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Author Topic: Hungry Like A Wolf [NC-E][MUL]  (Read 549 times)

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Hungry Like A Wolf [NC-E][MUL]
« on: June 06, 2009, 11:05:31 PM »
(x)Need: Alcoholic Older Human Male with a distates for anything abnormal.
(o)Content: NC-E. Switch. Bondage. Possible Romance.
(x)Information: I am not quite sure where I want to take this. I kind of cut off the description, noticing that I got long winded. Interested? PM me or drop me a post.

In the year 12000 CE the age old war between vampires and werewolves ended, the vampires becoming victorious after a fluke in werewolf genomes made it impossible for the beastly creatures to birth males. On the day that the last werewolf male passed, the werewolf females went into hiding leaving the vampires to overtake human hierarchy. The humans fought valiantly to no avail, and finally succumb to their bloodsucking overlords moving into large human slums where they bred and served as a replenishable food source.

Those werewolves that did escape, moved too the arctic, building large domes to house research projects that would allow them to trick evolution. When they finally found a solution it seemed they were further from an answer then ever. Certain human males carried a gene that would dominate the mutated estrogen and produce male babies. However, only pure blooded werewolf females could produce pure blooded male spawn, and the humans who could mate with these vixens were not strong enough to survive the mating process. So the wolves created a special unit dedicated to finding the perfect human specimen, known only as SPECTRE.

Ex-Military Special Ops for rebel unit BETA, and freelance photographer Anthony Chadwick, has been trying to bring truth to the public eye for five years. Ever since his unit fell he has braved danger by taking pictures of feeding vampires to try and make humanity more weary of their gruesome dictators. However, as jobs go, his seems quite futile. In the few generations since vampires took control, humanity has been dumbed down. Ignorant as they are they continue to breed, allowing vampires to sustain a healthy diet and plush lifestyle. Which is why he has become celibate, ignoring his human urges. While others might continue to produce an easy vampire food source, he refuses.

Sitting at a bar one evening, drinking away his worries, he is approached by a mysterious classy intelligent older woman. Everything about her screams vampire and she obviously has her eye on him when she instigates a conversation and offers him a great dollar amount to join her in her apartment. Fairly inebriated, and lacking in the money department he accepts. When in Rome do as the Romans do. She sends a limousine to pick him up, by that time he has had more then his fair share of the spirits. It isn't difficult for the SPECTRE to chloroform him.

He is taken too by the uptake unit too dark room where he is assessed for weakness. Physically he is what they are looking for. Mentally it seems as though he has a dying will, something in this day and age most humans have abandoned. He does have some flaws. He is an alcoholic and does seem to be stubborn. However, he is the closes they have gotten to the perfect specimen. Possibly paired with one of their younger female wolves he might hold up. So they assign him number 15 and stick him in a room to await further examination.

Agent Silver is not physically strong, but is talented with all manner of weapons and has a womb that is more then capable of birthing offspring. Youngest of SPECTRE agents, she has yet to attempt to breed. Usually SPECTRE agents are chosen to mate because of the natural wolf pecking order. However, coming up short in the baby department, SPECTRE has decided to take a new approach.

She wasn't expecting a call for at least ten more years. Her job was to paper push, and take care of odds and ends nobody else wanted to do. It could have been worse. She could have qualified for latrine duty which most of the halflings ended up circulating through. It was a drop everything and go moment. Most wolves had their belongings prepacked, since she wasn't expecting to go she arrived at the uptake facility with nothing but the clothes on her back. At this point she would be the only wolf allowed in and out of 15's room. On the off chance that they did mate, they would mate for life. SPECTRE didn't want to start their first breeding off with infidelity.

Agent Silver's first meeting with #15 is far from a happy encounter. Anthony being the nihilist he is, doesn't take to some pretty tart trying to size him up. He of course hasn't had the rules explained to him thoroughly. As far as he is concerned, SPECTRE, is just another vampire way of controlling the human populace. And he definitely doesn't want to become some sex toy to an abomination. Not to mention, this abomination looks young enough to be his kid, not taking into consideration the fact that vampire scum seem to live forever.

After getting into a scuffle with #15, Agent Silver deduces that 15 is strong enough to mate with her. In fact he almost overtook her and escaped. Now that she has claimed 15, it is up to Silver to convince Anthony to mate with her, whether it be by mutual agreement or force. But will he submit? Or will Agent Silver fall to his charm?
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