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January 21, 2019, 02:36:34 PM

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Author Topic: Hiding in Plain Sight - Vampire rp. Any species/gender/etc welcome. one on one.  (Read 1116 times)

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Offline SecretwriterTopic starter

[Open to one other person, gender doesn’t matter, species doesn’t matter. All in fun]

Lorraine stared into the fading embers left of the fire that was used to keep the chill out of the small cabin.  She hated the winter time, it always made things colder, even in her life as a vampire. She’d hated it as a human but then it wasn’t so bad.  Nothing could describe the odd feeling of the damp and chill that could creep into one’s bones in the worst of weather. 

It was a feeling that never seemed to leave until the summer months came at her with their worst.  She brushed her hair that had fallen into her eyes away and tucked it behind her ear.

She wondered how long she’d be staying there and if the place was inhabited. Ah. Well If it was then it wouldn’t be for long.  She only planned, at that moment, to stay just long enough to let the sun set and its rays disappear so that she could go out for the hunt.  She brushed dirt off of her jeans and knew that it was time to get a new set of clothing, hers were now far too soiled to be of much use.  She supposed that she could clean them but the thought of going into a mortal laundr-o-mat irked her.  It was hard enough to coexist without taking a nibble here or there or doing her worst when she let her hunger get too bad and out of control.

She wasn’t hiding, she just didn’t want to be found.  One could call it a self-imposed exile if they liked.  That’s basically what it was. She wanted away from the clans and the constant bickering over turf and humans.  She wanted away to be on her own and now she was sure that she found it. 

[I’m leaving it open for whatever who joins would like to do or however they would like to enter]

Offline Eclipsed Northern Star

A young girl sat upon a tree branch watching the sun start to set. She ran a hand through her amber brown hair. She sighed as she felt that she was lost within this world. She was truly a Fae in human fourm. She would love to run free as the sprite she was. She loved being able to dance in the moonlight in her true form but things had become increasingly harder now as she found that more people were out to harm her.

The girls name was Caella, and she was still young by many standards. In her human form she was little older then 16 and in fae years she was only about 94 years old. She still had not made it to picking her classification of fae be it a full fledged sprite or a faerie sprite. She sighed she still had a few years and a trial before she had to pick.

She smiled as the sunset came and she admired the pretty colors. She felt the tingle of moonlight as the moon started its rise. She could not wait tonight she would become her true self and enjoy herself for the brief time she had to be normal.

Offline SecretwriterTopic starter

As the sun finally sank into the horizon Lorraine grinned darkly.  She was safe to leave the confines of the tiny little house and did so, her feet stirring the soggy remnants of the leaves left from the fall that cluttered the small yard of the dwelling.

She stretched as she breathed in the night air.  Sure the air didn’t quite go to fill her lungs but it sure was useful to speak. She laughed mentally at how the humans didn’t think that vampires, those who believed in them, could breathe.  How else were their vocal cords to work? How else could they make speech? Most vampires she knew didn’t speak with an airless deathly voice.

She traveled across the lawn and paused near a tree, sniffing the air gently. What was that smell? It wasn’t one that she recognized.  It definitely wasn’t a werewolf. They never smelled good to her and this scent wasn’t unpleasant.  It wasn’t a begging and pleading victim with the sound of blood pulsing through their veins and the smell of fear but it was interesting.

“Who’s there? Show yourself!” she said a bit grouchily, on edge because she was caught off guard. 

Offline Eclipsed Northern Star

Caella was shocked when she heard someone's voice. She carefully stood on the branch when she was told to show herself. She knew the moonlight would tingle against her skin until she let her guard down. She couldn't do that now not yet. She carefully jumped down from the tree and landed lightly on her feet.

"Oh am i on your land?" she asked trying to sound as innocent and pleasent as she could. She looked at Lorraine and was worried that she might upset someone. She prayed that she hadn't made someone upset. She just wanted to find somewhere she could let her guard down and she could relax.

Offline SecretwriterTopic starter

Lorraine regarded the thing [what was it?] with curiosity for a moment   She was worried that she’d be cussed out or yelled at for intruding.

But no. The creature, whatever the heck it was, seemed to think she was the intruder.  “Yes. And you should’ve asked before occupying my tree!” The vampire hissed the words with disdain, wondering how she could turn this even more in her favor. 

“You should be ashamed of yourself, beast. Now get out of here before I make you my lunch.” Was it even edible?  Lorraine wasn’t sure and she didn’t really want to find out without knowing what sort of creature that was in front of her. 

Offline Eclipsed Northern Star

Caella winced at the words. She took a step back. She was not happy about getting yelled at but she also felt the moonlight running across her skin and found it harder and harder to resist since it had been two months since she last changed. She felt her hair was starting to change to its silvery natural hair color. She bit her lip hard enough to start to draw blood.

"Im sorry, I'll leave please forgive me,"she said as she turned to leave but got caught on a root and cut her knee. She let out a startled cry as she fell her hair went staight silver she felt panic start to flood her system as she looked back at Lorraine. She was scared as she thought that Lorraine was normal and she would be hunted now. She had revealed she was a Fae to a stranger and she was going to be hunted now. She scrammbled to her feet then tried to find the way to run away but she couldn't she was just rooted to the spot now.