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Author Topic: Revelations - Wanted a few good bad guys. (Sabbat VTM Group Game)  (Read 1374 times)

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Offline KrysiaTopic starter

I'm interested in running a V:TM Game for people. It wouldn't be that big (I hope) maybe 10 people total. It would be a self run game, IE the players run it while I watch and make sure things don't get out of hand. :3 It'll take place in my birth town of Rochester, New York.

The rules:

Clans Allowed
Assamite Antitribu
Blood Brothers (NPC only)
Brujah Antitribu
City Gangrel
Country Gangrel Antitribu
Daughters of Cacophony (limited to 2 in city)
Harbingers of Skulls (NPC only)
Kiasyd (NPC only)
Malkavian Antitribu
Mortals (you probably will not be mortal for long though)
Nosferatu Antitribu
Ravnos Antitribu
Salubri Antitribu
Samedi (limit to 1 in the city)
Serpents of the Light
Toreador Antitribu
Tremere Antitribu (yea right as if I’d let this fly)
Ventrue Antitribu

Mortal/Ghoul Creation System
Attributes: 6/4/3
Abilities: 11/7/4
Backgrounds: 5
Virtues: 7
Disciplines: 1 Potence+1 of Domitor’s (Ghouls only)
Freebies: 21

Vampire Creation System
Attributes: 7/5/3
Abilities: 13/9/5
Backgrounds: 0
Virtues: 5
Disciplines: 4
Freebies: 15

Alternate Creation System (ST Handbook, pg.117)
Mortals: 149 Freebies
Ghouls: 159+1 Potence
Standard: 182 Freebie points
Priest: 200(+18) Freebie points
Ductus: 200(+18)
Templar: 240(+56)
Bishop: 260(+76)
Deacon: 260(+76)
Archbishop: 315(+131)

~~MAKE YOUR SHEET AS LARGE AS POSSIBLE~~, include history, equipment, concepts and the likes; please this is vital if we are to come up with good and fun Story Lines. Please post at least one goal your character would like to accomplish while in Rochester. This will help both you and the STs figure out things to do in the future. The more detailed the goal the better. 

~You must start out with all of your in clan disciplines as a starter character unless you take the merit Additional Discipline. Please talk to the ST before taking this merit. We do not want to see things like Serpentis, Quietus, etc at all on your sheet. You can only use the merit for physical disciplines. 

~I want to see people playing more then one clan. IE, it would be a bad thing if there was 14 brujah and 2 Pander.... I think people can play more then what they just see as combat junkies...remember you do get XP for role playing and not just Combat. This is Vampire and not Dungeons and Dragons.

~When you make your character feel free to purchase 1 extra Discipline only but it cost and it can not be paid for out of the 4 points you get unless you take the merit Extra Discipline, where you then have to get ST approval as well as putting it in your back ground when purchasing it.

~We do not want to see a character with many stats of 5. Please keep in mind a stat of 5 would be an Olympic athlete or something similar. It takes years and years to get one. One unexplainable 5 or a few on your sheet will restrict approval. Round the character out. Don't take what you think will be rolled and ignore the rest, pretending you have it. It is poor role playing and won't be accepted. (IE: Acting like you have a good Etiquette when you have none posted on your sheet).

~Secondary Thaumaturgy paths cost five Freebie points each dot, your primary path equals your Thaumaturgy rating.

~Willpower can be no higher than 7 to start for standard characters. Recommended Willpower is in-between 5-7 from how stressful the existence of the Sabbat is.

~ No more then 2 dots in a blood magic path on creation. Also speak to an ST before taking some of the rarer paths giving a good explanation why they should be allowed. At the moment, blood magic paths are being restricted due to how rare they are within the sect.

~ The Sabbat is the sect of the thin blooded. Because of this we do not want to see anyone above 10th generation. This is what diablerie is for. Also, from how many high powered characters there are on the chat you can only legally diablierize your way up to 8th generation unless you speak with an ST about it first.

~Sabbat normally don't become Influential in mortal society. For this reason you must have ST approval before owning any kine, establishments or holding an Influence.

~Keep in mind you have very evil STs who relish in making things difficult for you IC when you take flaws. We-will- be using them to their fullest potential and then some. So by taking Hunted or Enemy or anything else be prepared to pay for those freebies you get.

~A mortal or ghoul who is Embraced gains no immediate Attribute, Ability, or Discipline gains as a result of the Embrace, they are simply a vampire. All changes will be as a result of XP gain/expenditure (which should be accelerated as the childe is now in a sink-or-swim situation).

~Keep in mind ghouls and mortals will not be treated with any respect what-so-ever. They are nothing more than objects to be used and tossed away. Because of this we discourage creation of either. If you would like to play one we won't disallow it - but consider this your warning that what happens, happens.

~We want to see realistic character here people. Please read the books you have and learn the way to play something you want to.

~Characters may start on a path but some are restricted like The Path of Cathari, The Path of Lilith, and The Path of Caine must be gained IC.

Banned Abilities
Awareness, Intuition, Rituals, Primal Urge (anything not intended for Vampire)

Rituals (must be gained IC)
Age (Banned)
Sabbat Status (must be gained IC)
Allies (must be gained IC)
Contacts (must be gained IC)
Fame (take at your own risk)
Generations (there is a gen cap)
Herd (no more then 2 - for herd 3 must have fame 2)
Influence *
Mentors (1 is ok but the others must be gained IC)
Resources (1 or 2 is ok but more needs ST approval)
Retainers (ST approval)
Alternate Identity (ST approval and must have his/her history)
Black Hand Membership (must be gained IC)

Banned Merits
Boon (must be gained IC)
Broken Bond (Requires a PC domitor)
Charmed Existence
Code of Honor (ST approval only)
Domain (This must be obtained IC)
Eidetic Memory (in order to have this one you must keep notes and hand them in as well)
Enchanting Voice
Elysium Regular (Camarilla Only)
Extra Discipline (Requires ST approval and good back ground)
Faerie Affinity
Former Ghoul
Friend of the Underground (Clear this with the Nosferatu)
Holder of Office (Camarilla Only)
Jack of all Trades
Nine Lives
Primogen (Camarilla Only)
Primogen Friendship (Camarilla Only)
Rising Star
Sheriff's Friend
Spirit Mentor
True Faith
True Love (we are sabbat)
Useful Knowledge (Without discussion with one of PC elders)
Werewolf Companion

Banned Flaws
Addiction (ST approval only)
Botched Presentation (Camarilla Only)
Bound (Requires a PC to be bound to)
Cats paw
Cold Breeze (Far too overused)
Conspicuous Consumption (must be RPed in front of someone)
Dark Fate
Dark Secret
Disgrace to the Blood (Requires PC sire)
Eerie Presence (Far too overused)
Escaped Target
Expendable (Must be cleared with the character who finds you expendable)
Former Prince (Camarilla Only)
Infertile Vitae
Laughingstock (Camarilla Only)
Loathsome Regnant (Requires PC domitor)
Masquerade Breaker (Camarilla Only)
New Kid
Nightmares (ST Approval and has to have had something happen in history in order to have given them to you)
Prey Exclusion (Far too overused)
Probationary Sect Member (Without discussion with the STs)
Recruitment Target
Red List (You better have a *DAMN* good character history if you want this)
Rival Sires (Requires 2 PCs to join in)
Shy (Must be RPed)
Sleeping with the Enemy (Requires a PC 'enemy' to be sleeping with)
Short Fuse (must be RPed)
Territorial (must have good reason to be)
Ward (Requires a PC Mortal to protect)
Weak willed (take at your own risk and must be RPed)

~All ghouls/thralls have to be obtained IC and you can't play your own ghoul/thrall unless it is an animal. Your ghoul/thrall must be posted on your character sheet as well as the player’s name.

~Animal ghouls must be able to take 1 bp into there body from there domitors. Generally that is a large rat and up. Exotic Animals must have ST approval as well as the resources to get them.

Havens/Night Clubs
~Night Clubs in the city must have ST approval and must have the lay out and the security system to go with them. Rochester is a hostile city.

~Havens must reflect the resources of the vampire. Nor does it mean that a vamp with resources 5 have to live it up in the Ritz sections of town. A person with resources 1 can not live in a mansion on Park Ave unless given a room by someone with the resources to afford it. Also on your character sheets we would like to see monthly expenditures for your resources and yes if you have money left over it does carry over.

Combat on the street
~Like every other city there ARE cops out and yes they are on foot even at night (this knowledge comes from living in the city for 21 years). Not all beat cops can be every where all the time though. Do not be surprised if the cops get called should a fight break out, there are citizens around. Be prepared to be disciplined for using your disciplines on the street. (WE DO NOT want the Cammerilla knowing where we are!)

Will be posting more if I get an interest. :3
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Offline Kolbrandr

Re: Revelations - Wanted a few good bad guys. (Sabbat VTM Group Game)
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2009, 08:56:51 PM »
the character creation guidelines are a bit muddled. Did you copy paste em from one of the white wolf online rpg chats?

The no archbishops, templars and the like above 10th gen seems wierd is what I'm saying.

Offline KrysiaTopic starter

Re: Revelations - Wanted a few good bad guys. (Sabbat VTM Group Game)
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2009, 09:35:19 PM »
Actually it was modified from an old chronicle I was in, those were rules we all agreed on when making the game in the first place. Most would call them house rules. I don't want over powered vampires in the game. I'm not a big fan of god modding or power gamers. I do want believable characters not combat junkies.

And if you read the sabbat book they aren't low generations, much. Most of those would be NPC's until the players were able to fill in the blanks for them.

Offline KrysiaTopic starter

Re: Revelations - Wanted a few good bad guys. (Sabbat VTM Group Game)
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2009, 02:47:53 PM »
Ok because I've seen so much white wolf activity lately, I figured I'd push this back up to the top to see if I can get anyone else interested in a Sabbat style vampire game.

Offline BenedictWolfe

Re: Revelations - Wanted a few good bad guys. (Sabbat VTM Group Game)
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2009, 03:39:43 PM »
I would very much like to play V:tM, but I don't have any suitable Sabbat characters. So, interested, but unable to participate.

Offline KrysiaTopic starter

Re: Revelations - Wanted a few good bad guys. (Sabbat VTM Group Game)
« Reply #5 on: October 17, 2009, 03:46:31 PM »
Make one?

Offline BenedictWolfe

Re: Revelations - Wanted a few good bad guys. (Sabbat VTM Group Game)
« Reply #6 on: October 17, 2009, 03:55:01 PM »


Sadly, I am not proficient in creating detailed characters with rich backgrounds on the fly. I have a large character gallery, but I let those grow like plants in a greenhouse: It takes time and diligent watering. They don't pop up overnight.

The characters I do have for V:tM are presented at (note that most of them are written as finished builds, hence the high scores). Out of those, only one is Sabbat and I'm not so sure she's appropriate for roleplaying (never mind the fact that I haven't thought out much of a background for her).
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Offline KrysiaTopic starter

Re: Revelations - Wanted a few good bad guys. (Sabbat VTM Group Game)
« Reply #7 on: October 17, 2009, 04:04:22 PM »
That's ok I don't plan for this to take off soon. I'm sure you'd have time if you really wanted to play in the game. :) Though this is just another option out there for the world of darkness fans I see sprouting up.

As for the sheet thing, I do have template sheets in my pc I can post up in this thread that would be a c&p to make a character. IE you fill it out it has the basics done, like a place for your name and stats to go into.

Offline Archermonkey

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Re: Revelations - Wanted a few good bad guys. (Sabbat VTM Group Game)
« Reply #8 on: October 18, 2009, 09:25:44 AM »
I'd totally be down for playing a Lasombra or a Tzimisce.  I'm a huge fan of the Sabbat core Clans :)

They're the heroes and saviours of the vampiric world, donchaknow?

Offline KrysiaTopic starter

Re: Revelations - Wanted a few good bad guys. (Sabbat VTM Group Game)
« Reply #9 on: October 19, 2009, 01:15:35 AM »
Yes they are. :) I'm a Lassy fan myself. Though I hardly play vampires anymore.