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Author Topic: How it feels to be Banned on E.  (Read 756 times)

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Offline DesanTopic starter

How it feels to be Banned on E.
« on: May 12, 2009, 02:04:47 AM »
So, about a week ago I contacted Bliss and asked her something I didn't think I would ever have to ask.

To be banned from E until a certain time period.

Yep, I knew I'd be on this site almost all day, checking updates on any threads I made, or possibly replying to my games if the muse was being nice to me (she usually isn't. >_>). But yea, I didn't think I would have to ask because I thought I'd have some self control and moderate myself but I didn't want to take the risk. It turned out it was a good idea that I did ask for restriction as I had a lot more time on my hands to focus on reading and actually STUDYING. However, I did go through withdrawal. And I was only gone for a week ffs >_>....Imagine being banned longer or even...perma-banned :o

So, what was I able/not able to do?

I was able to...
View all the boards and posts
View the "The Dungeon" aka "Why you are banned/restricted". <--Pretty interesting post from...I think it was...Lilac
View new replies to my own posts or threads that I posted in.

I wasn't able to...
Reply to any threads or posts
Couldn't see my PM's nor send any
Couldn't see the SB
Couldn't get onto E's IRC or other rooms associated with E
Couldn't see anyone's profile
Couldn't see "Who's Online" <--link at the bottom of the page that shows you what other people are viewing/doing

So yea..It was harsh. At times when I wasn't studying and just messing around I really wanted to get on to say herro in the SB or HB or just communicate! It's like being invisible AND mute at the same time. You can see everyone, they can't see you (for you are Hidden when you're viewing a thread) and you can't talk to them.

It was pretty bad but it needed to be done. Now that I'm back and finals are over, I hope the muse will be generous so I can get back to replying. Yes, a lot of my games are long over due for my replies and I hope my partners are still interested in playing. If not....Guess I gotta bring out a new slate...

It's good to be back that's for sure. I hope not to ever get banned (permanently or requested) again xD It's just not fun! So yea...that's about it...


Also Like to put in an edit here: Look at what you can compared to what you can't. Honestly ask yourself, any actions that you do (or even things that you say..) that may jeopardize your stay here on E...Do you really want to risk having all of these privileges taken away? So, as a reminder to everyone. Be smart and considerate!

Edit: Yea, I shouldn't have typed this up this late at night. xD I might've made some...spelling and/or grammatical errors..I'll check again tomorrow >_>. Just thought it'd be better to get it off my chest
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