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Started by Greenthorn, May 25, 2009, 04:22:19 PM

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Alright...I noticed something today!!  When I click on a link from my bookmarks (when there is a new reply), it does not mark it as read on the board.  So, basically...I click the link, it removes the "new" from the bookmark page...but when I go to the main forum, the thread is still pink and unread.



SMF's read topic tracking is best classified as 'retarded'. There are actually two markers for every single thread and person.

Why I have no idea.

Greenthorn it's not a fixable bug...or me seeing things. 

Works for me...thanks Vek.


I've made a note that it ought to be fixed an lots of people agree, but it's a schema level change : /


Nope, it's not a fixable bug. That would be the upload exploit.

And no, it's not you seeing things. That would be the pink elephants.


If it's pink then it means there's been thread updates since you last checked the board, which is different from checking a thread on that board.

It makes sense, since there might also be other threads on that board, that you are not yet aware of.


No, will tell me that one thread has a new reply, even if I've read it.  I know that the board itself could have another reply of something I am not watching.

I noticed it during the WW game after I died.  I was watching the mud slinging and even when Scott and Aeval were not posting, it still showed up as new.