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Started by Galanoder, May 18, 2009, 05:21:46 AM

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Hi, i'm somewhat new here. This is my first time listing up RP ideas i had. If anyone is interested, please don't hesitate to PM me or post a reply here, whatever is good for you.
1: Valkyrie Seeker

The Valkyries. Warrior goddesses of the norse pantheon, tasked with selecting those slain in battle worthy of becoming Einherjar, the warriors of Valhalla and the mainstays of the norse gods armies. Over the centuries however they have grown cold. Forgetting that bravery for a mortal is not the same as bravery for a being of divine power. Odin, fed up with the dwindling numbers of Einherjar entering Valhalla, has sent the Valkyries to earth to mingle with humans and choose one as a husband to keep them humble and connected to the soldiers they have to pick.

You would play the Valkyrie while i would be the mortal man who you would eventually start a relationship with. You'd start out cold and callous, but warm up over the course of the story.

2: Princess Knight

It was a fairly average kingdom. The people worked the land while the nobility and royals governed, administered and made diplomacy with others.

It was a great surprise when the horde came.

Goblins, orcs and trolls led by a mysterious "Master", they swept through the land killing any soldiers they came across swift and brutally. When they came to villages they killed the men, leaving the women to work the fields under the eyes of the harsh orc taskmasters. Eventually they reached the royal valley, storming the palace and slaughtering everyone there. The country was broken, under the rule of The Master now. But that does not mean the fight is over yet.

Two managed to escape the attack at the palace. A princess, formerly thought only to be good for window dressing and marriage, and the court wizard, who left the acadamey as a master at a young age, mostly thanks to his amazing talent at mystical alchemy. They must raise an army from what is left of the people, fight the invaders, and try to reconcile the growing attraction between them.

You would be the princess, I would be the wizard. Perhaps at first you'd be unsure and not confident in yourself, but after a talking with me (and perhaps a might potion) you'd be ready to unite the peasantry under your banner.

3: Win a Date with She-Hulk (Fan-Fictiony)

She-Hulk decided to have a date with her raffled off for charity. After bringing in plenty of money for the foundation, the winner was picked and the date has been set. However, a supervillain has plans to assault her, especially knowing that there will be an innocent to protect. Can she save him before the villain destroys her? And will she fall for what was mean to be a one time thing?

You'd be She Hulk, I'd alternate between the date winner and the villain as needed. Pretty simple, quick and dirty one.

4 Blessing Stealer

Outside the town of Redbank is a small lake. It is said that any girl who bathes in the waters will gain the body of her dreams. One day a biology student from Redlake is out gathering samples, and falls into the water accidentally. When he stood up out of the water, he could hear a voice:

"Hey, give me back my power!"

It seemed that the lake was inhabited by a spirit who was the source of the legends. Now the student has the power to alter womens bodies as he sees fit, and he's finding it hard to just let his new power lie. It also seems that her powers do not just involve transforming bodies, they also include remote "Stimulation" of women and many more sexual abilities besides.

I'd be the student, it's up to you who you play. Possibly the spirit looking for a way to get her power back, possibly a woman in the town who i decide to experiment on.. it's entirely up to you if you decide to take me up on this.

5 Earth Shattering Changes

Yesterday it was a perfectly average small town. School, shops, farms on the outskirt. Life seemed like it was going to be perfectly average for everyone in the town... but that was yesterday. This morning, the town has woken up to find that every female in a fifty mile radius has transformed.

Now, women are physically superior in a big way. Every last one is taller, the average woman in the town is now eight foot tall. They are vastly muscled, but with prominent curves and bountiful breasts. The monstrous muscles they posess are not just for show. Their physical strength has increased vastly, to the point that they find buildings flimsy and weak now. Their toughness has similarly been boosted, small arms fire just glances off of them without them noticing now. And its not just human women affected by this, every animal, from the farm animals outside town to the insects and pets. No-one in town is sure how to handle this, but life will doubtlessly change in the formely sleepy town...

I'm not sure who either of us would play. I'm leaning towards a female cop and her shop worker husband, but feel free to volunteer any suggestions you think would be fun. The RP would be us trying to cope with life in the new town, and trying to get to the source of the change.

6 The Woman With Three Brains

A little odd this one.

You'd play a woman who gets abducted by aliens. You don't remember much, but when you come to you find the aliens have given you a rather nice boob job... only these aren't silicone, they're neural tissue. Cloned from your own brain, each breast now has independent thoughts from the other breast and from you. They're still your brains so to speak, so they aren't malicious, nor do they wish you any harm. But being part of a primary stimulation organ means that they have rather more... enthusiastic views on sex.

And then there's the fact that the aliens gave them an important mission to do, and that each one seems to be developing psychic powers, and you don't... are you going to wind up a woman controlled by her tits, or will you end up on top of this three way tug of war for control of your body?
Those are my ideas. You might be noticing a couple of themes here, so I'll come right out and say that yes, I am a big fan of physically powerful women. I have a thing for muscles on women as well, but i fully understand that many find that gross and won't want to do it, so i won't force it.

I'm perfectly willing do do these over IM as well as on the forum, whatever floats your boat.

Again, feel free to PM or post a forum reply and thanks for reading.


Hi, I'm relatively new here to and I like the sound of the second plot-line...princess knight?
let me know if that's ok






Ha ha! Blessing Stealer sounds fun, and very comical with the right approach. PM me if you're still interested. *doesn't know why people say that, but has adopted the habit, anyway* Just...PM me.

I'll be your pet... If you can make me sit, stay, and come.

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