a few quick gulps, just wanting to forget who she was for awhile.

"Inviting my brother and sister was an idiot idea." She muttered as she downed it without another thought, but gagged at the taste a second later. Everclear was not her friend. It hit her almost as soon as it slid down her throat and she looked up at Adam, a little dazed. Over his shoulder, Maggie was telling John that she had to go get another drink, leaving the two boys and Missy alone at the end of the dock.

She glanced back toward the house, seeing Lexxie and Jackson, and now Jimmy. "I'm never taking them anywhere..." she muttered, her words barely slurring out of her mouth. "I really need to get away..." She stood up, stumbled, and burst out laughing as she ran barefooted back up the dock and toward the forest next to the house, her long curls flying in the wind, not even registering that the two track boys were following her into the quiet darkness of the woods.

Missy stopped running once she was inside, wincing at the pine-needles and such that started sticking into her feet, but she kept going, running her fingers through her hair. "They always get the attention. Lexxie always gets the guy and Jimmy always pays attention to her, it's just not fair" she rambled drunkenly, stumbling through the woods deliriously.

Offline Nikkia

Re: Oneofakiind, Nikkia & Marcuss
« Reply #53 on: May 29, 2009, 12:22:46 PM »
Lexxie winced at the cracking sound coming from behind her. "What the fu--.." Lexxie wasn't given a chance to finish her sentence, as Jimmy cut her off. "Jimmy what are yoooou dooing!?" she stammered. Her eyes glazed over. The alcohol was just really hitting her right now.

Lexxie hadn't even waited for his answer. She stumbled down the stairs and sighed as her barefeet hit the cool grass. She knew this night wouldn't end well. Jimmy was liable to get arrested with all the trouble he was causing. Breaking bones? "I wasn't in that much trouble," Lexxie yelled aloud. She wasn't talking to anybody specifically.

"I'm going down to the laa--.." Lexxie started talking, but just as quickly as the thought entered her brain it just as quickly exited. She didn't remember what she was talking about, or where she wanted to go, but she just started walking. She walked passed various people, many of which were concerned.

"Lexxie, are you alright?" one girl asked. Lexxie didn't even know this girl, since the girl was only a junior. "I'm fine, mind you're own business," Lexxie growled, stumbling to the dock.

"Lex!" Jackson called after her from the porch. She didn't even turn around, just gave him the finger before sitting down roughly on the edge of the dock. "Where the hell is Missy?" Lexxie yelled. She was waiting for Jimmy to respond.

Offline Ceron

Re: Oneofakiind, Nikkia & Marcuss
« Reply #54 on: May 29, 2009, 10:55:34 PM »
Out of the corner of his eye he saw Missy taking off and the two boys following her. {Christ} It was a good thing he decided not to drink. First thing first His eyes seemed to almost burn as he glared at Jackson

" Don't even think about it unless you want to lose your scholarship to UCLA I know exactly what you and your boys were planning and not with my sister " His voice dripped venom " You harm one hair on her and I promise hell will be paid "

Jackson paused and looked at Jimmy and then Don moaning upon the porch with blood streaming from his face. For a moment Jimmy thought for sure that the other was going to take a swing at him but then seemed to reconsider "Find another victim but it won't be my sisters. " Sure their family were about as dysfunctional as one could be but in the end they were his sisters and that was that.

He was pleased to see Jackson decide to take care of Don as Jimmy made his way down the stairs to Lexxie " Come on now We need to go and rescue Missy I have a feeling that from the two that were following her she is about to get herself into trouble "

He really should have just stayed home knowing that neither of the girls would think he was looking out for them . Sighing he started heading off towards where Missy ran off.

Offline OneOfAKiindTopic starter

Re: Oneofakiind, Nikkia & Marcuss
« Reply #55 on: May 29, 2009, 11:10:22 PM »
Drunkenly, missy tripped on a raised tree root and fell flat on her face, scraping her palms as she went, wincing a bit, but she laughed at herself, amused at her clumsiness. Rolling onto her back was about all she could do. "My freakin luck," she giggled softly, and smiled when she looked up and saw John and Adam approaching and standing over her, both of them far less drunk than she was.

Her vision swam and she swayed a bit, unable to get up from where she was now laying, babbling random things to them. The everclear had hit her hard now, and given the amount of alcohol she had consumed prior, she was going to be in a world of hurt if she made it through the night.

She barely felt their hands over her body, pushing her skirt up, tugging down her top. Her feeble attempts at stopping them were so pathetic given her state that they didn't even have to hold her down. "I don't think we should do this you know my brother is awful possessive oh did you know he's getting his blackbelt this weekend" her words ran together without any slowing, her eyes shutting a bit to keep the world from spinning so much, "i'm so proud of him i could just-OH!" she cried out for a moment, but even her shock couldn't sober her enough to fight them off, "no no no" she started repeating, shaking her head.

Offline Nikkia

Re: Oneofakiind, Nikkia & Marcuss
« Reply #56 on: May 30, 2009, 08:54:30 AM »
Lexxie drifted in and out of consciousness for a few moments, but was alerted by a shreik. It sounded almost as if it came from the woods, but Lexxie was too drunk to know.

She stood up and ran--more like stumbled-- after Jimmy. "Jimmy wait! Please? Wait for me!" her words slurred together in an incoherent mess. She even knew he wouldn't be able to understand her. "Can we please go?" she begged into the darkness.

By the time she had caught up to Jimmy, she was heaving. She had run barefoot all the way through the woods. She hunched over for a moment, clearly unable to catch her breath. A dizzy spell ran through her, and she was most certain she would pass out.

To Lexxie's surprise, the dizziness became nausea. She crouched to the ground, preparing to vomit. As quickly as the nausea enveloped her, it was gone. She stood up and coughed, exhaling heavily. "Can we please go home?" she asked Jimmy. She whined softly, and trudged along side him, making their way to their baby sister.

"No, no, no," her sister whimpered, only a few yards away. "What the fuck?" Lexxie growled aloud, clearly sobering up a bit.

Offline Ceron

Re: Oneofakiind, Nikkia & Marcuss
« Reply #57 on: May 30, 2009, 11:14:37 AM »
The shriek caused him to kick it into high gear. Leaving Lexxie behind him "Just take care of Missy" The chains jingled loudly as he ran , a blur past he trees As he was close to losing his temper. Sure the girls were dressed to get fucked but not like this. He burst into the clearing in time to see his sisters clothes shredded.

All he saw was red as this point pushing off with his back foot and he front knee raised up catching the first one right on the side of his face knocking him away from Missy and the sound of bone breaking as the jaw met knee.

landing upon his feet he was already on the second before he could even reach down to pull his pants up . Kyle looked down and laughed " No wonder you have to force yourself on a girl. I have had shits bigger then that. " and his right leg shot out to the side of the kids knee cap knocking him to one knee with the force of the blow. His palm shot out and the sicking sound of bone breaking as he shattered the nose.

Blood sprayed around them as he breathed heavily watching the two dissapear . Looking at Lexxie " Give me the keys to your car. Your in no shape to drive" the tone of his voice showed that he was in no mood for arguements. "