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May 21, 2018, 12:15:20 PM

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Author Topic: Time is of the essence ([UN] LF F or M, messenger RP strongly pref.)  (Read 383 times)

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Offline HatterTopic starter

Hey =)

So, I'm looking looking for someone interested in playing in a setting I've thought up over a messenger (YIM or AIM are what I tend to use).  I'd be primarily playing a character, but also taking care of the GameMaster duties for anyone used to the term =P  The jist of the setting is that time travel is real and that factions are using it, as you might expect, to try to rewrite history for their benefit.  For those that know the Feng Shui setting, I've borrowed heavily from it in the technical sense, but I'm looking for something much more philosophical and less Hong Kong action movie-y =P

Basically, there is another world attached to this one, a cold, sterile place constantly being tended to by unspeaking vaguely humanoid constructs, the walls humming with activity.  In this world are a number of portals, all going to specific times and places in our world, but the portals are relatively few in number and this world can only be accessed by a few thousand people over all of the time periods combined.  Rumor has it that, if a group can garner the belief and consensus of the masses throughout time, history itself will change to suit their beliefs.  Factions power by magic, religion, future technology, and even good old vengeance therefore scheme and interact with the populace in places ranging from the far future to medieval times in a secret, covert conflict that could threaten all of existence.  I've included a blurb at the bottom with a sample of how I imagine things to go as well as my writing style, but let me get the boring bits out of the way first =P

I'm generally around in the late evenings into the night eastern time on the weekdays and sporadically on the weekends.  I'm very much interested in character depth and emotional, moving descriptions.  If you are looking to see things that develop both in and out of the bedroom, I'm the guy for you =)  My ons and offs are in my signature, but I'll say that I'm a big sucker for romance...whatever form that takes.

So what do I want in a partner?  Well I have a slight preference for females, but males will most certainly be considered as well.  I'm looking for someone interested in detailed RP where the characters contend with the stresses of the world, their relationship, etc. and develop internally as well as changing as a result of what happens to them.  I'm looking for someone relatively relaxed that doesn't mind that I can sometimes be random and often just like to chat about whatever if one of us isn't in an RP mood.  And most importantly, someone that roughly matches my schedule of course =P  Hopefully I've got someone still interested, and if that's you, feel free to shoot me a PM if you want to get something started or just have some questions and want to chat further =)

Without further ado, the sample!

*Geoffrey coughs, leaning forward his hand pressed against the brick wall of a chinese food restaurant to support himself.  His eyes are red from a lack of sleep and his black t-shirt and simple blue jeans are spotted with dried mud as he tries to catch his breath.  After a few moments he peeks out around the corner, looking into the relatively empty street of a modern city.  Seeming satisfied that things were safe enough, he limps out, traveling a few blocks to the base of a run down apartment complex.  He tries to walk with his back straight, doing his best not to draw attention to himself*

I really need to stop doing this...

*He coughs again, talking to himself in just above a whisper as he enters the building, ducking into the stairwell and starting to climb.  He leans against the outer wall of the stairway, his climb slow and deliberate as he ascends to the fourth floor.  He fumbles for some keys, looking around hurriedly before opening the door to apartment 413.  Once inside he quickly enters the bedroom, climbing under the bed before suddenly appearing in another world, still in a crawling position from his previous posture, though now the lights are bright and white, the ceilings high, and the floors made of solid metal.  Behind him is the portal he has come through, a humming blue sheet that looks like a solid glass pane.  It is opaque, nothing inherently indicating what time it connects to*

I wonder if any of them know how much they should appreciate it.

*He says, climbing to his feet and pushing past a number of the short humanoids with blank faces and burgundy skin that tend to the corridors.  He quickly ducks into another portal, appearing next to a large stone in what appears to be a circular clearing in an otherwise dense forest.  Seeming surprised, another figure turns to face him from the edge of the clearing.  There stands a tall woman, dressed in the simple brown robes of a medieval monk, a crude cord of robe tied around her waist to bind them.  Strikingly, however, her face is covered by a mask which resembles a porcelain doll, the features fixed and painted with great care.  Upon seeing Geoffrey she chuckles softly, taking a few steps forward before taking a defensive posture*

Well, isn't this awkward...

*She says with a cautious tone and Geoffrey swallows, trying to do his best to stand up straight before speaking*



Hopefully you enjoyed it, and like I said, PM me, I'd love to hear from anyone that's interested!