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Author Topic: Alth's Anime Plots! {M/M Primarily!}*BDSM*NC*Romance*{Craving Gakuen Heaven}  (Read 18615 times)

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Offline AltherasTopic starter

New Plot Added: #24 The Centaur's Pet

Offline AltherasTopic starter

New Plot Added: #25 A Pet's Training

Please scroll up to above the overly long one at the bottom to see my new plot!

I am posting this after returning from a really long time away due to illness and hospital stays. I would very much like to find at least two people to take on this plot. It is very dear to my heart, and would go a long way towards helping me get back to writing again! I would very much like to see different people's takes on Alth's master.
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Re: M/M{Anime, Warcraft, Fantasy, Realism}[MUL]{In Desperate Need of More Doms!}
« Reply #52 on: September 11, 2011, 07:20:13 PM »
New plot added! Plot #26: Disowned

Also added a priority system for my current cravings, though I am currently taking on ANY of these listed plots.
The marked ones are just the ones I am begging for partners for! ; ;
If I get burnt out on a plot or am no longer interested in it, I will remove it from the list. ^_^

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Extensively altered Plot 15: Monochrome Factor.
I finished watching the anime today, and now have a much deeper insight into Akira and Shirogane's relationship.
The small blurb I had before has been removed and replaced with two extensive plot ideas for this anime, as well as other ideas for possible pairings.

I have also updated my introduction to include my renewed interest in doing some more romantic plots again and some lighter BDSM than what I'm usually into. I am also lately feeling more inclined to play m/f than usual. ^_^

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Re: M/M M/Herm m/f {Anime, Warcraft, Fantasy, Realism}MUL{M/F-M/Herm plot added!}
« Reply #54 on: September 13, 2011, 05:11:38 PM »
New plot added, Plot #27: Imperfections M/F M/Herm Possible M/M  BDMS Potential N/C {WANT!}

A rare M/F plot from me, though the female has her... peculiarities. ;)

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Two new plots added!

Plot #28: Transfer Student M/M Possible BDSM and/or NC {NEED!}

Plot #29: I've Always Loved You M/M BDSM likely, potential for very light NC {NEED!}

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Re: 30+plots M/M M/Herm M/F {Anime, Fantasy, Realism}MUL{Now willing to try top}
« Reply #56 on: September 19, 2011, 11:19:15 PM »
I'm now willing to try being on top for some of my RP as opposed to my usual submissive only nature. The number of Role Plays I will take on where I am the top is limited. I just want to dip my toe in the water and experiment with it a little more. I've been feeling more like doing so lately. These plots will probably be more on the romantic side since I'm not really good at being brutal to others yet, but perhaps with time I'll give even that a try. ;)

Offline AltherasTopic starter

Ok! Huge update! I split my requests into two parts and will now only be bumping the appropriate thread when adding new plots. I decided to make this post just for my anime ideas as they are image heavy and take up a huge amount of space! With almost 40 ideas, it was getting a little hectic having it all in one thread.

I added a new series to this one. Gakuen Heaven as well as completely redid the layout and simplified all the paragraphs I had about my preferences.

You can find my other ideas here.
They have been laid out in a completely new and far more organized manner. I also added five new plots! I hope this makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. ^_^

I did check with a mod to make sure splitting it into two parts would be ok first. Please poke me in PMs if I need to merge them back together again. It took me 3 hours to set up the layouts. lol
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Re: Alth's Anime Plots! {M/M Primarily!}*BDSM*NC*Romance*{Craving Gakuen Heaven}
« Reply #58 on: September 27, 2011, 01:59:09 PM »
Updated Gakuen Heaven section to include more information and more characters I am interested in from that anime. ^_^

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Back after months with no internet and seeking partners once again. Updates will be coming.

Offline AltherasTopic starter

I am back after a very long hiatus and will be updating this post and revamping it soon. If you are interested in any of these ideas please give me a poke!

I am very rusty on playing Sebastian, but I'm sure I could get back into the swing of it.