[Ex/Multi] Pokemon (pokemorph/moemon) Group Roleplay

Started by Maximillian Crowloft, May 20, 2009, 06:15:26 PM

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Maximillian Crowloft

UPDATED, as of 29 June 2009

Looking for people to join a Pokemon group RP. So far, this is what we have as far as information goes.

Team One

- First male Trainer:
   - Adrian Fowl; Dominant, Sadistic, Wealthy, Pokemon Trainer (Maximillion Crowloft)

- Adrian's team of Pokemon:
   - Umbreon (Feyona as Umbre)
   - Leafeon (Feyona as Valeria)
   - Kirlia (Silk - Encountered, not yet caught)
   - Vulpix (Pyro as Nyx)

Team Two

- Second male Trainer:

   - Daren Mason; Pokemon Trainer (Alexander)

- Alexander's team of Pokemon:
   - Puppitar (played by Lycan Queen)
   - Pikachu (Adaria, interested Daren's Team)
   - unknown pokemon (Dready)
   - unknown pokemon (Galanoder)

- Other Pokemon:
   - Luxray (karmatrik as Lexia - currently on hold)
   - Cubone (Shihong as Obdura) - Has left the RP after a short encounter with Adrian.


Additional Information:

- Looking for more female Pokemon. The max limit is 6 owned Pokemon per Trainer, considering we have found a second trainer for a second Pokemon team, though that is only if there are enough interested people. If you are interested, don't be afraid to speak up.

       A note about this:
The maximum limit may change. For example: Shihong's cubone has not been a part of Adrian's team, as she chose to only follow him around and not be owned. If there are any other Pokemon or People that wish to do this, please be sure to let us know so we can list things accordingly. Pokemon that choose to not be part of either of the Trainer's teams will be listed as Other Pokemon under the appropriate Trainer, meaning they don't want to be 'owned' but will follow that specific Trainer around.

- The female Pokemon don't need to be played by just females, and according to trainers, there may be options for male pokemon as well.

- Inter-Pokemon relationships are possible, but the Trainers might well try to place them apart.

- True to the Pokemon world. There will be battles, and even a story as the Trainers travels around.

- Pokemon are restricted to a maximum of four moves at any given time, more information on how moves worked can be acquired via a PM to Maximillian.

- If there are enough people, there could be a real struggle between the Pokemon themselves, trying to become the best in the Trainer's eyes as they vie for the position of most favoured.

- Anyone else who wants to join the roleplay can start as a wild pokemon, optional for capture or arrange for their own thread.


Zyrkirius Grimm and myself have started the first part of the roleplay, though she has bowed out indefinately. Currently Feyona has taken care of Umbre, Grimm's character, and her own. If there are people interested in taking over either, please PM Feyona about the possibilities.

The Cruel Passions of a Trainer's Mind  -  Maximillion's Team

Paving their way  -  Alexander's Team (Discontinued)

(Don't forget to bookmark)

Also: Feel free, if you're a definite player, to post a picture + character sheet of your Pokemon for future reference and other interested parties.

For any additional information - and for anyone who's interested - feel free to post in this thread or PM me to set everything up.

For anyone wishing to join the roleplay. There is no definate time or place for new members to be added, though for the story it would not make sense to have everyone fall in at the same time, so if you are interested in joining please do remember that it may take a while before you can actually do so. If patience is not your forte, then you may attempt to pursuade the current players to include you sooner, though as said before, it is unlikely to happen if it would contaminate the story. So be patient and I will make sure to let everyone know as soon as possible when we can allow other players to step in. Do not forget to check back regularly for updates, though I will attempt to inform the interested parties via PM's as well unless it is specifically noted that this is undesired.





Adrian Fowl

Tailored clothing, hot chocolate, exquisite moans of pain and suffering
Being cheated, disloyalty

Having grown up in a relatively rich neighbourhood, there was very little Adrian Fowl had missed growing up. His sharp mind allowed him to go through school while still slacking off. His parents both wealthy and Pokemon fanatics caused him to get into contact with the strange and varied creatures from a young age on.
His father and mother employed them in more ways than just the ritual combat society was built around. Many worked in the household, did the cooking, and some of the more exotic ones were used for aroma therapy or other relaxing techniques.
More than done with school, Adrian started his journey to travel the world of pokemon on a whim. His wealth and resources would allow him to acquire his first with both efficiency and ease.


Just an FYI im still willing to run the second team. Thought I would show my interest in thread rather than leave people quessing

Maximillian Crowloft

Good that you did Alexander, I'll keep your team up, while noting that Karma is on hold so far. How you're going to play other pokemon in your team without her resumed activity, you will have to figure out on your own though.

Good to see you again Silk, its been a while. We lost touch a while after trying to set up an RP didn't we? If you're interested, both teams still need pokemon. There are currently 2 pokemon being played who will end up in mine, and Alexander has one pokemon on a sort of stand by mode. So its up to you, though it would be a good idea to check, or re-check, the trainer's on and off pages to see which one you would like to play with.


I'm fine to go with either although yours fits my on-offs better than alexes

Maximillian Crowloft

I do think that would be the best choice then, any idea what kind of pokemon you want to be yet? Though you might get to join Alexander's team faster, since my team is currently busy catching its second pokemon.


Was thinking kirlia or gardevoir

More of a pokemon version

More human version

Or the pokemon as it normally is

Maximillian Crowloft

If it doesn't matter to you, perhaps it would be nice to start with the Kirlia version. Lolita issues aside, it would be nice to have something to work to into the RP, your evolution.

Which would both give you as the pokemon, as well as me as the trainer, something to look out to in the future.


I would of said ralts but there isnt much to that pokemon, but im fine with kirlia also :)

Maximillian Crowloft

I don't see the appeal of a Ralts, which was more or less why I omitted that particular choice. But its good that you're fine with a Kirlia, I don't at all mind the addition of a Kirlia in my team.

Do you have any idea for the personality yet?


Probally going to use the average personality of the ralts evolution line, being sensative and considerate but feircely loyal to the trainer that she would risk her life without a second thought.

Maximillian Crowloft

Sounds like my kind of pokemon, its a shame we can't just drop you in right now. So I hope you won't feel bad waiting a while.


Nah thats fine, just send me a pm when my number is up in case i forget please :)

Maximillian Crowloft

I'd bookmark this thread if I were you, and the RP thread if you want something to read while you wait. But I will still PM you when we're ready to let you in, don't worry about that.

Maximillian Crowloft

Greetings again everyone,

This post doubles as a bump to get the thread back into the first few pages, as well as providing you with a small informative section.

The group of pokemon and trainer in the RP is moving along nicely now, after their visit at the market they should end up on the road again, giving new pokemon time to introduce themselves, and then allow a chance for Adrian to capture them.

Anyone wishing to add interesting items to the market area, feel free to drop me a PM, or simply take matters into your own hands playing a shop owner wishing to sell some of his more interesting wares.

I had envisioned this as a universe where anyone can contribute, directly or indirectly, so feel free to make use of this if it is something you'd enjoy.


Having spoken with the GM already, I'll be joining this RP once my ocncept is working out. I'll be playing a Ninetales, possible name is Nyx.


I'd like to join in the fun myself. I'd like very much to play on Daren's team as a Pikachu, or unless you don't want another electric type, just let me know, either way if so the name will be Ryne, it's a character I've been playing for years though I don't have the exact moveset down yet... Might just leave that up to you because I honestly suck at making good move sets.


For clarification for the others, I've worked out a definite character. I'll be playing a Vulpix called Nyx.


Sorry for my long away time. I have had RL issues bogging me down, but Im still around to participate in this game if needed.

Maximillian Crowloft

We've gained two players, and lost one. Shihong won't be able to participate any longer.

Adaria and Alexander, I hope you two will be able to work something out? It doesn't look like your previous partner will resume anytime soon. Perhaps it is best to start a new thread, possibly with the same character?


Lycan Queen

Typing this from work, can't fill out a sheet right now. Definitely interested, and although I recently only want to do one on ones, I'll make an exception. I want primarily to play a dark type of some kind, but will think of a character later.

Maximillian Crowloft

You'll have to consider which trainers you want to follow as well, and after a short look through your on and offs both are an option, though Alexander seems the better of the two. I fear Adrian's training methods and techniques might end up to be too extreme or severe for you to enjoy it, especially considering he sees his pokemon as possessions until they prove themselves worthy of becoming more. They will always need to submit to him as they are, in his eyes, lesser creatures.

That said, it would allow a great deal of drama to occur, fighting back and forth, straining loyalties as he pressures his pokemon in deeper and more stressful situations with his perverted and sometimes plainly sadistic training methods.

Alexander on the other hand still seems the safer option of the two, for a less extreme RP which has far less chances of any of your Offs happening and still hitting on plenty of your On's. I'd suggest you take a good look at our O/O pages, and decide for yourself what seems to be more your cup of tea.

With another prospective pokemon, this RP seems to be coming along nicely. Might I add that Alexander is currently far lower on pokemon than I am, so take that in consideration when you choose with whom you wish to RP.


Is there still an opening on Alexander's team for a Charmeleon poke-girl? ^^;


Looking up at how it was posted, I did mention Nyx was starting as a Vulpix, right?