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Author Topic: Fractitious Immersion [NC-E, sensuous fractal maze, tentacle etc, light hypno]  (Read 665 times)

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Images thanks to Chazagirl (fractals) and Jada Cheng (model).

Looking for a freeform or just possibly light system game...  Something to mix sensual with scary and surreal.  Elements of both sexual peril and environmental seduction -- probably good for a switch who likes lots of atmosphere.  You should see various possible events that could hop out of fractal fields like those above for someone walking through them, and be able to describe them semi-realistically without godmoding.

A dream of a moderately-paced computer action game, with some abstract 3-d monsters (including but not limited to tentacles), limited mind control, perhaps bondage/predicament and lots of sensory description.  Visually it is mostly fractals for the setting, but they can be fields and paths or pools, as well as spirals, etc.  I want this to be something creative with the environment, not constantly shocking - often absorbing, occasionally funny, often a sensual thriller - and never perfectly safe either.  I'll run Kelly.

Kelly is dreaming.
Some dreams, you wake up when it becomes too much.
This is not such a dream.
This is a dream that builds in too much, out of what was once amusement, and cloaks it in simulations - and magnifications - of everyday beauty and common sensations.

Kelly is a gamer.  She likes shooter mazes to unwind.
She created a sexy avatar, fast with her guns, who soon could not be beaten.
Sexy and fast, soft and mean.  Her alter ego, a way to tease the other gamers.

Someone decided it was time to get even. 
One night, they beam another version of the game straight to her mind.

Kelly dreams she is somewhere inside the mazes of the game, the levels -- but something has changed.
It must be a virus.  What else could it be...  Overlaying the urban scenery, fractals everywhere.
Different shapes, colors, forming into tunnels and pathways of their own, constantly moving.

Of course, she is running her usual avatar.  Dressed to please and tease, but faster than anyone. 
She might still be faster than anyone...  But ammo is still limited. 
And, she is not faster than anything.  Not anymore.

What kind of virus is this?  The fractals are everywhere.  Sometimes monstrous shapes arise from parts of them.  She can shoot them, and run where she can, but what if there are others.  Is there anything to help her inside this new maze?  Or are there only tricks, mere illusions of exits and objects and allies?

She runs through overwhelmingly beautiful corridors and stairwells, simulated abstract fields and pools.  They ebb and flow around her, one into the next, each laced with stark colors.  Their sections made of different substances: they may look soft and be hard or vice-versa.  They have various enticing odors and sounds to them, echoes of the real world at one turn and a dash of the impossible at the next.   They may open and close, or conceal tentacles, animals, shapes that could almost be humanoid but are more alien.  The walls themselves may guide her, they may open and leave her stranded.  Or, they may circle and pulse with colors that threaten to mesmerize her. 

Over a long time, these hypnotic effects may slowly alter her overall reactions to the maze and its dangers, perhaps until she is even "prepared" for what the creator plans for when she wakes.  The programmer could be male, female, or something else.  The program would be more feminine in its looks but patiently aggressive in its designs to confuse, tease and periodically abuse her.  I am not so concerned with the programmer as a character for now, although some vestige of that person might inhabit the maze.  It also isn't super important for me to establish immediately how it's going to end in her waking life, if it ever does. 

I'm looking more for someone who could help develop the maze and run it against her.  That does not need to be precisely all "GM plot versus player reaction," but I would like enough contribution that I feel some immersion with a sense of surprises and unexhausted possibilities.  I might also consider another player who runs another gamer inside, and they are both victim types trying to deal with the situation -- but only with significant co-contribution to the story.

Not necessarily first come, first served.  Certainly not a plot for one-liners.

Please, general questions here -- specific applications or offers in PM.

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