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Author Topic: The Long Lost Princess (Fireeyes And Saku)  (Read 1093 times)

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The Long Lost Princess (Fireeyes And Saku)
« on: May 17, 2009, 01:20:20 PM »

All was quiet in the Wyrdrain Clan that night, nothing could of prepared them for the tragedy that had happened to the secluded outdated village in the midst of the forest, modern in most aspects but animalistic and rustic on others, you could not expect more from their kind even in these days.

Most the clan was asleep when it happened. Like an eagle to its prey the enemy swarmed the clans village, outnumbering them greatly. A great deal of them concentrating on the royal quarters, marked only by totem posts. That was when she ran from her home hearing the commotion, not knowing what she was walking into. She scanned the tragedy before her eyes settled on her father the king, Great Albion Tzlenzu Ndochind the second, fighting with his guards for his life. She grabbed her sword, sizing the enemies up, Humans! They were after the royal family, and capturing her kind for profit. She could not allow this, code of their kind was not to allow humans to do such a thing, even if it meant killing themselves as a last resort they would never let the humans get their hands on them. They were being so careful. Only few human groups hunted werepeople but as of late they were increasing as the price went up on their heads.

Nisia Linxatat Ndochind, Princess of the Wyrdrain Wereleopard Clan, had only taken steps from her home when she was unexpectedly overbaren and taken into the very hands she was going to protect her father from. She was disarmed within the first few powerful, yet graceful swings of her sword, her fellow werepeople tried as they could to help her but she somehow became separated from them as well. The humans took her fighting the entire way into the very forest which she was so familiar with. There were so many overpowering her, she barely kept the edge. Could hear her fellow clansman trying to get to her but she was starting to fade. She used that time to feint loss off consciousness. It worked for a time, that was until she heard where they were taking her. Instantly her eyes flew open and she struggled, they stopped, startled and started wailing on her, there was a pouch tied to her leg for quick shifts. She was going to need it. She took the chance after being tortured for the next few hours. She shifted in front of them clawed and bit her way out. It was dark but with her night vision she should be fine. Or so she thought, they were closing in, she ran through the forest manuevering in an area she wasn't use to, she had lost them after several miles. Running now just to put a bit more distance between her and them. After hours she thought she could run no longer. Finding an area that looked thick she ran into the brush, bad move. She ran into thick brushery only to run right off the edge of a cliff.

Nisia woke in human form a few days later; she had no memory of what had happened a couple days ago. She was naked, a touch bloody, covered in mud and unsure of the two pairs of eyes staring at her at that moment. She had no memory of who she was. The only thing she had was a pouch with what she determined hers, since it was the only material thing she saw around her, she didn't question it. She opened the pouch and pulled out a piece of cloth, it seemed to be out the main piece of an outfit, she managed to slid it on easily as if she had done it time and time before. A simple peice it was, easy to move in and quite comfortable. Next she found a pair of thigh high leg coverings and slid them on, they looked tight but also found them quite comfortable. As she sat there she poured out the rest of the pouches contents. Jewelry, some of it leopard print. "Odd", a necklace, she looked closely inside the crystal amulet there was a teardrop shape gem of something else she didn't know what though. She stood as she put her jewelry on, it seemed to be second nature. As she clasped the arm bands on her eyes paused on the markings. It was then and only then she felt something rub against her and looked down with surprise, two cubs, leopards stared up at her. For a reason she could not explain she did not fear them.

Back at the Wyrdrain Clan they had all about given up hope in the following weeks and months. False information that the princess had been killed was sent to them. The king was stuck between mourning for his daughter or pushing for evidence. If he would mourn and move on the clan can develop and move on as they need to to prevent such from happening again, but as a father, as a father he didn't want to accept this. As a king he did what was right for the clan his feelings aside.

It has been two years since the disappearance of Princess Nisia, the clan has moved on and upped its security to protect the rest of the royal family. The king created a memorial for his daughter but all searches and take of her still being alive have been cut off completely.

She on the other hand has adapted to the forest quite well. The only companions she had were the two leopards she called Rain and Linx. They stayed with her since that very day she woke upon the cliff lost and confused. She was a different person now. She found resources including that of a nearby waterfall that she visited often with the cubs.

During her track through the forest the cubs had led her to an abandoned buiding and in time she spent over the months she worked upon it, perfecting it. It was dark inside with a back and front opening, the front opening opened up onto a porch that was the lenth of the home. She never could figure out what happened to the previous owner as the place was hidden quite well. From outside with an exception to the door and porch the place looked as if it weren't a building but a rockside with forestry. She set a few traps, created easy entrance and exit points for her and the leopards.

After being there for so long she found a small town about 10 hour hike to the west. She has only ever talked to one person there a sweet old lady who has always met her on the outskirts of the forest with medicinal supplies, herbals, candles, ammo and an occassional gift once every few months. The lady gave her a name, Blackstar. She was the only person who knew about her and kept it that way. It took a bit but the woman talked her into keeping a few weapons in the home as occassional intruders have been known to try and make a kill though why was beyond her. When she was talkng to the woman, the old lady seemed to look into her eyes as if she knew her. It was the strangest feeling.

The sun was setting and the leopards lay across the branches upon the tree outside. She was inside sitting in the only chair in the home straddling it as she stared into the fire doing what she did most nights. Trying to remember anything; even something as simple as her real name. She knew this 'Blackstar' could not be it.

There was one man in the Wyrdrain Village who just was unable to let Princess Nisia's disappearance or supposed death go.  They were childhood friends, he had secretly loved her for years.  Never had the chance to tell her.  Now he was suppose to just let it go.  He had left the clan in search of her some many many months ago.  Deep down inside, something told him she was still out there, alive.  He was going to find her and bring her home.

((You can see where this is going...Your character will find her. She will not recognize him. Well go from there Doesnt have to be long long post, two paragraphs will surfice, just wanted to cover history))
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Re: The Long Lost Princess (Looking someone to RP With) Please read
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2009, 11:15:16 AM »
Kip Wyr had been part of the Wyrdrain Wereleopard Clan for a long time and was a childhood friend of Princess Nisia. They had spent lots of time together, playing with each other when they were children and hanging out when they were older. He had harbored a secret love for her ever since he'd laid eyes on the female but never had the courage to confess for multiple reasons.

When she had gone missing he knew that the raiders had taken her for she couldn't be dead or else he would feel it. He tried to persuade Nisia's father to keep the search going but when weeks and then months passed with no word from her, the Clan expressed its concern. Then information came through telling them that Nisia was dead but there was no proof of this, merely words.

Kip didn't believe it, deep down he knew she was still out there alive. He was able to make the king keep the search going for another week but after that time had passed, the Clan leader was forced to stop the search for the good of the rest of the members. Kip could not stop though for he had no such ties as the king and was not bound by the same responsibilities.

He told the older man he would find his daughter and bring her back home. That was two years ago, two years since he had left the Clan and went in search of Princess Nisia. Kip hadn't had much luck but he never gave up hope. It was in the course of his travels that he happened to come upon the abandoned building that Nisia had fixed up. The place looked like it was a rockside with forestry.

But he could smell traces of Nisia. Kip's sense of smell was quite good, one of the best in the Clan which was why the king had held him in such high esteem even though he wasn't anyone important. He took the time to sniff around the rockside as he tried to figure out what path Nisia might have taken and couldn't figure it out. It seemed as though she hadn't gone anywhere.

Almost as though her trail ended here but that wasn't possible. Maybe she had climbed a tree? Kip started to walk over to a nearby tree but stopped when he felt something underfoot. He paused as he sniffed and realized that perhaps Nisia had dug herself a cave or something and carefully stepped off the roof of the place Nisia had made her home. Kip knelt down to lift some leaves.

The leaf covering parted to reveal the outer part of Nisia's lair and he saw a few leopards lying across some branches not too far away and slipped through to confront them. He could smell Nisia. The scent was stronger which meant she was nearby and that made him gain courage and he approached the place where someone had a fire going. Yes, he could smell the smoke.

"Is Nisia inside?"

Kip asked the leopards for he assumed they were shifters but didn't recognize them from their own pack so it would pay to be rather careful. After all he didn't want to start a fight.

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Re: The Long Lost Princess (Looking someone to RP With) Please read
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2009, 12:43:58 PM »
Gazing into the fire Nisia had dozed off.  Her eyes closed, body stretched out and complacent on the chair, fire going but now on mere kindling.  It was a delicate, yet lazy look of a leopard just about like Rain stretched across the high branch above her lair.  Once again she had a dream, the same dream she had so many times before.  She was a beautiful leopard, much like the ones who claimed companionship with her on their own free will.  She ran through the forest beside them, pumping those long soft legs.  The feeling that was coursing through her, such an adrenaline rush.  Wind in her face, coursing through her fur.  Then it happened as it always does,  with everytime she gets to that point she wakes and stands in a fluid single movement.  Her body ached as if it wanted to do such things and her arms instinctively cross her midrift.  "What does it mean?"
It was in that moment she realized that there was another presence.  Waiting there she knew she could trust Linx and Rain to alert her to a problem.  She moved stealthily and grabbed a dagger then hid well. 

Linx's growled a low deep gurtle sound at the intruder.  He sniffed the air and with another growl and glanced at Rain he jumped down in front of Kip. His eyes trained on Kip he crouched and again sniffed him.  Finding him to be of kin the leopard raised its head and met his eyes, a slight tilt of its head and it turned and started towards the entrance of Nisia's Lair. 

Rain pounced down on the ground behind him, her long form gliding up behind Kip as if to say try anything and your dead.  Her eyes wearily watching him for any sudden movements.  She would kill him in an instant, it showed in her eyes.  Kinship or not.  There was a very protective air about her and it much had to do with the woman inside the lair.  She trusted no one.  Nisia was the only human she knew with such kindness though she smelled a very vibrant leopard within the woman. 

Once Linx entered he walked over by the fire and laid beside it, resting his head on his paws and waiting for them to enter.  Rain simply pushed by Kip and backed by an empty chair crouched and snarled at him before lying by an empty chair. 

Nisia was waiting behind the wall near the door to see what her friends brought home.

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Re: The Long Lost Princess (Looking someone to RP With) Please read
« Reply #3 on: May 20, 2009, 12:23:12 PM »
He knew they would most likely sniff him to see what sort of race he was and make sure he meant no harm, for that was what his former pack usually did to newcomers. It was a safety measure and he didn't mind for how else would they weed out predators? Kip waited patiently as Linx growled and crouched for he suspected the leopard would not attack unless he showed signs of aggression and he didn't intend to show anything remotely like that.

When Linx met his eyes and raised his head to tilt it slightly, Kip inclined his own human head to show he understood that the leopard would show him the way into Nisia's lair and the fact that Linx had recognized Nisia's name made him hopeful. Perhaps he had finally found Nisia after all these years of searching. Kip could tell from the way Rain was moving and acting that she acted more as a protector and he made a careful note to remember that.

He followed Linx inside, letting Rain brush past him as she growled and snarled at him. It was obvious she wasn't comfortable with him yet but that was understandable, they didn't know him and this was the correct action to take. Once he was inside, Kip looked around the room, wondering where Nisia was supposed to be and raised a brow as he took in the scenery of the place, liking it even though it was a bit different from what he was familiar with.


He called out, hoping she would answer and noted Linx had walked over to the fire and now laid beside it, resting his head on his paws as his eyes focused on him as though he were waiting for something. Kip looked over at Rain who had backed into an empty chair and was now lying down on it, splayed out comfortably but easy enough so that she could launch herself off at any second should the occasion call for it. That was when he smelled her.

It really was Nisia and even though he couldn't see her he knew she was there. He would know that scent anywhere and he let out a sigh of relief, feeling more at ease now than he had earlier when he hadn't known for sure. Now the question was why had she hidden herself here and why hadn't she made contact with the pack to let them know she was still alive and not a prisoner of the raiders or worse dead? Did she have a reason?

"Nisia, I know you're here. You must your reasons for hiding out in this place but why haven't you contacted the pack? Why haven't you let your father know you're still alive? Is there something you want to tell me?"

Kip asked as he waited to hear what Nisia might have to say.

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Re: The Long Lost Princess (Fireeyes And Saku) Please read
« Reply #4 on: May 20, 2009, 01:21:50 PM »
Nisia heard the voice of another.  She knew her leopards would not bring someone in that would try to harm her.  She stepped out from where she was.  Her eyes scanning over the male whom was standing only a few feet in front of her.  He spoke of a pack, her father and her telling him something.  Things that did not register to her.  She cleared her throat so she didn't startle him. "Excuse me." Her manners despite being alone were not lacking.  She walked around him though in a wide birdth eying him cautiously.  "I think you might have the wrong person." She sat in the chair beside Rain, her long legs stretched in such a way it simply imitated that of the leopard.

Rain raised her head, nudged Nisia gently and after the soft stroke she recieved stalked in front of Nisia and sat there.  She sniffed the air towards Kip again then glanced at Nisia before laying down and watching Kip still with protective watchful eyes.

"I do not know this Nisia your speaking to.  She does not live here.  Just I Blackstar.  Nor of a pack.  Just my friends here Linx and Rain. And they are not my pets just friends who wish to stay.  Perhaps you have made a mistake?" she tilted her head leaning forward on her legs.  She was probably going to have to allow him to stay the night now because of the time it was but she needed to clear this up first. 

She motioned to a stool a few feet from her. "Please....sit so we can clear this up."
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Re: The Long Lost Princess (Fireeyes And Saku) Please read
« Reply #5 on: May 20, 2009, 04:47:01 PM »
His eyes alighted on Nisia as she stepped forward from behind the wall that had concealed her and Kip's expression softened somewhat as he regarded her for a few moments. She looked much the same and he was glad that she bore no scars of abuse or violence, in other words she was safe and seemingly doing quite well for herself out here in the wilderness. But why was she out here in the first place when everyone in the pack was looking for her?

Kip blinked when Nisia spoke telling him that he had the wrong person and sniffed the air again. Her scent was extremely strong and he stepped forward, only a few steps and inhaled again, nostrils flaring slightly and then took a step back once more. That explained it, if Nisia had suffered an accident and lost her memory she wouldn't be able to get back to the pack or inform them since she wouldn't remember who they were or how to contact them.

"My sense of smell is the best in the pack and is never wrong. You are Princess Nisia, there is no doubt about it. But it seems you may have lost your memory so perhaps I can take you places you might remember or do familiar things with you which could jog your brain and make you remember some things you have lost."

Kip said and waited to see if Nisia would agree to this for he really only wanted to help her and now that he had found the young princess there was no way he would leave her again. He had been her devoted friend before and now that he had found her again he would do so again until she had remembered, it was the least he could do for he wanted her to be happy. Plus he would have some time with her alone away from the pack which was tempting.

He knew when they returned Kip would probably be forced away from her since that was how packs were. They tended to keep those unworthy away from the royalty. He looked over at Linx and Rain when she mentioned them and inclined his head to them before he returned his attention to Nisia once more and moved over to the stool to take a seat. Kip let his eyes linger on Nisia, the female he had had a crush on ever since he'd laid eyes on her.

It was like a dream to be alone with her out in the wilderness knowing nothing and no one else from the pack knew they were here. He'd dreamed of this but he knew that the proper and right thing to do was to inform the rest of the pack about Nisia being alive. And yet, it was so tempting to simply try and live out here with her and not return to the others for he'd been gone for two years and Nisia had been gone for a few months before that.

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Re: The Long Lost Princess (Fireeyes And Saku) Please read
« Reply #6 on: May 20, 2009, 05:38:35 PM »
She couldn't help but to laugh, "Princess Nisia?  That is my name is it.  Quite an interesting thing to learn." She ran her hand down the leopards fur that sat in front of her.  Her eyes never leaving the stranger.  She smiled and upon inspection it was a saddening smile.  "You are right about me not having any memory.  It is an odd feeling.  I woke on a cliff. These two were but cubs." she reguarded the leopards lovingly.  "That was the first memory I have, nothing before that.  It is like I didn't exist." She shrugged slightly, tilting her head and gazing at him momentarily as if she knew what he was thinking.  Just something about his expression said torn. "I know you asked earlier why I haven't contacted some pack.  Obviously I don't remember them.  I must ask you tell no one of this place.  I am happy here, with them, for some reason.  Its home."

Nisia rose gracefully to her feet, Linx and Rain did as she did.  She walked over and lit candles letting the fire die down.  Linx left through the entrance, Rain followed suit after glancing at Kip, and letting out a slight grunt as if telling them goodbye. "Be safe, feast well" Nisia said in rsponse.  It was time for them to hunt.  They would return in a few hours with food for her as well.  She hunted as well with her knife, hand made bow and gun but they rather enjoyed treating her.

While lighting the candles she decided to continue. "I do not know you.  You say you know me.  You claim to know about me." She stared into the candles for a quiet moment.  "Let us start this off very slow.  I will ask of two things of you right now.  And know that just because my leopard friends left does not leave me vulnerable." When she turned to face him, her eyes would tell him of the truth of her words.  Though she bore no memories, she still wore the jewelry that was in the pouch that had accompanied her.  She folded her arms. "The first I ask of you is easy, I simply ask your name.  The second I ask is some kind of assurance from you that I can trust you." She wasn't sure what that would be but had a feeling she would know it when she saw it.

Nisia thought that she would of remembered someone like him.  Some kind of past in the last two years but the only thing was that dream, the one of the leopard she felt part of.  Running and feeling as exhilerated as it felt.  Something about that thought brought her doubled over and gripping her stomach, it was that queazy nauseous feeling again.  She closed her eyes taking a deep breath and trying to compose herself.  She wasn't use to company being around her so having to worry about a spell never crossed her mind. "Not now!" she gritted her teeth.

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Re: The Long Lost Princess (Fireeyes And Saku)
« Reply #7 on: May 21, 2009, 09:07:29 PM »
The sound of her laughter made Kip decide that he would do whatever she wanted him to do just like the old days. If she had no desire to go back he would not make her and remain by her side no matter what happened for his loyalty was to Nisia and not to the pack. She really was a bad influence on him as his family and pack members had said but Kip couldn't bring himself to break ties with her for he loved her more than anything else in the world, even his own life. He would go to the ends of the earth for Nisia.

Kip watched as she ran her hand down the leopard's fur that sat in front of her and wondered if she was thinking of turning into one at the moment for he didn't know that Nisia wasn't aware of her shifting ability. He only assumed she'd lost her memory of the pack and her identity. If she'd survived for two years on her own surely at some point she would have shifted by accident or something and discovered what she was. It was folly to think otherwise.

"Maybe you fell off the cliff when you were running away from the raiders two years ago."

Kip suggested, remembering that day well for it was the day he'd lost Nisia and it would forever be branded into his memory since the princess had been and still was his entire life. He nodded when she told him that she didn't remember a pack and asked that he tell no one of this place since she was happy here and thought of it as her home now.

"As long as I am by your side I will do whatever you ask and protect you from any danger that could come your way."

He said devoutly and the corners of his lips twitched upward into a wry smile as he inclined his head to Nisia for she was someone he looked up to and held in admiration. He didn't just have a crush on her. It was much more than that. He watched as she rose gracefully to her feet and walked over to light some candles, letting the fire die down. Kip listened when Nisia spoke about him and what he had said about her and nodded when she put her questions to him for it was sad that she didn't remember him at all.

"My name is Kip Wyr and I am of the Wyrdrain Wereleopard Clan as are you."

Kip told her and when she asked for some kind of assurance that she could trust him, Kip thought about it for he really didn't know what she wanted from him but before he could think much further, Nisia started to double over in pain. Kip rose to his feet in one fluid movement and helped her to the couch as he laid her down on it. Finding that she wasn't sick but merely needed to shift, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"You had me scared for a moment, Nisia. I thought you were sick or wounded or something but all you need to do is shift."

He said with a shake of his head and waited for her to do so as he moved away from her since she would probably need some space to do so. When she didn't shift right away he raised an eyebrow in her direction.

"Uh, you do remember how to shift, right?"

Kip asked just to make sure. If she told him she did he would simply turn his back so she could place her clothing into the pouch and do so but if she didn't, it seemed as though he was going to have to instruct her on the matter. That could say the least.

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Re: The Long Lost Princess (Fireeyes And Saku)
« Reply #8 on: May 21, 2009, 10:27:21 PM »
It wasn't just her stomach that felt this pain, no, it was starting to move throughout her body.  Never had it been so bad.  Usually she could get it to go away but this time it wasn't happening.  She crossed her hands over her chest and dug her nails into her shoulders and trembled slightly.  This was new.  Was it his presence?

There was a shift in the lair around them and the sound of paws running.  Rain barreled through the back of the lair, from a spot where he couldn't see where she came from.  She jumped and landed over Nisia.  Her body spreading over Nisia.  A low snarl emitted from her as she eyed Kip.  She sensed something with Nisia from her hunt and came right back.  They had a stronger bond than most knew you could with one not formed with a pet. 

Linx came into the lair through the front with a bit of blood on his lips from a kill they left to come back here.  He simply strolled over to the bed and nudged Nisia.  After Rain growled deeply at him he strolled over to Kip and laid by his feet lazily, seemingly less protective at the moment.  Sensing something other than aggression from Kip. He glanced up and sniffed at Kip.

The feel of Rains fur against hers calmed her some.  She still trembled though.  She reached out with one hand and placed it against the leopard closing her eyes and trying to calm herself.  "I have been like this since about six months after I came to.  This is just the worse......" She cut off suddenly as another wave of pain shot though her body, she didn't see it but when she looked at him, her eyes were that of the leopard.  "I have never gotten this sick before I met you" She fought what she felt though, as if a sickness.

Nisia grew very pale that moment.  Kip coming around had brought her bloodline leopard in her to the surface, making it want out even more now.  This was a positive thing in a way but she didn't understand it at the moment.  All she knew was she was in pain, nauseous and quite dizzy.  The soft yet warm feel of fur against her hand calmed the leopard whom wanted freedom within her just slightly. 

Nisia closed her eyes and seemed to go still beneath the leopard.  Rain's ears went back and she moved over Nisia licking her face.  The girl had spiked a fever and the stress of her fighting the change though she had been fighting small changes until now never something so drastic, it had caused her to pass out.  The beautiful leopard upon her almost seeming to cover that of the fragile frame of Nisia easily as she tried to figure out what was wrong with her.  Nisia's hand slid off that of the leopard falling loosely to the bed.

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Re: The Long Lost Princess (Fireeyes And Saku)
« Reply #9 on: May 22, 2009, 03:02:09 PM »
It was obvious that Nisia did not remember how to shift and judging from her words she hadn't done so in two years or more which was not healthy for a wereleopard. That was probably the reason why she kept getting pains for her inner beast wanted to be exercised and the human part of her had no idea how to do such a thing which led to the painful contractions. Kip waited while Nisia spoke to him again and when she paused, he parted his lips to give her the explanation for everything that was happening with her and these pains she couldn't explain.

"If you haven't shifted lately you tend to get pains like that which is why we try and shift at least once a day if not more. Once you shift the pain goes away. The pouch you have is usually tied to the leg and is used for quick shifts when you don't have time to change the human way. You take your clothing off, put it in the pouch and then change to your leopard form."

Kip explained and reached out to catch Nisia should she start to fall over while he talked.

"If you need help shifting I can walk you through it. But you might want to take any clothing you want to save off before you try since your leopard form will probably tear and rip it into unusable material."

He told her and realized she was a bit too pale and helped her over to the couch as he sat down next to her for a moment, stroking her hair almost affectionately and then after a moment he rose to make his way over to a chair not too far away.

"It would be best to shift as soon as possible since your pain and sickness will go away as soon as the change occurs."

Kip reminded her and waited for Nisia to give him some sign of acknowledgment or something to let him know what she was thinking and what she wanted him to help her out with. Rain and Linx returned rather abruptly, the former going over to Nisia to move over to the princess, stretching out over Nisia as Kip watched and looked down at Linx who had strolled over to him and laid by his feet lazily.

"Are these friends of yours? Do you remember?"

He asked, curiously for he didn't think of them as animals or pets, he assumed they were fellow shifters but merely in their leopard form and looked over at Nisia. But she had passed out and he sighed, shaking his head, rising to make his way over to the princess as he reached out with a hand to place it on her forehead which was rather sweaty and discovered she probably had a fever. Kip looked down at Rain.

"You think I should help her shift or wait until she wakes up again?"

Kip inquired, wanting to know Rain's opinion.

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Re: The Long Lost Princess (Fireeyes And Saku)
« Reply #10 on: May 22, 2009, 09:51:24 PM »
Rain moved off of Nisia feeling how warm her body became.  They were use to having Rain run into town for the old lady if she were to get sick, the lady always sent her son with her and within hours he had her on her feet acting normal again.  He too had another scent to him like Kip and Nisia.  Rain paced anxiously on the bed as Kip came over.  Her ears perked to what he asked.

"You think I should help her shift or wait until she wakes up again."

Rain sniffed Kips arm and hand then Nisia.  They had the same leopard scent to them.  Rain nudged her nose beneath Nisia's body gently pushing her towards Kip.  She was going to trust Kip to help Nisia. 

Linx stood as Rain paced and paced the room as well, it was as if they would act if a pack member were to take sudden ill.  Even as Rain had stopped Linx did not, he sniffed the air a couple times but continued to pace the room.  The sounds of his sniffing was all that could be heard from this pacing.

Nisia faded in and out of consciousness.  This was very new.  If what he said was true.  She was no human.  Yet she felt that deep inside her there was a part of her that knew that.  She felt a shove from beneath and opened her eyes slightly to see a blurred vision of Kip.  She sighed deeply trying to compose herself.


Nisia felt a wave of pain, saw a vision of beautiful fur before her eyes. She grimaced and shook her head,

"Help me through this."

She manage just barely.  She believed him.  Something in her heart told her that the man standing before her wouldn't lie to her.  Even though she just met him she just knew she could trust him.

"Their companions of mine, Leopards.  Their names..."

she hesitated and glanced at Linx and he paused to look towards her.  As if communicating to her.  She smiled slightly

 "He is Linx....And she is Rain."

Nisia forced herself up into a seated position and reached down to the pouch tied on her leg.  She removed a 9 mm from it and placed it on the bed, there were other things but they might come of use.  She blushed slightly as her arm crossed over her chest, the other pulling the straps of her bodice down.  She stood and managed to step out of it before sinking to her knees as she felt a more urgent push in her body.  She moved a bit more quickly put her stuff in the pouch and turned her body slightly as she sat there.  She was breathing quite deeply. 

"Kip...Teach me please, before I pass out again"

She spoke ever so softly, you could tell it was hard for her to trust him this much so quickly but she didn't know what else to do. Her delicate features strained as she fought the beast inside knowing no other way.  Her pleading eyes meeting his.

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Kip let Rain sniff his arm and hand for this was a normal thing they tended to do in order to figure out if someone had good or bad intentions. It also was the process they used to see if someone had connections with another being which was probably what Rain was doing at the moment since she most likely already suspected he had good intentions considering Nisia's reaction to him. Kip reached out to prop Nisia up when Rain nudged her nose beneath the body of the princess, pushing her towards him and he ran his fingers through her sweaty damp hair as he tried to urge her into consciousness. Or at least for a few minutes.

"Nisia. Come back to me. You have to listen if you want to get well again."

He told her and waited for the female to respond in some way. After a few seconds he saw Nisia's eyes flutter and open slightly and heard her speak and he nodded, looking down at her as he continued to hold her up in his arms.

"I'm here, Nisia. You want to give it a try?"

Kip asked and nodded when she told him to help her through this and looked over at Linx and Rain when Nisia introduced him to them. Kip inclined his head to each leopard. They were kin. Even if they weren't shifters themselves they were related to their race and deserved respect.

"They've been helping you through this all this time, I'm grateful to them."

Kip said, looking at Rain and Linx and then returned his attention back to Nisia for now was not the time for introductions, now she needed to shift or else she was going to need a healer since putting off shifting was not a wise thing. It could make you very sick.

"Okay, Nisia. Picture a leopard in your mind and then reach inside you and find that piece of yourself that feels as though it is you. When you do that the image will change to that of your shifter image in your head. Focus on the image and then want to become that leopard and give everything of yourself over to it. Your body should change and it might hurt for a brief moment because your bones will change but it should be gone in a matter of seconds. Once you're in shifter form you can keep the form as long as you want, as long as you are conscious even a little bit. If you go unconscious you will revert back to your old form. If you want to shift back to human form just repeat the same process but think of yourself as human. Go ahead and give it a try."

Kip said as he waited to see if Nisia would be able to hang onto consciousness long enough to try and do it. If she did, her headache, fever and everything else would go away instantly.

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Nisia nodded, "They have been there since I woke up on the cliff edge.  Haven't left my side since." She smiled proudly,

"We love one another."

Each time Kip said her name there was a familiar ring to it and she couldn't place why or how.  She just looked up at him for a moment and nodded,

"I am going to try it."

Nisia closed her eyes and took to the image of the leopard she has been seeing in her dreams.  It was a beautiful leopard, one that she had come very familiar with.  This is where her inner leopard as he put it wanted to come out to her, she was use to fighting it.  Now she had to try and give herself over to it. After moments of doing just that her body began to shift, popping heard she cried out as it burned and then hurt to change.  Then there she stood, a full leopard, her eyes open and for the first time in years she looked upon the others as a leopard.  She took a few steps forward and rubbed against Kips leg, it was then Raine and Linx walked over and met with her snout to snout.  She purred softly and focused confused leopard eyes on the gentleman standing.  Kip

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It had been downright torture to see Nisia's fully naked body in front of him for he'd never seen it before but he knew that with the leopards watching it would not be professional to stare at her any longer than necessary. However, if they'd been alone Kip might have done more than just help her out, he would have lost himself in the vision that was Nisia's body.

Trying to forget about that, Kip concentrated on helping Nisia shift back into the form she was most comfortable in, the form that she needed to shift into at least once a day, preferably three times a day that was the average. If they didn't they would begin to experience headaches, fever and nausea along with other symptoms and if the shift was denied for longer than three years it was worse.

She would at first seem to get better and then they would fall into a constant state of sickness that nothing would be able to cure. During this time there was a one year period where they would have enough strength to shift into their leopard form and if they shifted at any point in this time they would recover but if they still didn't and the period passed, they would fall into a coma.

There were treatments to bring them out of this stage and back to the previous stage but in order for them to work they had to get the afflicted being in the first three days they had fallen into a coma. If they didn't the shifter would die within a week. Nisia had been gone almost three years since she disappeared two years ago and Kip had been gone for almost three so she had been dangerously close to the first part.

Kip was glad that he had found Nisia when he had for it seemed as though she was going to get better quite fast now that they were trying to make her shift. He listened when she told him that she had woken up on the cliff edge and they hadn't ever left her side, it sounded as though they recognized Nisia as kin and felt bound to protect her since she had not been able to take care of herself.

He nodded when she told him that she was going to try it and hoped for the best. This could be her cure if she managed it. He knew she had found the switch when she cried out and the change started and he saw her bones crack and reform and then a few moments later he was staring at a beautiful leopard. "That's my Nisia." Kip murmured almost inaudibly as he gazed at the stunning vision of the princess who was now in her natural form and looked down at her as he felt her rub against his leg and he heard her voice in his mind.

It was something all leopards could do, speak to one another in their mind but it only worked over a certain distance, if they were in the same general area they could communicate with each other. However, if Kip was back at the Clan and Nisia was still here in the woods the distance was too great and they wouldn't be able to find each other mentally. "Nisia. How does it feel?"

He inquired mentally as he looked down at the leopard she had become.

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She looked up at him thoughtfully,

"Like I was born for this."

The two other leopards Rain and Linx were sitting right beside her, each on one side.  She swung her head to the front of the lair looking at the door then at Kip. 

"Can you change?  Into a leopard like me?"

She inquired, stepping toward Kip raising her head proudly. 

"Run with me Kip, I have had the dream of running for far too long. It's time to make my dream come true, I want to feel it now."

She didn't know why but she just knew that running through the forest with him by her side would be just what she needed to get her mind off of everything.  It was hard to believe that he was really here, and that she was really this beautiful leopard she dreamt of so many nights.

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He smiled when she told him that it felt like she was born for this and he nodded when Nisia asked if he could change into a leopard like her and he inclined his head. Kip shed his clothing until he was totally naked - he didn't mind being bare in front of her - and placed it in the small pouch on his own leg and then let the shift happen as he ground his teeth together, not wanting to cry out in front of Nisia.

The pain passed and he was now a reddish leopard with golden stripes running up and down his body as he rumbled deep in his throat, purring his contentment that being with Nisia gave him.

"I'd love to run with you. Where to?"

Kip inquired as he moved his large head from one side to another awaiting Nisia's desire for she had always taken control in their runs together for she was royalty and he was not. He loved to follow her and do whatever she wanted. It was enough to be with her and he loved being around her as often as he could. What more could he ask for with Nisia by his side running with him in leopard form?

"I will always be there for you."