The Guardians of Black Roses (Seeking mainly Female)

Started by Mister Venaliter, May 19, 2009, 09:27:25 PM

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Mister Venaliter

Hello, I am started a large role-play game that will consist of several players, but involve one on one role-plays for the sake of sanity and ability to keep things in order.
The role-play is called Guardians of Black Roses, and I am mainly seeking female players; males accepted but no sexual interactions will be role-played with males. If you are interested please click on the On's & Off's link in my signature and it will be the second post in that thread. Please contact me if you have any interest in the role-play, and ideas.

Mister Venaliter

Updated the information on my O&O's for the Scene of Black Roses!
There is an actual story, setting, character information, and all that fun stuff now!
I hope to hear from you all!

Mister Venaliter

3 out of the 7 guardians are left!
request them while they are still new to help create them, once they are created they are not changing and you will have to play with whatever the person before you helped me create.

We have one that uses Tentacles and is savage

We have one with dual massive cocks, that are barbed

We have one that is sexy, seductive and locked with two other female characters (threesome rp) as well as dual cocks; one for each sexy lady

The final one has the normal equipment with a knot to keep the female on him, though the equipment is quite large as always ;)

Almost anything is available, come and get it! (read O/O for more info)