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June 26, 2022, 12:17:41 pm

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Author Topic: [MUL] Lithos: Ideas, Characters and Settings  (Read 1395 times)

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[MUL] Lithos: Ideas, Characters and Settings
« on: May 20, 2009, 09:17:53 am »
I am compiling all my relevant posts to one thread (and maybe giving it a bump every once in a while). My aim is one thread where you can see all my possible game interests in one glance. I will start from short / flexible game ideas, then more developed one, and finally a list of characters that fit some usual types of game settings. If you are interested, please send PM at forums, can also discuss on yahoo or msn, you can see them in my profile I think.

What floats my boat setting / plot elemet wise - short version:

World of Warcraft: I always love this as setting, well written and actually quite complex.
Warhammer Fantasy: Oh so nice and yummy and gritty, many possibilities here too
Legend of the Five Rings Great oriental fantasy world
Dungeons & Dragons: Only darker parts of it such as Drow and some "evil" cults.. vanilla D&D bores me to death
Real World: Historical, or modern, it always works
Cyber Punk: Always in for something futuristic
Steam Punk Big craving lately, like the combination of old and new and fantasy aided technology
Babylon 5! Anything related always appreciated :)
Original world: People who can make one should be listed on my ons :p

Character types / races

Heterosexual, dominant males. - Boring, I know, but this is what I play by most

Humans - I like humans, being one myself :P
Orcs - Superhuman strength without worries of IQ :what's not to like. I prefer intelligent and human like thinking capable orcs such as in world of warcraft
Mutants - I prefer to stick to human like ones
Androids - Same as above
Vampires - I usually play vampires as non sexual but could always start making exceptions... why fuck when you can feed though? Perhaps there needs to be some reason in story
Demons / Devils - I prefer to stick to ones that have at least somewhat humanoid features and thought process

Character roles:

I have nothing against playing a bad guy, actually, I rather prefer it at times
I also like playing your usual realistic characters that are not specifically evil, but have their flaws
I will NOT play your canned fantasy good guy

Situations / Scenarios:

Capturer / Captured
Master / Slave
Master / Pet (no, not animal kind :P)
Lord / Servant
Bf / Gf / husband / wife etc

Usually anything with D/s / BDSM elements is of interest to me.

Other things about games:

While I love original settings as well as variety of established settings, I want characters to be the main focus, not the world.

Even if we play in established world, characters need to be original. I will not play some established canon character, and chances are that I do not want to play against one

Romance novel material stories make me sick, I do not want to write them, sorry. I do not mind romance itself, but it needs to be a bit darker kind.
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Offline LithosTopic starter

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Re: Lithos's Character and Game Thread
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2009, 09:19:39 am »
How to contact me and talk:

  • Forum PM (i lose some sometimes, i suck at pruning.. but should catch all, if i do not reply please send another?)
  • IRC - Lithos there as well, most often on
  • Yahoo IM - get it from my profile
  • Google talk - get it from my profile

Things that I appreciate most:

  • Ideas / Suggestions
  • Curiosity - ask about anything related to the game that you are curious about!

Things that I appreciate least:

"Hi, I want to play with you tell me an idea and lets start!'"

I would really want to hear some of your thoughts about it too, not just this fact.

Game formats that I accept for any time zone:

  • Forum play-by-pm
  • Play-by-email

Time limited game formats:

I accept these only if you can play near (by few hours) my timezone that is GMT+2 or are total night owl or morning/afternoon person in US.
I have hard time having uninterrupted play time lately, if we play by these means, sometimes there can be lots of time between sessions.

  • IRC game
  • IM game
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