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Started by davespence, May 21, 2009, 11:35:15 PM

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While mindlessly staring into the computer screen, browsing a favorite porn sites (a typical late night activity), I notice the new mail icon flashing in the system tray.  There's no doubt in my mind it's spam, but I decided to checked anyway.  I minimize the titty-fuck video and open my in-box.  "OMG"  - I actually received a reply! A few weeks back I posted the following on adult bulletin board in the M4F section:  "Voyeur for Exhibitionist - I want to watch you. (Locals only)"  You reply with nothing more than your address, Living room window, 1/2 hour.

Elven Sex Goddess

I be interested in this.  Is heading to bed thou in a few minutes.   So drop me a pm.