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Author Topic: Alth's Anime Plots! {M/M Primarily!}*BDSM*NC*Romance*{Craving Gakuen Heaven}  (Read 18622 times)

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Offline AltherasTopic starter

First a little about me and what I like!

I am looking for dominant partners primarily! Submitting really tickles my fancy!

I will sometimes switch for the right partner or play equals, and lately I have been in the mood to try being on top a little.
Though my tops tend to be more sensitive and gentle. I'm not really good at playing a brutal dom, and I don't intend to try.
At this time I am only willing to top in M/M plots that are primarily romantic since I can't get past my gentle nature it seems.
I would still prefer the bottom and would love to try some switch and equal pairs.

Pretty much all of my plots will include some form of BDSM, just because that is my biggest kink.
Do keep in mind that BDSM and romance are not mutually exclusive, you can have both!
I absolutely love subjugation even in a non sexual sense.
I also enjoy non consensual sex and power plays when I am playing the bottom.
If NC isn't your thing, please don't be dissuaded as in most of my plots it's not at all required!

I prefer M/M, but I'm also interested in M/Herm and M/F where I play the submissive role.
For the rare M/F pairings that I do, I can play either gender. I prefer M/F RP to be heavy BDSM and/or plot centric.   
The only gender pairing I do not do is f/f or Herm/Herm where both Herms are mostly female.

Feel free to look at my Offs, Ons, Pairings, and Characters for a full list of my characters, pairings I'd like to try, and my offs and ons.
Aside from the characters on this list, I'm also willing to come up with completely new OCs for stories.
Note: All characters will be played as 16+ in age to keep with site rules.

I prefer at least a paragraph in replies and I tend to match my partner's style.
I'm most comfortable with 2 to 4 paragraph replies, sometimes a little more or a little less depending on the interaction.

The gender of the role player does not matter to me, only the gender of the character.

I prefer forum RP over IM or PM RP but can sometimes be persuaded to do PM or IM RP though this is rare.

I post an average of once or twice a day, occasionally more. I miss some days regularly when my Squish is off from work. I can post many times in a day with a partner who does the same if we are both on and available. I post the most on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

If you are not interested in one of my plots, but think we'd be a good match, feel free to PM me with your own ideas.

Looking for Realism or Fantasy instead of anime? Check here!

I do love Yaoi anime and RP based on such animes. If there is a yaoi anime or even manga you would like to do an RP based on that I do not currently have listed for plots on my stories, feel free to contact me about it. I will more than likely be willing to go look over it and later start an RP based on it. Also feel free to give me ideas from even non yaoi anime where it might make sense for a certain pair of guys to be together.


General Anime Ideas and Crossovers

Idea #1: Powerful Servant M/M Preferred. Potential N/C and BDSM.
You will play The Master

This one is inspired by a few different animes, including Black Butler and Fate Stay Night.  I think I would enjoy playing a powerful servant who is bound to a master who may or may not be as powerful as they are, but they are bound for whatever reason to serve and protect this master. Ideally this RP would have a very involved plot line and a lot of action. There could be a war involved, or some other conflict that causes the master to have need of such a servant.

Idea #2: Alucard Vs. Sebastian M/M N/C and BDSM likely.
You will play Alucard

I've always wanted to introduce Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji to Alucard from Hellsing. I think there might be some lovely action and violence in this RP aside from the sex. I believe Sebastian, who hates dogs, would be disgusted by Alucard's dog form and I believe the vampire would use this against him. I would very much like to see Sebastian end up on the bottom in this pairing. I'm hoping to find someone who can play Alucard for me.

Specific animes I'm interested in!

#1: Monochrome Factor M/M BDSM Romance likely!
You will play Akira or someone else you want to be with Shirogane

I finished watching this anime recently, and now have a better idea of the nature of Shirogane and Akira's relationship. I would like to play Shirogane, and find a partner to play Akira. I also wouldn't mind doing an interesting RP with Shirogane and Kou if someone feels inclined to play him or perhaps even a Shirogane/Hamorabi pairing that's very dark and filled with BDSM N/C and torture.

The ideas below are for a Shirogane/Akira pairing. If you are interested in pairing Shirogane with someone else, PM me to work out details. ^_^
option a: dark
In this version, I was considering it might be possible for Akira to simply lose his patience with Shirogane, and an incident occurs where he beats him up rather severely, which then leads to violent sex as he openly mocks Shirogane's feelings, only to realize he's enjoying it and that he has been denying his own feelings. After the initial violent act, he may continue to feel aggressive towards Shirogane, and their relationship behind closed doors may become increasingly abusive, though it's also possible that after the first time, things between them could become more tender. Akira may come to feel guilty for hurting him, either soon after it starts, or perhaps a while down the road. This one has strong potential to start out violent and abusive but later turn into a more gentle situation, though I think there might always be some sub/dom context between them. I picture Akira as being a rather violent and passionate lover, even when he's not angry. Though it does seem to me that Shirogane might enjoy that kind of thing.

option b: lighter
In this version Akira would come to accept his feelings, and realize that all along he has wanted their relationship to become more intimate. With this idea, things between them would be more gentle and there is a stronger potential for romance, though I do think even the dark plot would end up romantic.

I picture Akira as being the top most of the time, but the potential for switching is there. I'm very open to any ideas you may have. I would very much love to get at least one RP going with this anime, and I have been having a very hard time finding anyone for it. PM me if you have the slightest interest, or let me hear your own ideas!

#2: Okane Ga Nai! M/M N/C BDSM
You will play Somuku Kanou

I would very much like to do an RP based on this anime with me playing Yukiya Ayase.
"Yukiya Ayase is a gentle, kind hearted, and innocent university student. The only relative he has left, his cousin Tetsuo, betrays Ayase by selling him to the highest bidder in an auction with hopes of making an enormous profit to be able to pay off his debts. Somuku Kanou, a bad-tempered (though very rich) loan shark, comes to Ayase's rescue and buys Ayase for an impressive 1.2 billion. Kanou apparently knows Ayase from something that happened between them in the past, but Ayase cannot remember who Kanou is nor does he understand why he "saved" him. In a desperate effort to keep Ayase close to him, Kanou demands the debt be repaid in full and suggests the perfect way to do it: by selling his body to Kanou for 500,000 each time. Ayase is horrified in the beginning, but something soon begins to grow between them that can't be bought for any price."

You can watch the anime here. It's a short 4 OVAs. I would consider it NSFW. There are plenty of sex scenes.

#3: Gakuen Heaven M/M Potential BDSM. N/C possible. Romance very likely!

You will play Anyone you want

This anime is centered around an all boys school for the gifted. It's a bit of a harem anime and gives you tons of characters to choose from. I would like to play Takuto Iwai, who is a shy, quiet, artistic boy and seems like he'd make a wonderful uke, with any of the other boys. I would be interested in playing his initiation into school life by the others. He's sensitive and gentle, and also very shy. He would not defend himself much if others should decide to take advantage of him. He is the artistic type, so he highly values his hands and would not want to fight.

This is Iwai ^^

I am also very interested in the relationship between Kaoru Saionji and Omi Shichijo. I would like to play Omi for this paring. I'm not done with the anime yet, so I'm not sure of specific plots, but if anyone has any ideas, please PM me! I'm enjoying it so far and will update with more specifics as I watch more of the show.

#4: Black Butler {Kuroshitsuji} M/M Preferred. Potential N/C and BDSM.
You will play whoever is with Sebastian.

Keeping this one to the bottom since it takes up so much room. There are many mini plots and suggested pairings in this section.

I love to play Sebastian from Black Butler. I would like to find more people who share my love of this anime!
I am also willing to play one of my other plots or one of yours and just play with his personality. I can play him as human, or anything else you might want. He is currently very strong in my mind and I can adapt him to almost any situation.

Pairings I'm interested in


I am always interested in playing Sebastian opposite a good OC.

Plot ideas for OCs

Sebastian meets Neko: I think it would be a lot of fun to have Sebastian meet someone with nice fluffy ears and a tail. Sebastian loves cats, on an almost obsessive level. The relationship would start out with the usually restrained butler being completely unable to control his own urges around them, doing things like happily stroking their ears or tail at awkward moments. It would start out innocent enough, with him only being attracted to the cat aspects of your character, because of his desperate urge to pet them. I would like to see it eventually evolving into much more than that. Perhaps your character gets tired of the constant attention to their ears and tail and wants more than just that, or perhaps Sebastian's petting just goes a bit past that one day. Your character will probably be attracted to Sebastian in time, even if they aren't at first. I would prefer to play this one as a sub/dom situation where the neko becomes possessive and even pushy, forcing Sebastian to do things for them in exchange for being allowed to pet them. It could even be played as Sebastian is their property, a gift, or perhaps a purchased slave, but he simply cannot control his urges to pet them, which would often get him punished.

Celebrity: Lately I've been thinking it could be fun to play Sebastian where he serves a celebrity, either as a demon or even as a human just as a body guard and butler. It would be fun to watch him fight off the paparazzi while tending to the spoiled needs of his celebrity master. It could also be a fun twist to make the celebrity be one of the characters from the series like Ciel or Alois.

Cruel master: I would like to play Sebastian with a cruel and abusive master. Ideally they would have good reason for becoming the monster they are, and would sign the contract with Sebastian to get revenge. Whatever horrible thing has happened to them has caused them to become cruel and sadistic. Whenever they find themselves bored they will entertain themselves by abusing and humiliating the demon. This one can be anything from just beatings to extreme torture, including things that would kill a human victim. Sebastian, being a demon, can withstand quite a lot. It would be an interesting twist down the line if this master eventually takes pity on him and even falls in love with him.

A human?: Sebastian finds his first human master and has to adjust to dealing with humans and learning their ways. The potential for humor would be high with this one. Sebastian's actual age is unknown so we can set this whenever with whatever OC you want to come up with. I would prefer for there to be sub/dom context with Sebby as the submissive as he bumbles his way through learning to serve. The human world will be very different than the hell he is used to, and he'll discover cats for the first time too, which will be adorable! ^_^

Beaten. This plot would center around Sebastian barely winning a battle, with a demon, angel, or some other supernatural being. In the end, he would win, but at great cost to himself, leaving him bloodied and near death face down in the snow. Someone would come along and find him, deciding to take him in and try to help him get better. This would result in the demon learning some things about just how selfless some people can be, and would possibly be a turning point in his existence for how he feels about humanity. I would love to do this one with an OC, but it's open to characters that aren't OCs as well. This one would be fairly gentle and romantic, unless you would like to play it with a sadistic master that only wants to make him well again to use him for his or her own means. I would prefer your character be slightly aggressive when it comes to sex. It's fine if they're gentle, but I do want them to want it and initiate it.

In Hell: I've lately been interested in the idea of doing an RP with Sebastian and another demon. Ideally this would be when Sebastian was a young demon with the OC being his master and much older than him. There would be many lessons to be learned both in and out of the bedroom. I would like for this one to have a strong BDSM feeling overall.


Crossover: I've lately been really wanting to do a crossover RP where Sebastian meets Alucard. I'm just terribly curious about how the two would interact, and whether they would end up fighting, having sex, or simply talking. This can be anywhere from clean RP to EX. Anyone want to play Alucard?


Ciel x Sebastian

Probably what's considered the 'canon' pair for this anime. I enjoy this pairing and like playing with anybody who can play a good Ciel. I should note that for this pairing I prefer Sebastian to be the submissive. I can see some switching in the bedroom, but Ciel is honestly a very proud, controlling, and sometimes even cruel character, and he should be played true to who he is. He does not fall in love easy, or display happiness or kindness often. These things can change over the course of the RP though.

Demon Ciel x Sebastian

This pairing is my absolute crack! It is my addiction, and I LOVE IT! Anybody willing to play demon Ciel will make me super happy! I always enjoy seeing how things will change in their relationship as Ciel struggles with adjusting to being a demon instead of a human.

Alois x Sebastian

There's not a whole lot out there to really support this pairing, but I enjoy it. I like Alois, he's a creepy little sadist, which makes him a fun character to play opposite of. Also having played Sebastian with him, I can say that Sebby does work well with me when it comes to this pairing. He becomes quite fond of Alois if he's played well.

Ash(Angela) x Sebastian

Angel + Demon = Mrow? Yes, there are a few suggestive scenes in the anime to support this pairing. The angel has an interest in Sebastian, even if it's one he doesn't seem to return. I would be pretty interested in doing something with this pairing.

Claude x Sebastian

This pairing would just be fun in my opinion. There's so much snark and tension between the two of them. You can't go wrong with demon on demon action anyway. I think Claude would definitely be the top, and he seems to have an inclination for cruelty.

Grell x Sebastian

I have trouble getting Sebastian to cooperate for this one. I'm still completely open to anyone who wants to have Grell rape Sebby though. To make it fully consensual there has to be a lot of plot to support it.
Grell absolutely adores Sebastian, and practically begs the demon to sleep with him. Sebastian seems totally uninterested in the poor desperate shinigami though.

Baldroy x Sebastian

These pictures alone inspired me to add this pairing to my list. I can just imagine the interesting things that might happen between the rough American chef and a certain refined butler. Perhaps he could teach the demon a few things. I would expect this one to start out mildly non con as Sebby doesn't show any real interest in him, but perhaps once things got started he would learn to like it.

Agni x Sebastian

I think this pairing would have a warmer feel to it than most others. Agni seems to be a generally nice guy, and he seems to have a way with helping people find their strengths and teaching people new things. Sebastian seems to genuinely like him, and I think perhaps Agni might set out to teach the demon about love and such. I do think Agni would be on top, at least at first, but there is definite potential for switching later.

Undertaker x Sebastian

I think this pairing would be fun. Undertaker is an odd shinigami for certain, and he seems to be just generally creepy and slightly perverse. I could certainly see some interesting things happen between him and Sebastian. One does have to wonder what it is Sebby does for him that he won't let anyone peak in to see. With the recent developments in the manga, I'm even more interested in this pairing than ever. I think Undertaker would be attracted to the fact that Sebastian doesn't have a soul and cannot lie. He has specifically mentioned liking people better once they are dead and can no longer lie. He might also like to impale Sebastian in more ways than one. ;)

Lau x Sebastian

Interestingly, this pairing came up fairly often in my image search, so I decided it might be fun to do it as an RP. I'm not sure how it would happen, but I suspect something to do with Ciel 'paying' Lau for some services or something to that extent. Or perhaps it just happens one night when Lau is bored. Either way, I would be quite interested in trying this out. ^_^

I am also interested in playing Sebastian with Will, Finny, Prince Soma, any female character... or you know that creepy bald interrogator guy from the torture scene. >.>

Mini plots within Kuroshitsuji
WARNING: These mini plots may contain spoilers! Do not read this section if you do not want to spoil the series for yourself!

Eternity: I would most like to do a plot that focuses on how things go once Ciel becomes a demon and Sebastian is bound to him for eternity. Whether he will treat him cruel or kind. It stands to reason that he would most likely be cruel. Ciel wasn't a nice person as a human, he will only lose his morals as a demon, and he will probably also stop caring about what's 'proper'. This plot is my favorite and holds a deep spot in my heart. I deeply enjoy playing Sebastian as he is tormented by the change in his young master, and the fact that he will be a slave for all eternity. I would like to see some serious sub/dom in this one, possibly involving bondage, torture, and even humiliation as Ciel works to prove to his butler that he is his property. I would be happy to do this one starting with the first days after they leave the mansion, or further in the future. It will be interesting to see just how much their relationship changes and how Ciel himself changes as he learns about his new existence. It will also be fun to see how much being enslaved will change Sebastian.

Early on: I would like to do an RP that focuses on Ciel and Sebastian's early relationship, starting with the time at which they signed the contract and going through the growing pains as Sebastian learns to cater to Ciel's particular tastes, and how to fix suitably tasty food and the like.

In the future: I would very much enjoy doing an RP that focuses on Sebastian and Ciel in modern times. I would be most interested to see how Sebastian adjusts to modern technology. I think it would be funny to see the demon spending a lot of time on the computer looking up pictures of cute cats on lolcats and other such sites. XD I could totally see that happening too.

You failed me Sebastian!: This RP would start on the night Abberline died. Ciel, angry about Sebastian's failure to prevent the death will punish him in some way. It could be sexual, or it could just be physical violence. I could see him forcing the demon to endure physical pain to try and make him understand the internal pain he feels at the death. Ciel was terribly angry with Sebastian about this in the anime, but Sebastian did not seem to understand his anger, and he even seemed unhappy with the fact that Ciel felt anything about the death. This one could be a one-shot RP, or continue onward from that night with their relationship degrading into one of abuse. I could see this going many ways.

Not Yet: The final moment comes at the end of season one, where it fades to black as Sebastian leans forward to devour Ciel's soul. I would like to pick up right here, and have the demon do something totally unexpected. He would end up changing his mind, maybe kissing Ciel instead of taking his soul. He would decide that he would rather spend more time with his master before the end comes. There would definitely be sex involved, maybe even that could be what changes his mind.

That's Chef Baldroy!: Lately I've had an odd craving for some Baldroy x Sebby RP. I think initially it would start with Baldroy finally snapping at one of Sebastian's condescending remarks. Possibly ending up attacking him, maybe even taking him on the kitchen floor. The demon would be too stunned to react at first, and even when he did decide to, he would likely not want to use his inhuman strength against one of the house servants for fear of upsetting Ciel. He also might decide he likes it and simply let it happen.

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Offline Saku

Re: Alth's Plots and characters. Looking for doms. (Male or female).
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2009, 11:39:01 AM »
PMed you about the Elven Slave plot :)

Offline Marluxia

Re: Alth's Plots and characters. Looking for doms. (Male or female).
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2009, 02:42:02 PM »

Offline AltherasTopic starter

Edited: Added in a new plot. Cabin Boy. Hope I find some interest in this one! I'd really like to try it out.

Offline AltherasTopic starter

Edited: Added a World of Warcraft plot, really really want to do this one!

A few new characters added as well  ;D

I'm also still looking for more for all my old plots too.
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Edited may 29th to add new plot! Inheritance, really want to do some of this one.

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bump!  7 new characters added o_o

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New plot added involving the Death Note series. I'm looking for a yaoi pairing of Light/L(Ryuzaki) Pleeeeease PM or IM me! I am highly interested in doing this RP from several different angles if possible!

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Re: Alth's Plots. Looking for doms. {Star Wars Plot Added!}
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Added 2 new plots to work with

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Added several new plots and characters today as well as merged my one romantic plot from my more romantic plots post to here.

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New plot added: Arranged Marriage

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Re: Alth's Plots: Looking primarily for doms m/m m/f{Plot #13 added. WAAAANT!}
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New plot added. #13 I really desperately want this one! *begs* *does tricks* *plays dead*

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Re: Alth's Plots: Looking primarily for doms m/m m/f{New Plot: #14 The Bully}
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New plot added: #14 The Bully

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Re: Alth's Plots: Looking primarily for doms m/m m/f{New Plots and characters}
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New character added: Altherian

Added a new plot as well: #15 Rape or Treat! Halloween Themed!
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Added yet another plot, Denial, it came to me last night while I was trying to go to sleep and I just couldn't let it go without adding it XD

Maybe I should split my plots and characters into two posts... this one is getting rather huge @_@

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New plot added: #17 Spoiled Little Rich Boy

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Re: Alth's Plots: Looking for dominant males m/m m/f{New Plots and Characters}
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Added some new characters and modified some plots and wants also added 3 new plots
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New plot added: #21 After Black Butler II

I'm desperately craving this one!

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Clarified a few things and added a new character. Nayani.
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New plot added: #22 Taken In

Also clarified a lot of things in my post and my title to make it more clear what I am looking for. Removed m/f possibility from A LOT of my plots because I'm not enjoying it as much. However if you want to play a sub/dom story with a female tauren from the warcraft universe I am always up for that! I just adore playing female tauren! XD

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Re: M/M sub/dom(need doms) N/C EX and Romance. Some m/f {WANT Kuroshitsuji RP!}
« Reply #20 on: November 05, 2010, 12:12:46 PM »
New Plot Added: #23 Adventurers

I also badly want to find more people for Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) RP. Would prefer m/m. I play Sebastian. You play an OC or one of the males from the series.

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Re: M/M sub/dom(need doms) N/C EX and Romance. Some m/f {WANT Kuroshitsuji RP!}
« Reply #21 on: November 08, 2010, 10:11:00 PM »
Trimmed the post to make it easier to read. Removed a lot of old plots that were clogging things up. Clarified many things, and reordered the list to have my highest craving as #1.

New Plot Added. #20: Serve Me

I have lost a lot of RPs lately, and I'm really hoping to find some new games =) PM me if you have any interest in any of these, or if you happen to have plots of your own that you think I would be a good match for.

Offline AltherasTopic starter

HUGE change. I'm willing to play switches now. I used to play bottoms only, but lately a mood has struck me to play switches. I can do top where it makes sense though.

I'm also looking for females to play with my male characters.
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Re: M/M M/F Many plots! Everything from Romance to EX! {WANT Kuroshitsuji RP!}
« Reply #23 on: November 14, 2010, 01:29:37 AM »
Removed an old plot that I've lost interest in.

Added a new plot also.
#20 I Will Carry You

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Re: M/M Many plots! Everything from Romance to EX! {WANT Kuroshitsuji RP!}
« Reply #24 on: November 16, 2010, 06:16:28 AM »
Removed a bunch of plots.

Removed option for m/f, I've decided all I want to do is m/m for now.

Added all the pairings I like for Kuroshitsuji.

Added pictures to support all the pairings I am interested in for Kuroshitsuji.

Trimmed up the post and made it a bit more direct.