A Queen to Rule Them All [Players Wanted] [EX]

Started by Josietta, May 20, 2009, 10:48:38 AM

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Once upon a time there was a land of fantasy, magic, happiness and light, then there was our world.  Everything that’s shiny is not always gold. The sidhe of the Seelie Court might say differently, but they are only one part of the whole.  In the middle of nowhere, USA, there was a place hidden to the eyes of the mundane. This is where our story begins.

There has come a time for the world of the Fae to be ruled by one. No more warring, no more separation. We are a whole and that must come to pass if we are to hold onto our magic. With the separation of courts our magic is slowly dying. The Seelie, that’s the shining court, want to take the reigns while the Unseelie, that’s the court of all that is dark, are vying for the same. It is up to two sidhe princesses, one of each court, to determine just who will rule them all.  Who ever can produce a child and prove their worth within the eyes of Faerie will become queen. A queen to rule them all.

As with everything in the Fae world, it’s not as easy as it seems. They must make allies, fight against those who would destroy them and what they have, they must find the true meanings of faerie and magic within their hearts and souls, and bring life back to what once was lost. It’s a race against time, magic and obstacles unseen by man. Who will win? Only Faerie knows. What is your part? Determine where you fit, who you are loyal to and stay with that loyalty to the end.

The dark court doesn’t discriminate against any maimed, half-breed, or otherwise.  The dark court is strong and defiant. They are made to fight, to survive, to show the world everything is not as shiny as it seems. They are the darkness, the wild hunt, those who were exiled from the shining court, and most of all they are the stuff nightmares are made of. They are what the world warn their children against to keep them in line. Can they show the world that not all that is dark is evil, that there is beauty when you take the time to see it for what it is?

The shining court has the majority of Sidhe, the wielders of magics of old, the side of Faerie the world is privy to. They are the side that dreams are made of. They make everything feel warm and fuzzy. They are the stunning beauty, the golden children. They once held the magics strongly, but have faultered over time. Can they regain control over their losses?

Which side will you choose?

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Game Info  

This game will be posted in the Extreme Roleplays Thread for the sheer nature that some of the Unseelie happen to be. We don't necessarily want tons of Gore and Violence and such, but we do need it placed there for those 'just in case' moments.

Blank Profiles/Character sheets

Please PM Wisti and I with Character Sheets. Do not post them on the thread.

Also one more note, You MUST be able to post at least 3-4 paragraph responses. We realize there will be times when that many are not necessary but it is something we are looking at/for, also spelling and grammar are bonuses. We are not trying to be overly picky but we do have a specific idea for the game. Detail, eloquent roleplay, and word flow are ideal in this sort of setting.

Thank you!

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Wistful Dream



Are the fae like the ones from Shakespeare?
Always seeking 5E games.


The Fae are based off of the Merry Gentry books. The game info thread has everything about these fae on it. The game includes Goblins, Sluagh, Brownies, and Demi-Fey as well.

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Hmm.. I'm interested, sense I've been pointed in this direction by a friend, havn't been feeling all that creative lately, but maybe this is just what I need