Moonstones of Galillia

Started by Darius, May 15, 2009, 09:51:36 PM

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To be played in the Elven Maidens and Barbarian Men forum

Let me know if you're interested.

Found someone, thanks

Korwin was raised a barbarian prince, but shipped off to a far away land to the magic academy there. He finished at 17, an unheard of age and returned to his land. His family wanted nothing to do with magic though, and he was outcast.

Korwin worked on his magic for years, working on a plan to enslave both the elven nation and the barbarians under his rule. To accomplish this, he must capture an elven maiden and force her to help him steal the Moonstones of Galillia.

Then, he will be able to channel the power necessary to complete his plans of conquest. To convince the maiden to help him. Korwin will capture and force a Sympathy Collar around her neck. The collar is platinum with inlays of polished bone. The bones are his, and creates a magical bond between him and the girl. Anything he feels, she feels three-fold. Four empty depressions exist on the collar for him to add a future feature.

Korwin is a sexual-sadist fairly violent man and likes to be rough with those he considers beneath him, so whomever he captures can expect torment from him. But because of the collar, they will also feel the joy he has at their suffering for a nice mix of emotions.

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